ADAS, known as an advanced driver assistance system, is the masterpiece of technology innovation. This modern system takes the driver security to the next level and decreases the level of risk. As a driver, you can’t but fall in love with ADAS. Being based mainly on IoT (internet of things) and AI (artificial intelligence), ADAS enables vehicles to learn new ways to protect you, your family, and other passengers from other vehicles.

This is an integrated system that connects to the grid and gets constant updates and improvements. Below, we will dive deeper into what ADAS is and how a modern dash cam equipped with ADAS can help keep you safe on the road. Buckle up!

So What Actually Is ADAS?

Automotive safety has come a long way since 1960. The dreams of automated cars at the end of the 60s are now becoming reality. You can taste the benefits of ADAS by purchasing a dashboard camera equipped with this system. ADAS is a modern system that assists the driver with all safety aspects related to the road.

In other words, it does not just keep you and your family safe, but also other participants in traffic and other pedestrians. ADAS systems are specially created to provide you with all essential information, automate repetitive or difficult tasks, ease the driving process, and ultimately keep you away from danger.

Since ADAS systems are quite varied, it is quite a difficult task to pinpoint certain traits that can be found in all ADAS systems. The increasing demand for ADAS is caused by the need to save lives, build safer vehicles, and streamline the traffic. Today, more and more dashboard cameras are equipped with ADAS. When connected to the vehicle, these devices can leverage the power of IoT in order to connect to the main grid and send real-time information about your vehicle.

ADAS will soon be followed by AD (automated driving). However, before AD is operational, it is important to take advantage as much as possible of the featured offered by ADAS.

ADAS Components

Most ADAS include certain components. Here is a list of the most important: – memory: RAM and ROM – processor – clock – smart sensors & smart actuators – LIDAR – radar -ultrasonic sensors – cameras – photonic mixer device – night vision devices. Depending on the manufacturer of the ADAS, the components might vary. However, the end result is the increased safety of the driver, passengers, vehicles, and pedestrians.

ADAS systems act in real-time, protecting you from accidents, dangerous weather, traffic, or other dangerous conditions. This system represents the pinnacle of advancements in technology and is being continually tested and improved by big car manufacturers.

Almost all drivers, if not all of them, fell in love with driver assistance the moment they have implemented it in their cars. Whether it was a standalone advanced driver system or a dash cam equipped with ADAS, this innovative system could prove to be imperative for your peace of mind and security while driving.

Brandmotion ADAS-1100

The Brandmotion ADAS-1100 is a high-end device that enables you to leverage the latest ADAS tech in order to stay safe behind the wheel. This unique device was launched back in March 2019 and is considered to be a top product for drivers of old cars.

Why was this Device Created?

Brandmotion ADAS-1100 Advanced Driver Assistance System with Collision Avoidance & DVR
  • A front camera watches and calculates distances to vehicles in front of the driver, alerting them to an impending crash if...
  • System watches for pedestrian crosswalks and detects when people are crossing in front of traffic; Detects small vehicles...
  • While driving, the front facing camera is monitoring the vehicle’s position within its driving lane; If a lane departure is...
  • The ADAS system continuously watches traffic and if it comes to a standstill, the system will alert the driver that the flow...
  • System records audio, front and rear camera views and GPS data automatically, if it senses an impact; Also records any impact...

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The main issue for many drivers who have older models of cars is that they cannot install modern dashboard cameras that incorporate ADAS features. That’s exactly where the Brandmotion ADAS-1100 enabler comes in. This is a lane departure and forward crash warning system that comes equipped with a built-in DVR.

Benefits Of Investing In Brandmotion ADAS-1100

By installing this device on your dashboard, you’ll be able to protect yourself from multiple hazards. Brandmotion ADAS-1100 uses a front-facing camera to analyze the driving conditions and warn you if an accident is about to occur. Even if an accident does occur, the device records it all, so you can have proof in court and stay safe.

What Are Some Of Its Features?

Inside the box, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover an embedded 32GB Micro SD card. Additionally, it has included GPS data, so it can track the location. Car fleet managers can even protect the display with a master password to prevent their drivers from turning off the video.

You can trigger recording manually, by simply pressing a button. Even if the device is not on the recording mode, it starts recording the moment it detects a potential accident. In terms of ADAS features, the ADAS-1100 from Brandmotion is quite complex. Basically, this device is set up using certain algorithms that make it react to the image transmitted by the camera.

For once, it can calculate the distance from your car to the vehicle in front and alerts you if an imminent crash may happen. The reasons for this may vary: you are driving too fast, the driver in the front is braking hard or you are driving too close to the driver ahead of you. This technology has been tested multiple times and has been certified to work accordingly.

In addition to that, this system also detects pedestrian crosswalks and warns you if someone is crossing or is ready to cross. During the night, this feature is priceless, because it is hard to see pedestrians in low-light places.

Another useful feature is the LDWS, which warns you if you want to turn your car or leave your lane without using the turn signal. The great news is that this device complies with all rules, so it can protect you from huge fines that you might get if you’re not signaling when leaving a lane.

In order to prevent tailgating, this system uses advanced sensors in the front-facing camera to detect whether there is a standstill ahead. When it senses a traffic jam, the system beeps to remind you to lower your speed, because you won’t get anywhere until the traffic clears.

This system integrates with the Fleet Management desktop software, a priceless tool for fleet managers. It also uses both front and rear cameras to record everything around your car, plus audio to tell you of any issues encountered along the way.

Below is a quick description of each feature that this ADAS system is equipped with:


1. Advanced Driver Assistance System With Forwarding Collision Warning

Forward collision warning or collision avoidance is by far the most important type of ADAS you can get in a dash cam. These systems use a plethora of sensors to determine whether your vehicle is in danger of colliding with another vehicle or with an obstacle. The sensors can sense the proximity of vehicles or other obstructions ahead, such as animals, pedestrians, or roadway obstructions.

If you are in danger of colliding with an obstacle, the dash cam equipped with collision warning will alert you. Some advanced ADAS systems with forwarding collision warning can take measures of their own, such as applying tension on the seat belts or pre-charging the brakes. However, these systems are not available for dashcams yet.

2. ADAS With Lane Departure Warning

Almost all dash cams released recently on the market that is equipped with ADAS have the lane departure warning feature. This feature is essential for modern drivers who want to take all precautions for their safety. What you will love about the lane departure warning is that it triggers right before you are about to sleep or when making a sudden movement.

If you are changing the lane while being sober, the dash cam won’t beep. However, if the system determines that you are drifting, it sounds a specific alarm so that you can take corrective actions.

3. Pedestrian Collision Warning

Pedestrians and cyclists are by far the most vulnerable on the road. Moreover, they are very hard to spot by drivers, especially in crowded cities. Certain dash cams are equipped with the pedestrian collision warning feature and are using a cascade detection algorithm in order to warn you before colliding with a pedestrian.

The hardware behind these systems can detect the contour of a pedestrian using the Lucas-Kanade optical flow algorithm. They also estimate the movement speed and trajectory of a pedestrian while predicting the path of your vehicle. Taking all of these variables into the account, ADAS systems with pedestrian collision warning “sound the alarm” two to three seconds before an impact. That should give you enough time to hit the brakes.

Overall, this advanced ADAS system is a very good alternative to an ADAS-equipped dash cam. Even though it is slightly more expensive than a regular dash cam, this device is the best there is in terms of safety. Of course, you can always go with an ADAS-equipped dash cam that is more affordable and protects you while at the same time recording. Or you can just pick both and gain the peace of mind that you and your family are safe.