If you are a proud car owner in 2020, you definitely want to protect your investment, especially if you’ve invested in a new car. That’s exactly why you need to discover the best Dash Cam Backup Mirror all in one dual lens cameras available this year so you can park safely and also gain numerous other benefits.

With a mirror dash cam, you’ll be able not just to park safely, but also capitalize on a vast range of features. For starters, you’ll be able to replace that boring mirror that everyone is so sick about with a modern, nice looking TFT or LCD screen. All you need to do is to install this system and gain access to a good recording angle in the back.

Distinctive Features of Dash Cam Backup Mirror Cameras

Some Dash Cam Backup Mirror cameras come equipped with two cameras, one in the front and one in the back. Thus, you can gain a wider recording angle and capture all the details at an angle of around 300 degrees around your car. 

All of these devices are equipped with:

  • waterproof reversing camera,
  • WDR,
  • night vision,
  • loop recording,
  • parking lines,
  • touch up screen
  • and parking monitoring

A few select offer you:

  • GPS,
  • WiFi connectivity
  • and ADAS

features that keep you safe while driving and allow you to share the recordings with your friends and relatives.

While some of these devices are wired, others are wireless. Moreover, some have a large screen and can record in 2.5k or even 3k, others have a small screen and only record in full HD. Because each of these dash cams is unique, they cater to a specific audience. Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best mirror dash cams of 2020. We’ll look at their features and main specs in order to help you decide which one is the most suitable for your needs.

Best Dash Cam Backup Mirror Cameras of 2020

If you are a proud car owner in 2020, you definitely want to protect your investment, especially if you’ve invested in a new car. That’s exactly why you need to discover the best Dash Cam Backup Mirror all in one dual lens cameras available this year so you can park safely and also gain numerous other benefits.

1. Duteri D

In terms of design and features, Duteri D is considered net superior to the competition. This dual mirror dash cam is equipped with 2 cameras and a large 9.66” full HD streaming screen. It looks simply gorgeous and it’s built of high-quality plastic. What you will certainly love about this unit is the crisscross design on the back of the monitor and the rounded lines around the front camera.

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The monitor looks spectacular and can complement a wide range of interior designs and vehicle dashboards. This camera features an IPS touchscreen, ultra-wide field of view, OEM looking, superior night vision, loop recording, and G sensor. Both cameras have an excellent field of view of 170 degrees, so this unit can record at a whopping 340 degrees. No other dash cam backup mirror can record at such an extended field of view.

Because of the extended field of view, you can gain the assurance that you’ll capture everything around your car, even those objects placed in dead angles sideways. This device adapts to all climates and is equipped with a waterproof and dustproof rear camera. You’ll definitely enjoy its reliability and the 24 hours parking monitoring, which protects your car against any theft attempt.

The Duteri D dash cam is also equipped with an F1.8 aperture and 6 lenses. Thanks to the advanced WDR sensor, the cameras of this dash cam are capable of capturing more light and to completely eliminate the need for extra light sources during pitch-black night. You’ll be able to enjoy vivid, highly-accurate footage and clearly see all the details.

The navigation is super smooth, and you can easily flip between the front and rear cameras. You can set up parking lines to aid you when parking, and you can set different viewing angles for both cameras. The Duteri dash cam is perfect for you if you need a wide viewing range and you care about design. It is also an ideal choice if you need a reliable device that keeps you safe and records very good during the night.

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2. VanTop H610 

Now, this is what high-end recording looks like. Out of all dash cam backup mirror cameras in our top, the VanTop H610 offers the best performance in terms of recording. This device gives you an astounding 2.5k dual recording. Thanks to the high-end Starvis sensor, which is the best Sony has to offer, this camera can capture details in very low light conditions. You can also record in 2.5k with either the front or the rear camera.

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If the rear camera is set to 2.5k, the front one records in full HD, and vice versa. With this device, you can enjoy super-sharp videos, both during the day and the night. The large 10” display is perfectly created to accommodate all 2.5k videos, so you can stream your recordings on the screen extremely quickly.

Another noteworthy trait of this device is the improved reversing aid system. When you get into reverse gear, the rear camera automatically gets into 2.5k and becomes visible on the main screen. Thus, you’ll have a super clear, 2560 x 1440P view of what lies behind you. The risk of scratching your car will be at a minimum.

Of course, we also need to mention the anti-glare touchscreen equipped with 2.5d glass. The display is perfect for highlighting all the details the cameras record on the road and can display the footage in real-time, with vivid & rich colors. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can easily operate the monitor and can change the settings. Ultimately, you have the G-sensor for parking mode and the G-sensor for emergency recording.

The VanTop H610 is the perfect mirror dash cam backup camera for drivers who need to record at the highest quality possible and want to enjoy a scratch-resistant, high-end IPS screen. Moreover, this dash cam is for you if you need a reliable system that is easy to set up and enables you to change settings with ease.

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3. Karsuite M9 

The Karsuite M9 is a modern mirror dash cam that is huge, but also extremely powerful. The 12” screen is extremely wide and offers you a great range of vision. Moreover, it is equipped with a front camera that records in 2k quality, at 2560x1440p. In addition to the super large screen and astounding recording quality, this modern dashcam is equipped with a GPS. This means that all your videos will be stamped with the route, time, direction, and driving speed.

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The GPS feature is extremely useful not just when you want to remember where you’ve been, but also in case of a lawsuit. In the unfortunate event when you get involved in an accident and it becomes difficult to determine the culprit, you can present the evidence to the police and to the judges.

This modern dashcam is equipped with all other important features needed by a mirror camera: G sensor, parking monitoring, streaming media, cycle recording, reversing assist system, adjustable display angle of view, and night vision. When your car is parked, the device will automatically turn on if the sensors detect a bump, hit, or vibration.

Once the camera turns on, it will record a short 20-seconds video. This will enable you to get on camera the one responsible for the event. Some of the aspects that make this modern mirror camera totally unique are the 12” IPS screen, advanced Sony sensor, and Hisilcon processor. The processor of this unit is extremely advanced, being created to support the full HD and 2k recording of the cameras.

Another unique feature of this device is the strong light suppression added to the rear camera to protect you from the glare of long beams of other vehicles. This will enable you to perfectly see what lies behind you and stay protected from any driver who might endanger you.

To capitalize on the GPS feature, you can download the Karsuite M9 GPS app to automatically play your videos on the laptop or smartphone. This is the only player that will allow you to see the actual driving speed and location recorded with the GPS feature.

The Karsuite M9 is perfect for you if you need a super large screen and you want to keep track of your location and speed. The GPS feature is priceless, especially if you’re driving a lot around the country and you want to be protected in case of an accident.

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4. PORMIDO Mirror Dash 

The Pormido backup camera looks similar to Karsuite M9, featuring the same super-wide 12” IPS screen. However, the screen is more advanced and provides you with more options. For once, you can use the split-screen function to see both recordings in real-time. The ultra-wide view is amazing, especially if you are keen on getting a 320-degree vision all around you. 

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  • 【G-sensor & Loop recording】When collision occurs,G-sensor will automatically lock the video,which cannot be overwritten...
  • 【Auto Recording & 24 hours Parking Monitor & GPS】The dual dash cam starts automatically once your car starts up,thus no...

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The front camera records 170 degrees in the front, while the rear one captures 150 degrees of details. Needless to say, the rectangle screen of this backup camera is its pièce de résistance. It brings you an extraordinary experience and allows you to fully benefit from both dashcams.

The screen is waterproof, offers a unique matte night vision, and is covered in the anti-reflective coating. You can switch from full display to split display within seconds and adjust the camera angle up and down. Moreover, you can swipe left and right to adjust the brightness level.

Additionally, you can turn on/off image mirroring so you can better read the license plates of the cars behind you. When reversing, the rear camera gets priority on your main screen, so you can park your vehicle with ease. The Pormido backup camera is also equipped with G-sensor, loop recording, WDR technology, starlight night vision, parking monitor, and GPS logger. 

While the GPS antenna is not included in the original package, you can purchase it separately in the Pormido store. You can connect the GPS antenna to your device and automatically retrieve your speed, coordinates, time & date. This backup camera from Pormido comes with a full one-year warranty and lifetime support. Moreover, you have 30 days to try the product for free and return it if you are not satisfied with it.

The Pormido mirror dashcam is an excellent choice for you if screen size, split-screen and anti-glare features are important for you. Moreover, it is a great choice for you if you’re driving a lot during the night and you want to enjoy astounding night footage thanks to the Starlight Sony sensor and F1.8 large-aperture lens.

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5. Boscam R2 

This is yet another excellent product that is part of our mirror dash cam backup cameras list. Even if it comes with a smaller screen than its competition, Boscam R2 offers the best display. You can’t but fall in love with the laminated display that offers 100% anti-glare protection.

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  • 【Anti-Draining-Battery Parking Mode】Exhausting electricity is extremely unlikely! When G-sensor feels the collision of...
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This dashcam comes equipped with a Starlight night vision sensor, so you can perfectly see the night time recordings. It also has 6 sets of blue glass lenses that reduce blinding light to a minimum and dramatically reduce glare. This product is specially designed for drivers who drive through the night. Because of all of its features and specs, Boscam R2 offers you a completely glare-free experience. 

You can drive at night and perfectly see what lies ahead or behind you. Another unique feature of this dashcam is the customized reversing angle. You have the option to choose your own reversing angle sliding up and down the screen. The parking aid is also very useful, so you can park your car to perfection, even in low light conditions.

Last but not least, the smart parking mode enables you to enjoy permanent protection without any battery drainage. Boscam R2 is equipped with a supercapacitor, so it is protected against battery explosions, drainage, and low lifespan. The camera of this device is completely weatherproof and dustproof. 

It is equipped with a C-type USB cable, providing a more stable power supply and increasing battery life. This modern dash cam is perfect for drivers who need to drive in low-light conditions, but also for those of you who need a useful guard when your car is in parking mode.

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The next dashcam on our top dashcam backup cameras in 2020 is the TOGUARD 2K. This is a modern camera released at the end of 2019 that is coming with a totally unique feature. This device is a trendsetter, being equipped with voice control. The TOGUARD 2K dashcam is the first and certainly not the last dashcam that will have this amazing feature.

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You can control it by simply speaking commands. It works similar to Alexa, Siri, or Cortana. If you already have a personal assistant at home, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, you’ll definitely know how beneficial this new dashcam is, especially during driving. Instead of taking your eyes off the wheel and trying to set up the camera, you can simply speak commands to it.

You can turn on/off the screen, start/stop the recording, take photos, switch the cameras, lock the video, start the reverse mode, and change other settings. This device is equipped with two cameras, with the rear camera being waterproof. The front camera records in 2K and offers you a wide 170-degree viewing angle, while the rear camera records in full HD at 140 degrees.

TOGUARD 2K allows you to easily adjust the recording angle and the brightness level by simply swiping the screen up & down, left & right. You can also swivel the front camera lens to get a different recording angle. In terms of features, this modern backup camera from TOGUARD is equipped with all the necessary features: parking recording, loop recording, G-sensor, and night recording. However, it can also be used together with an external GPS mount.

Overall, TOGUARD 2K is a reliable dual dash cam that comes with a lot of features and makes your life easier by enabling you to leverage vocal commands. The fact that it’s easy to install and you don’t need to connect the red wire of the rear camera to the taillight it’s a bonus.

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