Crosstour CR900 dash cam is not just one of the most affordable dash cams available in 2018, but it is also one of the most advanced in terms of features and usability. Being equipped with a whole lot of features, this dash cam stands out of the crowd with ease.

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Some of its top features include front and rear dual-lens 1080p recording, super Hawkeye night vision, super wide 170 degrees angle, G-sensor, large 3-inch LDC, fatigue driving warning, plate number stamp, and one-button audio on/off. In this Crosstour dash cam review, we will take a closer look at the specs and features of this product.

We will also try to see if this dashcam is a good fit for you. Study its features and compare them to what other dashboard cameras in the same price range have to offer.

Crosstour CR900 Dash Cam – Overview

This dashboard camera from Crosstour is not the first model from this company. Their previous models, respectively Crosstour CR500 and CR700, were relatively good cameras that have managed to get numerous positive reviews from raving fans. However, the new CR900 seems to outperform the previous versions.

Numerous reviewers and users are overwhelmingly impressed by the sheer quality of this product. Crosstour CR900 dash cam is extremely easy to set up and offers exceptional recording capabilities, even in low light conditions or overcast days.

This device was released in June 2018. It weighs 1.25 pounds and can be easily set up using the kit inside the box. However, be aware that the original CR900 package does not include an SD card, a GPS module, or a built-in battery.

 Dash Cam – Design

Once you take the product out of the box, you notice how good the camera actually looks. In fact, both cameras look quite sleek and have a feel of technology and sharpness. No matter what vehicle you drive, the Crosstour CR900 dash cam will definitely complement the interior of your car.

The design is hidden. In other words, the camera can be mounted so that it stays hidden behind the rear-view mirror. Other drivers from the outside won’t be able to see it. Moreover, it won’t block your view, which will prevent unexpected incidents.

When it comes to safety, the Crosstour CR900 is the safest dashboard camera you can get. Its small, unobtrusive design protects you and your passengers from any threats. You will love how economical with space this product is, and you’ll also love how good it looks in your vehicle.

Crosstour CR900 Dash Cam – Wide 170-degree Angle & Large Screen

Another 2 aspects you will love about the Crosstour CR900 is the super-wide 170-degree viewing angle. You will be able to record everything on the road, including signposts, all 4 lanes of traffic, passerby, and objects moving in the rear.

What’s really amazing about this product is that both dash cams have 170 wide-angle recording capabilities. This means you are only missing 20 degrees of information, 10 degrees on each side. You will get almost 360 degrees of recording, which is amazing. In case of an incident or accident, you will certainly get all the footage you need in a trial.

The 3-inch LDC perfectly complements the smooth design of the unit. This large screen improves your visual experience and enables you to view richer details when playing recordings right on the device.

CMOS Sensor & Recording Quality

Crosstour CR900 dash cam is equipped with a Novatek Chip, Sony Sensor, and 6 glass lens. It records seamlessly at 1080p. Each camera records flawlessly and captures super clear videos and images. Thanks to the advanced sensor and high-quality 6-lens system, the plates can be noticed with ease, even at cars that are 200 feet in front of you.

The Sony sensor is well known for its high-capacity recording. It is equipped with advanced sensor imaging technology that improves the processing efficiency and helps you enjoy high-quality recordings. In low light environments, such as nightscapes or cloudy days, the quality of the recordings is impressive.

Crosstour CR900 Dash Cam – Super Hawkeye Night Vision

Another feature of this dashcam that you will fall in love with is the super night vision. Crosstour CR900 dash cam is equipped with two big F1.8 super aperture & HDR lens. The F1.8 aperture, which can be found only at high-end models like Vantrue N2 Pro (Uber), allows light to flow in during the night, enhancing the image and making the plates more visible.

Thanks to the advanced HDR, the brightness is automatically adjusted. In simpler terms, bright objects become less bright, while dark corners are lit.

 Both Cameras As One

Both cameras record simultaneously. This translates into dual safety. You will be able to stay in control of your drive and get the peace of mind that you are safe inside your car.

Crosstour CR900 Dash Cam – Other Features

This modern Crosstour dash cam might not be equipped with Wifi connect, like other high-end models such as REXING V2 Uber are equipped with. However, it contains numerous features that will make your trip safer and more enjoyable. Crosstour CR900 dash cam can easily connect with a GPS port, enabling you to regularly check your driving trajectory and save important moments on the app on your mobile or laptop.

Other important features of this camera include fatigue driving warning, plate number stamp, one button for audio on/off, motion detection, G-sensor, loop recording, and 3-meter motion detection. As for the SD card, you should only use a class 10 SDHC TF card of a maximum of 32 GB.

Should You Buy Crosstour CR900 Dash Cam

Despite some lacks in features and some missing additions such as SD card, maximum memory of 32 GB, no built-in battery, Mac connection failure, and no GPS mount included, the Crosstour CR900 dash cam is a solid product that is perfect for low-budget drivers.

This device has similar features to high-end models and does not disappoint in terms of recording quality. As a matter of fact, the Super Hawkeye Night Vision, Novatek chip, and Sony sensor ensure that you will enjoy an outstanding recording quality, both during the day and night.

This device has got everything you need at half the price of other high-end dashboard cameras available on the market. You can keep tabs on everything that happens around you thanks to the 340-degree viewing angle and get alerts in case of fatigue. Overall, a very good product that deserves its positive reviews.