AUTO VOX A1 Uber Stream Media Mirror Dash Cam

AUTO VOX A1 Uber is a next-gen dashcam specially built to make it easy for Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers to drive safely and be at rest, knowing that everything that happens inside or outside the car is recorded. This modern device includes a 3-in-1 camera that rotates 270 degrees, a 9.88” large TFT monitor, super night vision, park mode, and reverse assistant.

Thanks to its features and specs, A1 Uber allows you to enjoy a zero blind area and to protect your vehicle against all potential threats, both from the outside and from the inside. Moreover, its unique camera allows you to record with ease both inside and outside in just a matter of seconds. You can basically rotate the camera by swiping up and down on the screen, or sideways.

AUTO-VOX A1 Uber Stream Media Mirror Dash Cam,The 3-in-1 Rear View Mirror,1080P Rotating Front or...
130 Reviews
AUTO-VOX A1 Uber Stream Media Mirror Dash Cam,The 3-in-1 Rear View Mirror,1080P Rotating Front or...
  • 270° Rotating Camera for Taxi Driver: With the rotating camera, you can adjust the view angle of front camera at random to...
  • 9.88'' Stream Media Rearview Mirror & Easy Setup: This stream media mirror provides you with a real-time image to see more...
  • Super Night Vision&AHD Backup Camera: Equipped with a high-end Sony Exmor and WDR, dash cam ensures images processing to...
  • Parking Mode & Playback on Full Screen: The dash cam starts to dual-record automatically once the collision is detected in...
  • Reverse Assistant &Adjustable rear view zone: The parking image with guidelines gets priority on the screen when you are in...

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Moreover, this unit comes with a backup camera that records 720p, equipped with WDR. You can adjust the backup camera by pinching on the screen up and down. The front camera, which records at 1080 Full HD, can also be adjusted by tapping on the screen.

AUTO VOX A1 Uber also comes with stream media, allowing you to enjoy an enlargement of up to 5x of the vision ahead or in the back. You can practically zoom in on the screen while parking or driving to ensure you’ll hit no obstacles whatsoever.

Let’s dive further on into the features and benefits offered by this modern dashcam.

Auto Vox A1 Design

AUTO VOX A1 Uber has a great design meant to draw your passengers’ attention. Unlike the previous Uber models that were very small and unobtrusive, such as Blackvue or Vantrue N2 Pro, A1 Uber from Autovox comes with a super large full HD screen that clamps right over the rearview mirror.

Passengers will notice that it is a dashcam ready to record them, and they will probably see the image recorded by the front camera right on the display. The all-black design makes this dashcam a good looking one. Well, maybe not as good looking as Vizomaoi P28, which is a totally unique dashcam that resembles an alien ship from space.

One can say that AUTO VOX A1 Uber has a great personality and offers several unique features that enable it to outsmart its competitors.

Recording Quality

In terms of recording quality, A1 Uber does not necessarily shine. While the front camera records at full HD, the rear camera can only capture footage at 720p. Compared to other dashcams available on the market, this dashcam can be greatly improved.

For example, the TOGUARD CE46 Dual records in crystal clear 1920x1080P in dual mode. In a single-mode, it can record at a whopping [email protected] or [email protected] This makes the AUTO VOX A1 Uber not an ideal camera if you want to enjoy flawless recordings.

Nevertheless, this dashcam is specially designed for Uber and Lyft drivers, so it records good enough to capture license plates and to see in the dark. Thus, as a driver, you’ll be able to see what is happening in the back seat and you’ll also be able to see the road ahead even in low light conditions.

Auto Vox A1 Stream Media Monitor

If the recording quality falls back, one thing is certain: the monitor is exceptional. At 9.88”, the LCD of the AUTO VOX A1 Uber dashcam looks gorgeous and is super intuitive. This monitor allows you to see what the cameras record in real-time and gain precious insights on what lies outside or inside.

You can control all the operations directly on the touchscreen. The responsiveness is great, so you can set up the device quicker and more reliable. On the monitor, you can see synchronously what happens in front and rear. The cameras are both synced, so you’ll be able to see both images in dual mode.

One of the best features of this monitor is that you can see the image 5 times larger. You can park easier and can see more clearly what happens in the back seat. The front camera rotates 270 degrees, so you can clearly record everything around.

Automatically Adjusted Brightness

A very good feature of this modern dashcam is the automatically adjusted brightness. The display brightness adjusts automatically in order to match the ambient light and the light from the outside. This makes it super easy for you to drive. Moreover, you won’t disturb passengers in the back seat.

You can also adjust the brightness manually using your finger on the screen. This feature goes hand in hand with the super night vision and the advanced WDR. Both cameras adjust their lenses to the light outside, creating perfectly balanced videos and photos. You can see crystal clear during the night and never lose track of what happens in the back seat.

Auto Vox A1 High Compatibility

Another feature you will love about this modern dash cam is its high level of compatibility. A1 Uber is perfect to use with any type of vehicle and includes two sets of bandages and clamps so that mounting is super easy. You can basically install it on any vehicle equipped with a rearview mirror, which includes all vehicles available today.

Parking Monitor & Loop Recording

Thanks to the built-in sensor, this sleek device saves the footage recorded before, during, and after a collision. Other than that, the recording loops in an interval of 1, 2, and 3 minutes. To top it all, the camera can be connected to a permanent power source when parked. This enables the unit to turn on and record anyone that touches your car or any other vehicle that scratches your vehicle.

Auto Vox A1 Conclusion

If you want a sleek dashcam perfect for Uber, Lyft, or Taxi drivers, then the AUTO VOX A1 Uber might be a very good buy. Despite its obvious drawbacks, this device is very easy to operate, super easy to install, and does a marvelous job capturing footage during the night.

Use it to boost the appeal of your vehicle and also to show your passengers that they are recorded. Make it clear to them that they are seen and they should behave themselves.

Awesafe Mirror Dash Cam Dual Lens 10 ” Touch Full Screen

Awesafe is a modern mirror dash cam with a sleek and great design that has captured the minds and hearts of thousands of drivers. In addition to its great looks, this dash cam satisfies drivers due to its features and powerful additions. Even if this device looks exactly like its competitor, the Junsun mirror camera, it comes with better features than the camera from Junsun.

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Awesafe mirror dash cam is more versatile than its competitor and offers improved night vision thanks to the 6 groups of glass and 6 PIC IR LEDs. Let’s take a closer look at why Awesafe mirror dash cam could be an ideal choice for you in 2019 as an all-purpose dashboard camera.

Awesafe Mirror Dash Cam – Beautiful Design

The first thing you will notice about the Awesafe mirror dash cam is its amazing design. The all-black finish has a red line in the middle which brings a whole new sense of fashion and uniqueness. You can easily complement the interior design of your car with this modern and sleek dash cam. All in all, this product looks super sleek and can dramatically boost the appeal of your vehicle.

The Components

All components of the Awesafe dashboard camera are made of high-quality plastic. They are made to last a lifetime and to withstand impact. In case of an accident, you won’t lose any precious information stored on the card. The case protects the card like nothing else.

The first component of this unit is the monitor. At 10” wide, the LCD is a full touchscreen. It has a super high level of responsiveness and zero blind areas. You can touch it anywhere you want to zoom in and adjust the view sideways or up and down. Thanks to the visual field adjustment, you can park in the utmost safety knowing that you can rotate the camera in all directions. The monitor records audio and is also equipped with a cool screen saver.

The second component of this unit is the two cameras. The first camera is embedded in the back of the monitor, facing front. It records at full HD and it can be adjusted up and down by simply dragging it out. The rear camera is 720p and has to be connected to the main unit with a cable.

While the front camera has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, the rear camera records at 140 degrees. Few cameras have more than 310 degrees angle recording. One of them is the Pormido mirror dash cam, a powerful competitor of Awesafe that records at 320 degrees. Nevertheless, 310 degrees is more than enough for a safe trip to your favorite location, and for ease of parking. You can easily rotate both cameras by touching the LCD, so parking and driving become a breeze.

Other components you will find in the box are the 6.5 meters long cable for the rear camera, the power cord, clamps, and a 32 GB card, 2 rubber straps, a card reader, and a crowbar. Yes, you read that well. You get a free 32 GB card included in the package. This is a great bonus offered by the guys from Awesafe to attract more customers into buying their top dash cam. However, note that this unit only works with a maximum of 64 GB cards, so you might be forced to copy the footage on the laptop regularly.

Setting up Awesafe

Setting up the Awesafe is a breeze. Simply take the monitor out of the box and clamp it over your rearview mirror. Use the clamps to secure it in place, then hook it to your cigarette lighter and then to the rear camera. Installing this unit takes less than 10 minutes. After you mount it, format the SD card and place it inside. You can then start using the camera and record while driving.

In case you can’t seem to get a hold of how installation works, you can call the company and their friendly customer support staff will help you step by step.

Modes of Awesafe Mirror Dash Cam

This dash cam has two unique display modes. The first one is the full-display of the front camera, while the second is a full display of the rear camera. Unfortunately, Awesafe does not support the split view, so you can’t see both recordings at the same time. Awesafe dash cam also lacks lane departure and other ADAS features. Moreover, it won’t work when your car is turned off unless you use an obd cable to power the camera to the car.

However, Awesafe mirror dash cam is equipped with a smart option called reverse assist. This feature enables the camera to switch automatically between front and rear cameras when you go in reverse. Moreover, when parking, you have some parking lines to help you park in safety.

Loop Recording & G Sensor

This camera is equipped with these 2 basic features. It automatically rewrites old footage, but it saves accidents or important footage on a separate spot on the card. Note that it also comes with 24 – hour monitoring, but you need to hardwire it to a continuous power source to make it work.

The G-sensor uses the advanced sensors of the unit in order to detect sudden collisions and lock the footage in a special place to protect it from being overwritten.


Despite some obvious drawbacks, Awesafe is a modern dashboard camera that continues to impress with its looks and reliability. Use it both during the day and night to drive safely and to park knowing that you won’t accidentally scratch your car. You’ll definitely enjoy how smooth and easy it is to control the cameras by simply swiping on the screen.

You’ll be able to see traffic conditions in real-time and stay protected in case of accidents, thanks to the G-sensor that locks the files away. Moreover, you can hardwire the camera and enjoy its powerful 24/7 parking monitoring feature that protects your vehicle from thieves or criminals.

Vantrue X4 UHD 4K Super Capacitor Dash Cam

Vantrue X4 UHD 4K is probably the hottest dashboard camera available in 2019. Even though this product has just hit the market at the end of March 2019, it has managed to gather an impressive following of fans in just a matter of months. As a more advanced version of Vantrue N2 and Vantrue T2, the X4 boasts with the most advanced image sensor to date.

For example, Vantrue X4 is equipped with the ultimate Sony IMX317 image sensor and Ambarella A12 processor, while Vantrue N2 and T2 both have an older NOVATEK NT96655 version processor. These dashboard cameras released in 2018 can offer you a maximum of 1920×1080 resolution @30fps, while the Vantrue X4 UHD 4K gives you an impressive 3840X2160P @30fps resolution.

Vantrue X4 UHD 4K 3840x2160P 30fps Dash Cam, 3' LCD 160° Wide Angle Car Camera with 24 Hrs Parking...
581 Reviews
Vantrue X4 UHD 4K 3840x2160P 30fps Dash Cam, 3" LCD 160° Wide Angle Car Camera with 24 Hrs Parking...
  • 【Real 4K Dash Cam】Vantrue X4 dash car camera offers excellent video footage without distortion at 4K 3840 x 2160 @30fps...
  • 【24/7 Parking Mode】The 24 hours parking monitoring feature protects your car when parked. The motion detection sensors...
  • 【Super Night Vision】Using the F1.8 plus 6 glass lenses, Sony Starvis CMOS sensor and WDR, the dash camera automatically...
  • 【Loop recording & Emergency Locked】 With continue loop recording functionality, the dash cam will automatically delete...
  • 【Other Powerful Functions】Built in capacitor allows the camera to withstand severe weather and also last for a longer...

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Needless to say, the image quality is just exceptional. This 4k dashboard camera allows you to experience ultra HD quality recordings both during the day and night. Even though this system is not a dual-camera system, it makes for a perfect front-recording camera.

You can use it in any climate thanks to its supercapacitor. You can also mount it on any car because its all-black finish can easily complement any design. In this Vantrue X4 UHD 4K review, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of this unit for you. Let’s start with the most impressive features: design and recording quality.

Vantrue X4 – Outstanding Design

The design of this latest release from Vantrue is by far the most innovative ever released. While previous models such as Vantrue T2 and Vantrue N2 Pro had a similar tubular design, the X4 has a cool “x” design, with futuristic details and smooth curves.

This modern camera can easily complement modern hybrid cars from Toyota and Honda or elegant models from Mercedes and Audi. Even if you have an older model, you can successfully use this product to boost the interior design.

Out-of-this-World Recording Quality

The piece-de-resistance of this dashcam is the recording capability. This dashcam is one of the few models available on the market that can record at a flawless UHD quality of 3840X2160P, at 30 fps. You can also enjoy a super smooth image at 60 fps, with a resolution of 2560X1440P. This device is equipped with an 8-megapixel element and 6 glass lenses.

The image clarity is 4 times better than that of standard HD cameras. The car plates and signs are extremely easy to read, even on the small 3.0” LCD. Thanks to the 160 degrees wide recording angle, you can rest assured that you will be able to capture most of the road ahead.

Vantrue X4 – Supercapacitor

Another impressive feature you will definitely like about the Vantrue X4 UHD 4K dashboard camera is the supercapacitor. This unit is equipped with a supercapacitor, which is an advanced form of battery that allows the camera to withstand severe weather. Thanks to the supercapacitor, X4 can easily record at -20 degrees Celsius and at over 55 degrees Celsius.

The performance of the unit is not affected in cold or warm climates. You can successfully use it in the Sahara Desert, as well as in Siberia or Alaska. Best of all, the unit is resistant to heating, fires, or explosions.

Super Night Recordings

Not that X4 from Vantrue can record exceptionally well during the day, on a hot summer day in California, but it also offers above-average recording capabilities during the night. Thanks to the 6-glass lens, F1.8 aperture, and WDR, the camera automatically adapts the exposure to the external environment.

Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy smooth images during the night. Your driving at night becomes much better with this camera. You’ll be able to notice obstacles with ease and also see any potential dangers up ahead. Of course, you can watch the recording and notice interesting things that you missed, or you can use the footage in court to prove your innocence.

Vantrue X4 – Seamless Recording & Card

This device, just like any other modern dashcam, records seamlessly thanks to loop recording. You can set the rewriting interval to 1, 3, or 5 minutes. After the card has run out of space, old footage that is not protected will be erased in intervals of 1, 3, or 5 minutes, and the new footage recorded will be stored over.

In terms of card capacity, the great news is that Vantrue X4 UHD 4K allows you to use a large SD card with up to 256 GB space. You can record for up to 10 hours and enjoy ultimate quality footage.

Vantrue X4 – Time Lapse

The time-lapse feature is another impressive feature that makes the X4 a highly sought-after device. You can use this feature to take high-quality photos at a pre-set time interval, and then use the photos to create a video collage. You can easily share the video with your friends and show them how marvelous your trip actually was.

Parking Monitoring

Vantrue X4 does not just record extremely well but also acts as a true guardian to your vehicle. The 24-hour parking monitoring feature protects your car when parked. The motion detection sensors feel any potential thieves that approach your car and turn on the camera. Thus, you’ll be able to record anyone who tries to steal from you or damage your property.

Nonetheless, remember that you can only use the parking monitoring feature if you hardwire the unit. Use the hardwire kit available online for the Vantrue X4 model or connect the camera to an external power source.

Optional GPS

Ultimately, X4 seamlessly integrates with GPS. You can use it to track your location, driving route, time, date, and speed. The logging will all be stored on your computer, along with the video. The GPS feature is priceless, especially if you want to stay protected against unfair lawsuits. You’ll have everything on tape, including speed, time, and location.

This feature is also helpful if you want to return to a gorgeous place you’ve visited. All in all, the Vantrue X4 is the true king of dashboard cameras in 2019, especially in terms of recording quality and design. Definitely a good buy this year.

Vizomaoi P28 Features A Powerful Supercapacitor Instead Of A Battery

Vizomaoi P28 is a modern, sleek dashboard camera system equipped with dual rotatable cameras. This unit allows you to record both outside and inside your car. Because of that, it is an excellent recording system for Uber, Lyft, or Taxi drivers. Since it was released in November 2018, the Vizomaoi P28 dashcam has managed to impress thousands of drivers due to its exquisite design, practicability, a vast number of advanced features, and utility.

Dual Dash cam | Vizomaoi Dual 1920x1080P FHD | Front and Cabin Dash Camera | 2160P Single Front |...
131 Reviews
Dual Dash cam | Vizomaoi Dual 1920x1080P FHD | Front and Cabin Dash Camera | 2160P Single Front |...
  • Featuring Sony sensors and the advanced NOVATEK chipset, the dash cam records videos up to a resolution of Ultra HD 2160P/24...
  • Both cameras can be rotated back and forth, left and right up to 330-degree. It is more convenient and user-friendly for you...
  • Dual 150-degree wide-angle lenses capture the whole road and license plates of other cars in front of you from the edges of...
  • Built-in supercapacitor instead of lithium battery, which withstands extreme temperatures from -7 to 158°F enables the 2-way...
  • Discreet Design: Discretely hidden behind the windshield to stay out of sight. Dual lens dash cam sticks directly to your...

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Thanks to its supercapacitor, you can use this device in any season and in any area, including the Death Valley in California. In this Vizomaoi P28 review, we will take a closer look at all the features and benefits of this camera. Ultimately, we’ll try to help you determine if this is a good buy for you in 2019 or you should look for other top-rated dashcams available on the market.

Vizomaoi P28 – Exquisite Design

Most of the time, the first thing drivers notice about a dashcam is its design. If they don’t like the design, they won’t dive deeper and study the other features. Hence, the design is crucial for a dashcam. If you love bold, high-tech designs, then you will fall in love with this device in an instant. Vizomaoi P28 is unlike any other dashboard camera you have seen.

For example, the Pormido mirror dash cam is a standard rearview mirror camera that clamps over your mirror. There are tens of similar devices that look just like that. Conversely, Vizomaoi P28 is mounted right behind the windshield, above the rearview mirror. You can also remove the mirror and mount the camera in its place.

The design of this unit is super creative. It has a small 2.7” screen in the middle, 2 speakers underneath it, then two cameras at the sides, and the buttons above each camera. The black plastic is super high quality and is specially made to withstand impact, heat, and rust.

If nothing else, you will be able to impress your passengers with this high-tech piece of equipment. Even if this camera has a safe and unobtrusive design, it can be easily seen from the inside. Your passengers will notice it with ease and will behave back there, knowing that they are recorded. Nevertheless, if you want to get a camera with a super large 10” screen and see clearly what happens outside, then we recommend you get the  VanTop H610 .

Dual Cameras For More Fun

What’s totally unique about this system is that it contains 2 cameras that each can rotate at 330 degrees. Vizomaoi P28 has 2 sleek cameras that can rotate up and down, front and back. You can record with one in the front, and with the other in the back. You can also switch positions and switch angles by manually adjusting the cameras.

The fun factor is definitely there. You can personalize the cameras angle just as you want. Rotate them as much as you want, knowing that the mechanism is anti-rust. This device will last for years to come. Both cameras record at a wide 150 degrees, with full HD at 1080p, 30 frames per second. What’s terrific is that you can choose to record with just one camera, at 2196p or 1440 with 120 fps.

At 120 fps, you’ll get an incredible steady image, with flawless quality and super high detail. At this quality, you’ll be able to clearly see any details, including hard-to-see license plates.

Vizomaoi P28 – Add-Ons

This unit works with Micro SD cards. We recommend you use Class 10 or higher SanDisk or Samsung Evo cards. Note that you can only use a card with a maximum of 32 GB of storage. Vizomaoi P28 has two USB ports: a 2.0 and a mini USB. It also has a built-in supercapacitor, G-sensor, and built-in Wifi. Moreover, it is equipped with the auto power-off feature, which turns off the device when no operation or movement is detected.

The camera starts automatically with your car. It also features the loop recording, which erases old footage and records new footage over and over again. Note that thanks to the G-sensor, footage that is recorded during a collision is saved on the card and cannot be erased.

Advanced Recording Capabilities

To help you enjoy super recording quality, Vizomaoi P28 is equipped with a NOVATEK NT96660 processor and a Sony IMX323 sensor. It features H.264 compression that allows you to record dual-channel and capture 300 degrees of vision. Thanks to the super high recording capabilities, you can enjoy single-channel recordings of 1440p with smooth 120 frames per second. You’ll be amazed at how well the details appear at this quality.

The only drawback of this device is that it has no IR lights. Thus, the recording during the night is mediocre at best.

Vizomaoi P28 – Wi-Fi Integration

Another useful feature of the Vizomaoi P28 dashboard camera is the Wi-fi. You can install the TimaCam app right on your smartphone and easily share, preview, save, or store footage recorded. You have this connectivity at all times, which is excellent.

For example, you can see the recording live on your smartphone instead of looking on the screen. You can also download footage right on your laptop via the Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Vizomaoi P28 – Super Capacitor

Lastly, Vizomaoi P28 features a powerful supercapacitor instead of a battery. This enables the unit to work flawlessly even at super high temperatures of over 65 Celsius or 150 Fahrenheit. This device can also be used during cold winters, but it is specially made to withstand high summer temperatures.

Note that you need to connect the unit to an external power source to make it work. The supercapacitor can allow for a few hours of recording, but its main purpose is to serve as a backup, not as a primary power source.

Vizomaoi P28 – The Bottom Line

Vizomaoi P28 is a modern dashboard camera that deserves all your interest. It has a super cool design that can definitely boost your car appeal. It also features 2 gorgeous cameras that can be rotated at 330 degrees and record at 150 degrees.

This device is also equipped with a supercapacitor, has Wi-fi capabilities and allows you to easily share videos via the smartphone app. You can record at 120 fps single-channel and enjoy exquisite recordings.

Mirror Bir Dash Cam and Backup Camera

This Product Is Discontinued

BIR Dash Cam is a totally unique dashboard camera that offers unique features and a vast multitude of benefits to drivers from all over the globe. This modern device has just been released, in January 2019. However, it already has rave reviews from numerous happy drivers.

This device includes a camera in the front and a backup camera that records in the rear. It allows you to get a dual view on the super large 10” LCD touchscreen, so you can have the peace of mind that you won’t miss any important details. Mirror BIR Dash Cam offers anti-reflective coating, emergency lock, loop recording, parking monitoring, GPS tracking, and automatic video reverse when parking.

Let’s discover together the unique features that this dual-camera system brings to the table.

Bir Dash Cam – Outstanding Design

BIR Dash Cam has a modern aspect that makes it blend perfectly with any car. This is a mirror dashcam with a touchscreen that clamps over your rearview mirror and covers it in full. Instead of your old boring rearview mirror that has to be adjusted at all times depending on who is driving the car, you’ll get a modern 10” large LCD that shows you constantly what is recorded ahead of and in the rear.

The front camera records 170 degrees of footage, while the rear camera 150 degrees. Thus, you will be able to get a full 330 degree of footage on the display. You’ll be able to practically see everything that happens around your car, minus 15 degrees on each side. The device has a modern look and can dramatically boost the appeal of your car. A similar dashcam that has a very modern design is the Junsun Mirror Dash Cam. Check it out here.

Advanced Features of Bir Dash Cam

The BIR Dash Cam offers you some advanced features that you will certainly appreciate. For starters, you can easily change the mode of the display right on the screen. By simply swiping, you can choose to see only the recording from the front camera, only the recording from the rear camera or both recordings, each on half of the screen.

This unit also comes with 3 separate segments for recording. It offers advanced event recording lock protection to keep your videos safe and to make sure all the material you have recorded will be safe to use. The reverse video aid is another useful feature you get. When reversing, the image recorded by the rear camera gets priority over the front camera. Thus, you’ll be able to see it on the full screen without having to swipe. 

Screen Clarity & Recording Quality

Two other features of the BIR Dash Cam that make it stand out of the crowd is the enhanced screen clarity and improved recording quality. The screen is super large, coming at 10”. It’s the same size as the screen of a famous dashcam, the JRCX camera.

However, the screen of BIR dual camera has 360 anti-glare IPS. It’s quite similar to the screen of the latest iPhones, which can be used in any weather conditions. You can use it during hot summer days and enjoy a clear image, with no glare whatsoever.

Thanks to the anti-reflective coating, you can enjoy a flawless recording quality, both during the day and the night. The touchscreen is full HD and allows you for easy setting. It offers crystal clear 180 degree images in any light condition and at any time of the day.

The cameras are both equipped with F2.0 aperture and 6 glass lens. They are also packed with a high-end CMOS sensor and WDR. This ensures that the recording quality is exceptional, even in low light conditions. The cameras and screen work together to help you enjoy a crystal clear clarity. You will easily see any details and never again lose precious pieces of information.

Bir Dash Cam – G-Sensor Feature

When detecting a collision, the g-sensor feature kicks in. The video is locked and placed in a separate segment for seamless recording. It cannot be erased by loop recording under any circumstance. What’s totally unique about this camera is that thanks to the 3 segments, the video can cover the previous segment.

In simple terms, the g-sensor recordings are stored separately, so the unit keeps recording on the first segment. In case it happens to record another accident, it places the new video on another segment. This helps the device to save space on the card and also enables you to be 100% sure that the locked files are safe.

Advanced Play Tech

Ultimately, the BIR Dash Cam boasts itself with the most advanced play tech to date. The manufacturer has managed to insert a groundbreaking tech that allows you to view videos in full HD. You can basically view the recordings on the screen in 1080p, including for the rear camera.

Previous cameras could only stream the rear footage in 0.3 megapixels. With BIR, you can view them in 1 megapixel. That’s more than 3 times higher streaming quality.

Quality Assured By The Manufacturer

The BIR Dash Cam is a product launched in 2019 by a company that respects itself and respects their customers. Thus, they offer free refunds within the first 3 months. They also offer constant support and free replacement if you are not satisfied with their product.

You have their full support in everything, from questions to refunds. This comes as an extra guarantee for you if you want to give this dual camera a try. You have their full support in everything, from questions to refunds. This comes as an extra guarantee for you if you want to give this dual camera a try.

Other Features

This device supports GPS. Note that you need to purchase a separate adaptor. BIR Dash Cam only supports a maximum of 64 GB card. In terms of length, the rear camera wire can exceed 19 feet. This dash cam works at temperatures of between -4 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit.


Even if it only supports a card of 64 GB and although it does not have WiFi integration with your mobile or laptop, the BIR Dash Cam is a strong contender among dash cams in 2019. Enjoy its outstanding design, advanced play tech, and usability to take your driving experience to a whole new level of safety and utility.

Jrcx Mirror Dash Cam 10 Inch Touch Screen

The Jrcx mirror dash cam is a well-built dash cam with raving reviews from tens of thousands of drivers from all over the globe. Even if it has just been launched on March 11, 2019, this modern device has already captured the hearts of numerous drivers. This modern device is equipped with 2 cameras, the front one recording 170 degrees and the rear one 140 degrees.

The device offers you constant protection against any threats thanks to the parking monitor feature and built-in G-sensor. The unit looks really sleek, with an all-black touch that can dramatically boost the appeal of your vehicle. Its large 10” screen is super slim and features just the right buttons and connections you need.

Mirror Dash Cam, Dual 1080P Front and Rear, 10 Inch Touch Screen Front 1080P 170° Full HD Front...
15 Reviews
Mirror Dash Cam, Dual 1080P Front and Rear, 10 Inch Touch Screen Front 1080P 170° Full HD Front...
  • Full HD IPS streaming media touchscreen, 1080P front camera records highest quality videos day and night. With an 170°...
  • Rear camera with 1080P 140° viewing angle, F2. 0 6-glass lens that greatly enhances night vision, supporting the reversing...
  • Loop recording means fully automatic and continuous recording (the locked video footage will not be overwritten) by...
  • Build-in G-Sensor detect any sudden braking, impact, rapid acceleration or sharp cornering. Lock and secure the footage for...
  • 90 days hassle free money back , and lifetime (the main part). If you have any questions about the product, please contact us...

Last update on 2022-01-18 / This is Amazon Affiliate link / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Jrcx mirror dash cam has the power button on the top and USB, AV-in, TF card and GPS connections on the bottom. Thanks to its unique design, the Jrcx screen literally clamps over your rearview mirror. It completely hides the mirror and replaces it with an all-black, smooth IPS streaming media touchscreen.

Jrcx mirror dash cam – Perfect Resolution

The large screen can easily adapt to all climates. The screen is super rich in clarity and contains millions of colors. It offers you a viewing quality similar to what modern smartphones can offer. You can view the footage or play videos on the screen and enjoy a smooth 1024×400 resolution. This screen is unlike you’ve ever seen in a dashboard camera.

It is similar to the screen offered by Tekbow mirror dash cam, but it’s slightly more versatile and offers a better resolution. The screen has a very good resolution which enables you to get the best experience ever when viewing videos. You can also set the balance, exposure, color, and sharpness. You can even stream your favorite videos from an external device using the USB or AV-in.

Great Recording Capabilities

The Jrcx is a modern dashcam equipped with two advanced cameras. Each camera records in full HD, and is equipped with 6 lenses and has an F 2.0 aperture. Moreover, cameras are protected from direct sunlight and glare. The cameras can seamlessly record even when the sun is blinding your eyes.  

They can also capture footage during heavy snow or storms. The rear camera, when placed externally, is protected from elements thanks to its IP67 rating.

No more Worries About Parking

Parking becomes a breeze with this camera from Jrcx. Just like the Junsun mirror dash cam, this device will automatically display the image in the rear on the screen when you go in reverse. When you want to park and you go in reverse, the camera in the rear will automatically display the whole image it records on the screen. Thus, you get to view an unobstructed, full view of what lies behind you.

When parking, you also get to enjoy the parking lines offered by the manufacturer. You can easily adjust the angle of the lines in order to make it easier for you to park. You are completely assisted when parking, so you can gain the peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe from any accidents.

24-Hour Recording & Parking Monitoring

A feature of this modern dashcam from Jrcx you will definitely love is the 24-hour recording. The camera system once hooked to a constant power source, can stay in idle mode when your vehicle is parked. If it senses a bump, hit, or crash, it turns on instantly and starts recording. The recording is safely stored on the card and cannot be erased by loop recording. Moreover, the recordings saved with the G-sensor are also stored and cannot be erased.

This unit, when you are driving, can record for 24 hours continuously. It starts by itself and turns off all by itself. Your storage will update indefinitely, clearing space for the new recordings. Old recordings will be overwritten, all except for the important files with accidents or bumps.

Things You Will Love About Jrcx Mirror Dash Cam

For starters, you will love the Jrcx mirror dash cam due to its responsive controls. Beside touch-responsiveness is quite amazing. The software is super easy to understand, the camera very easy to operate, and the touch responds instantly to your commands.

Second, you’ll be hooked by the image clarity. You can perfectly see the image during sunshine conditions, in tunnels, or during the darkest night. You can also see clearly behind you when trying to park. Third, this dashcam comes ready to use. The original package contains high-quality rubbers straps which you can use to strap the unit over your current mirror.

Installing this unit is also a breeze. You won’t spend more than 5 minutes on the initial install. Of course, you have a complete guide inside the package that explains to you how to properly install the Jrcx mirror dash cam.

Things You Might Not Love About This Device

The Jrcx mirror dash cam is not a perfect dashboard camera. There isn’t a perfect model, at least not yet. This device lacks useful ADAS features, together with WiFi integration and GPS module. You cannot connect it to your mobile or to the cloud.

Another aspect you won’t appreciate about this device is that it supports only a maximum 64 GB SD card. That’s pretty basic, considering that many other dashcams available in 2019 support up to 256 GB. Moreover, it doesn’t actually shine in terms of design. The all-black plastic cover does not seem well built and might not last very much.

The Bottom Line

Even if it comes with obvious drawbacks, the Jrcx mirror dash cam is one of the most appreciated mirror dual cameras of the year. It has obvious strong points which make it superior in certain areas than its competitors. It offers one of the best screens available for dash cams. It is also super easy to use and to navigate. Its touch responsiveness is astounding.

If you need a reliable dash cam that is easy to install, smooth to use and very effective at recording everything around you, then the Jrcx mirror dash cam could prove to be quite a good choice for you.