AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside Infrared Night Vision

The AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam, also known as the Aurora dashcam, is a sleek, modern dashcam from AUTO VOX that has just been launched in August 2019. This is the most advanced AUTO VOX dashcam to date and it comes with a multitude of cool features. Just like any other AUTO VOX camera, Aurora benefits from all the features and perks offered by the manufacturer. This camera comes with a sleek design and looks totally unique on the market.

While previous models, such as AUTO VOX A1 Uber, looked quite similar to one another, Aurora is different. This advanced camera looks just like a pocket camera, one of those little models that could fit in your pockets. You might not be attracted by its design, but you’ll definitely be attracted by its sturdiness. This camera is extremely sturdy and it is scratch & bump resistant.

AUTO-VOX Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside 1920x1080P,Infrared Night Vision,Integrated Design of...
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AUTO-VOX Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside 1920x1080P,Infrared Night Vision,Integrated Design of...
  • FHD 1080P Dual Dash Cam: Front and Cabin camera record simultaneously dual HD videos at 1080@30fps. the video quality of the...
  • Superior Infrared Night vision: Fitted with advanced IMX307 sensor and F1.8 aperture, the inside car camera plus 4 Infrared...
  • Integrated Design with GPS Tracking: The magnetic bracket come with the built-in GPS, which can be assembled easily and...
  • Perfect for Taxi/Rideshare Driver: 2inch dash cameras with inconspicuous can be hidden behind the rearview mirror easily,...
  • Parking mode for 24/7 surveillance: Parking mode uses the device’s inbuilt G-sensors to detect vibration that further...

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Let’s see some other aspects of this new release that might tempt you to purchase it.

AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam – Advanced Sony Sensor

This sleek dual camera makes use of the most advanced Sony Sensor, the IMX307. The image output is significantly better, and the dead spots are reduced dramatically. Both cameras can record seamlessly in 1920 x 1080p.

When recording in a single channel, you can record at 60 fps instead of 30 fps. In other words, you can enjoy a better recording quality, more depth, and richness of details and a better frame rate. Moreover, the front camera, on single-channel mode and on 60 fps, can easily capture the details of license plates even if you are driving at high speeds.

Perfect Night Vision

This AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam stands out of the crowd by offering flawless night vision. Few cameras released so far are able to produce so good recordings in low light environments. The inside camera is also equipped with 4 IR so that it can record even if the cabin is completely dark.

The IMX307 Sony Sensor records at F1.8 aperture. It brightens the dark spots and diminishes the light from other cars that drive your way. You can choose between two modes: color and dark & white. You can use this camera similar to AUTO VOX A1 Uber, to record passengers inside the vehicle.

Thanks to the 4 IR lights, the cabin camera can record anything that happens, so you are protected in case you have to deal with drunk or difficult passengers.

Ultimate Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range of WDR is perfectly used together with the Sony Sensor to balance the image brightness and to ensure you can clearly see any details. You won’t miss any license plates anymore and you’ll be able to enjoy clear images. No more dizzy or fuzzy images that are affected by light too strong from the outside.

AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam – GPS Tracking & Playback

One of the top features of the Aurora dual dashcam from AUTO VOX is the built-in GPS. You can easily add the magnetic bracket to the main unit, so you’ll be able to enjoy a strong GPS signal. Do this and all your videos will have driving speed, exact location, time, and date stamped on them.

This makes you get proof of anything you record. In case of a lawsuit, settlement or accident, the insurance company has irrefutable proof of what happened. Moreover, in case you receive an unjust speeding ticket from the highway patrol, you can easily win in court thanks to the GPS tracker.

You can also play the video on your laptop and enjoy real-time sync on Google Maps. You can download the AUTO VOX player for Windows and Mac and see your exact trip on the map. You’ll then be able to revisit special places and discover new amazing places around you.

AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam is Very Easy to Set Up

Another aspect you will appreciate about this modern dashcam is the fact that you can set it up within minutes after unpacking it. Even if you’ve never installed a dashcam before, you can install the Aurora AUTO VOX dual camera in just 2 minutes. You can find inside the package all the accessories you need to install the camera, together with a complete set of instructions.

This product is so easy to install because the rear camera is connected to the main unit, so you don’t need to wire it to your rear headlight.

Wide Coverage

This AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam offers you a super-wide 320-degree road coverage. You can cover 170 degrees of the road ahead and 150 degrees behind. This is more than enough, especially if you want to be protected. You’ll only lose 20 degrees of coverage on each side, which is insignificant.

Parking Monitoring & Emergency Lock

Another 2 features that are extremely useful for drivers is the emergency lock and parking monitoring. Your new camera will activate the moment someone tries to hit your car or break-in, once your vehicle is parked. While the camera has a built-in battery, I also recommend you hard-wiring it to enjoy a constant stream of power. This way, you can park your car for days and gain the peace of mind that your camera will have enough power to record every single incident.

The emergency lock feature ensures that all events recorded during a collision or shake while driving will be stored separately on the card. Thus, they cannot be erased and can be further use as proof.

Aspects you Might Dislike

Just like any other dashcam out there, the Aurora from AUTO VOX is not perfect. Two aspects you might dislike is the fact that the screen is tiny, offering only 2” inches of space. I do not recommend using it for playback. The other drawback is that this camera supports a maximum of 128 GB Class 10 card. There are other cameras that support 256 GB, which is double space for more recordings stored.

AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam – The Bottom Line

Despite the few drawbacks, the AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam is a great new release that is extremely reliable. It is built to last and to help you store with ease any type of accident or incident on the road. The GPS feature is priceless, while the night vision is extremely useful. You can purchase this camera at a great price by following this link AUTO VOX Dual Dash Camera.

Technical Help Information

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VAVA 4K 3840X2140@30Fps Wi-Fi Dash Camera with Sony Night Vision

VAVA 4K is a modern dashboard camera that has just hit the market. It comes with impressive features and a plethora of benefits for savvy drivers. For example, you can use this camera to record flawless 4k quality. That’s 3840X2140 at 30fps, which is the best you can get.

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At this quality, the recording is so good that you can easily play it on your smart TV and enjoy all the details. You can even play it on your home cinema. It’s like watching a movie with your buddies. This dashcam is also equipped with night vision, comes with an advanced app, offers Wi-Fi connectivity, and protects your vehicle thanks to the 24-hour parking monitoring.

Vava 4k is Made by a Top Company

VAVA 4K, also known as VA-VD004, is one of the best dashcams made so far by VAVA. This product was just released last month, in September 2019, and it’s already getting rave reviews from fans. Many drivers expected this model because they are getting used to the quality of the VAVA products.

Needless to say, VAVA is a company that has won our hearts. Their dashcams have all had impressive features, allowing drivers to stay safe behind the wheel while capturing footage in high quality. Some cameras, such as VAVA dual, were even able to capture both the front and back of the road.

The VAVA dual allows you to capture almost 300 degrees of footage and enjoy crystal clear clarity. In a single-mode, you can get QHD quality and record at 2560x1440P@30fps. However, VAVA 4K in a much better version. Let’s take a closer look at how this modern dashcam can help you enjoy unforgettable moments behind the wheel.

More Than Extraordinary Recording Quality

As far as the recording quality is concerned, I wasn’t able to find any drawbacks. This camera is simply perfect, allowing you to record in Ultra HD 4k quality even you’re driving at a high speed. Thanks to the Ambarella H22 chipset, F 1.8 aperture, and 6 glass lens, you’ll be able to enjoy unforgettable recordings.

The Sony IMX307 sensor does its job flawlessly, making the camera record almost perfectly at night. During a low light environment, the camera will automatically enhance lighting and exposure, so the end result will be more than satisfactory. That’s also when the image signal processing technology from Sony kicks in, adding in more brightness in dark spots and decreasing strong light from headlights and street lamps.

Vava 4k – 360 Degree Rotating

This camera is equipped with 155 degrees wide-angle lens to help you capture more of the road ahead. It also offers you a gorgeous design with a 360-degree swivel angle. As a result, you’ll be able to record at any angle and rotate the camera however you want.

This feature is something you can’t but falls in love with. You will be able to capture footage inside your car and record your own driving experience. Then you can upload the movie recorded online with just a few taps on your phone screen using the app.

App & Seamless Sharing

Another feature you’ll get to love about this modern dashcam is the app. The VAVA 4k mobile app allows you to do a whole lot of tasks, from sharing live video footage with your friends across social platforms and video & photo editing to direct video transfer to police or insurance companies.

You can easily download the app on both Android and iOS devices. You should spend less than one minute connecting your phone to the actual dashcam and then you can streamline the operation of your new camera. Additionally, the VAVA 4k dashboard camera connects to WiFi, so you can hook it up to your Hotspot for firmware updates and other useful features.

24/7 Parking Monitoring

This modern dashcam is not just great at recording and at sharing videos. It also comes with parking monitoring thanks to the built-in battery. Once your car is parked and you are away from your vehicle, the camera will automatically turn on when triggered by bumps or hits on your car.

Thanks to the battery, it can record for up to 15 seconds. That’s all the proof you need in court in case someone damages your vehicle or tries to steal it. What’s truly amazing about this device is that it can record up to 40 sessions of 15 seconds. The built-in battery has enough space for 40 short recordings. Of course, you should consider replacing the battery once you get past 30 recorded events.

To use this feature, do not forget to activate it in the menu.

Loop Recording

This is a standard feature that all dashcam has. VAVA 4k records videos in 1,2, or 3-minute increments. Not that the maximum card capacity this device works with is 128 GB. That’s the only downside I can find about this device. Also, note that the card is not included in the package, so you’ll have to order it separately.

Snapshot Button

Ultimately, the snapshot button is a true upgrade over previous dashcams. The team behind this camera has gone above and beyond and have truly managed to exceed all our expectations. This feature is totally unique in the dashboard camera industry. The button comes inside the package and can be mounted on your steering wheel. You can press it whenever you want to take quick 4k snapshots and save them to your smartphone.

If you press the button a little longer, the camera will instead take a short 20 seconds video. Of course, you can easily share the snapshots and the video with your friends or upload them on Facebook and YouTube.

Vava 4k Conclusion

The VAVA 4k is a dashcam that I strongly recommend. Despite the lack of a memory card, this device looks amazing, comes with a 360 swivel degree design and records in full 4k. It also streamlines the sharing of photos and videos and protects your car from accidents.

If you want to buy this camera, click on the amazon link we included above. You certainly won’t be disappointed once you test for yourself how good it is. Instead, you might buy a few for your best friends too.

Technical Help Information

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HP Dual Dash Cam Front Rear Dashboard Recorder

The HP dual dash cam, also known as HP f870g, is a modern, sleek device that is focused on utility, connectivity, and usability. This device was just launched on the market in April 2019. However, it is already recognized as being one of the most innovative dashcams to hit the market this year.

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This camera comes with a solid one-year warranty, 30-days money-back guarantee, and lifetime post-buy service. The company behind this dashcam is willing to walk the extra mile and invest in lifetime service in order to loyalize their customers and create a powerful community of raving fans around their latest dash cam.

Hp Dual Dash Cam – Ultimate Protection

The HP dual dash cam is not only equipped with the basic features of dashcams, but it also has a multitude of extra cool features. For example, it comes with ADAS, more specifically LDWS and FCWS. Thus, this device is able to offer you ultimate protection and to save your life in case you lose control of your car or someone in front of you suddenly brakes the car.

The G-sensor also offers you protection in terms of keeping your recordings safe. Thanks to the 3-axis G-sensor, the device records any event that is out of the ordinary and stores it separately on the card. Even if the card supported is of maximum 32 GB, you can rest assured that you will still be able to capture a lot of videos, because of the recording quality which is full HD and not greater.

Recording Quality – Hp Dual Dash Cam

In terms of recording quality, HP dual dash cam is similar to the average dashcam out there. Even if it can’t go higher than 1920*1080P@30fps for the front camera and 1280*720P@30fps for the rear camera, the quality of the footage is impressive. It’s all due to the 2MP Sony Sensor and hardware decoder that both do an excellent job processing the image.

Of course, if you are looking for a dashcam that records better than the HP f870g, you should see what VAVA dual dash cam has in store for you. You might fall in love with how the VAVA camera looks and how good it records, especially in single-channel mode. However, for a standard dashcam that records in full HD, the HP dual dash cam is as good as any other. Nevertheless, it shines when it comes to night vision thanks to the Starlight sensor.

Night Vision of Hp

HP dual dash cam comes with a super high-quality night vision. The guys from HP call it “Starlight” vision because it is equipped with a Starlight sensor made by Sony. The recording quality during the night allows you to zoom in and perfectly see license plates. The footage is clearer and all details can be perceived with ease.

Of course, the hardware created by Sony makes all these things possible. The 6-lens and F/1.8 together with the unique HDR system can perfectly balance the dark and light areas and allow you to clearly see all the details in front of you. Note that the rear camera is not as good as capturing footage as the front camera.

GPS Function

The GPS function is very useful. Thanks to the built-in receiver, you can enjoy all the tracking and location features offered by an external GPS unit. Each video comes with an embedded location, date, time, and speed. You can see all this information on each footage. This makes it super easy to win cases in court because the evidence is right there.

Another benefit of the GPS function is that you can easily keep track of the places you’ve been. So for instance, if you’ve visited a gorgeous natural park in Arizona and you found a favorite spot for your family, you can always return there by watching the video and looking at the exact location imprinted on the video.

Cameras & Screen

HP dual dash cam is equipped with 2 cameras. The front one records better than the rear one, both during the day and night. The front camera gets 155 degrees of the road ahead, while the rear one can only capture 120 degrees. If you are looking for a camera that can capture 180 degrees, you should try out the Garmin Dash Cam 65W. This modern unit features a fisheye lens that is perfect for catching all action on the sides.

HP dual dash cam has a small screen of 3” LCD color TFT. Even if it’s not as impressive as what the competition has to offer, the screen does its job and allows you to clearly see the footage being recorded in real-time. You can also see both recordings on the screen, or just the recording in the rear. You can pretty much set up the image you get as you see fit.

Note that the rear camera is weatherproof, coming with the standard IP67. This means you can record flawlessly in any weather conditions and still be able to distinguish the license plates of the cars behind you.

Other Features of Hp Dual

HP dual dash cam comes with automatic ISO, built-in horn, built-in microphone, automatic white balance, mini USB connection, and Li-Pol battery. The loop recording feature works in segments of 3 or 5 minutes, depending on your preferences. Another useful feature is the parking monitoring, which turns on the camera to record whenever it senses a bump, vibration, or hit. This will keep your car safe and will give you invaluable evidence in case of theft or hit-and-run.


The HP dual dash cam is definitely not a perfect dashboard camera. It has lots of negative aspects, including but not limited to low card space (maximum 32 GB), tiny screen (many competitors have 10” screens), and average recording capabilities (you can find lots of 3k and 4k cameras).

However, this sleek camera made by HP is as versatile as it gets and works flawlessly in any weather condition. It provides you with constant footage embedded with all GPS coordinates, including time, speed, and date. It also records flawlessly during the night and is constantly protecting your car when parked. Best, it does all of that without too much fuss. To top it all, this modern camera from HP comes with 12-months warranty and lifetime support. 

Technical Help Information

If you need more help with HP Duals Dashcam please send email to [email protected]

Vava Dual Dash Cam Wi-Fi, Night Vision, Parking Mode, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording

VAVA dual dash cam is a modern, sleek dashboard camera that manages to surprise drivers by its elegant design and multitude of features. This stylish device comes with a phone-centric design which makes it perfect for the 21st-century user who is wildly addicted to the smartphone.

This camera is specially optimized for young generation drivers who cannot take their eyes off their smartphones. Even when driving, some drivers are keen on spending time on their phones. The VAVA dual dash cam comes as a perfect replacement for your smartphone, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road ahead while knowing that your smartphone gets live footage from the camera.

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This advanced dash cam is equipped with night vision, Wi-Fi & app integration, loop recording, G-sensor, 24-hour parking monitor, and even one-touch snapshot remote. All the features of this unit work together to help you enjoy your ride and stay in control of your driving style. Let’s dive deeper into the features and specs of this high-end device and discover if it’s a good fit for you as a driver in 2019.

Looks & Aspect

The VAVA dual dash cam is certainly not your average dashcam. Its looks are similar to a hockey puck. The manufacturer has done a marvelous job when designing this device. Of course, some of you might dislike its looks. It is totally unconventional and it looks kind of out of place on certain dashboards. However, you can bet it looks much more attractive and high quality than other standard looking cameras.

A good example of a standard camera comes from TOGUARD Uber dash camera CE46. Despite being one of the most practical dash cams for Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers, this camera is not impressive in terms of looks. Now, the dash cam from VAVA is definitely a product designed to attract curious glances. Love it or hate it, but it is in great company.

Recording Quality in Vava Dual Dash Cam

Thanks to its design, this unique camera can rotate 360 degrees on its magnetic mount. Because it doesn’t have a display, you need to have your smartphone close by if you want to view the footage. In terms of recording quality, this modern camera is equipped with Sony IMX307 sensor. It can capture crystal clarity footage in QHD 2560x1440P@30fps, if in single mode, or 1920x1080P 30fps if both cameras are turned on.

The NOVATEK processor and Sony sensor work together to help you enjoy exquisite image clarity. The F/1.8 aperture is good enough for all your recording needs. The front camera benefits of the superior aperture of F/2.0 for better image clarity. The front camera captures 150 degrees of footage, while the rear camera gets 140 degrees. The video uses H.264 compression for optimal compression for your smartphone.

You can also record in full HD at 1920x1080P 60fps to enjoy smoother images and better clarity. Note that you can only record at 60fps in a single mode. You have various modes to use, so enjoy the smooth recording by trying different variations.

Super Night Vision

Another aspect you’ll greatly appreciate about this modern dual dashcam from VAVA is the night vision powered by the Sony sensor. The rear camera is equipped with 1 IR LED, which is enough for good image clarity during the night. The front camera is equipped with 4 IR sensors and HDR Sony Sensor, so you get to enjoy even better image clarity during low light conditions.

In terms of night recording, this device can easily beat most other dashcams available on the market. For example, IdealTech X1D, which is a similar device, comes with no IR lights, so it’s not able to record as good during the night. Even if it has other capabilities, this camera fails when it comes to night recording.

Vava Dual Dash Cam – Wi-Fi & App Integration

VAVA dash cam dual is recognized for being a modern device. It leverages the power of technology to help you stay in control at all times. However, you need a smartphone with an internet connection for that. You need to install the Android or iOS app on your mobile and then use it to control the camera. On the app, you can view the live feed, download videos, tweak settings, and share videos with your friends on social platforms.

To connect the camera to the app on your mobile, you need to set up a hotspot and use the same network. It’s the same principle used when setting up wireless extensions or TV remotes. Now, if you don’t fancy taking your phone off your pocket in order to view the live feed, then you should probably go with a more standard camera. You should choose a standard camera equipped with a screen, or go with one of those models that replace your rearview mirror and have 10” large screens.

However, if you’re an active guy and you don’t want a screen to distract you from the road ahead, then this device is perfect for you. What you’ll love is that you don’t need to buy an additional SD card for this camera. All live streams are sent to your phone, so you can share them right away, move them to the cloud, or erase them. Moreover, all important events triggered by the G-sensor are automatically sent to a separate folder on your phone.

Vava Dual Dash Cam – 24 Hour Parking Monitor

To keep you safe, the dashcam Vava dual camera protects your vehicle while parked. This unit comes with a built-in battery of 320 mAh, so it can record a video of 15 seconds and send it straight to your phone. However, to get more recording, I advise you to hardwire the camera to your dashboard or to keep it connected to an external battery. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy minutes-long recording and capture all the footage with the perpetrator.

360 Degree Angle

Ultimately, VAVA dash cam dual can make your day thanks to its 360-degree swivel angle. You can easily turn the camera around and capture fun moments in your vehicle. To top it all, you can use the snapshot button to capture snapshots of the road ahead or behind. You can also take snapshots of your family in the car and send them straight to your group of friends online.

Technical Help Information

If you need more help with Vava please click here

Garmin Dash Cam 65W Bundle Voice Activated

Garmin dash cam 65W is a high-end, cleverly-made car camera that features top-notch design and specs. Its super wide-angle lens creates that unique fish-eye effect we all love and allows you to enjoy sleek images. This product comes equipped with all the fancy features you would expect from a Garmin dashcam. It has red light camera warnings, voice command, GPS, bad driver alerts, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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In the bundle are included: 32GB sundisk class 10 memory card, Camera Deluxe Carrying Case, Universal Screen Cleaner, Low profile magnetic mount, power cable, USB cable, Quick Start Manual, Authorized USA Dealer Warranty.

Design of Garmin Dash Cam 65W

In terms of aspect, the Garmin dash cam 65W looks really smooth and fancy. It looks very professional thanks to the all-black design and multiple lines on one side. Its square-like design is similar to the one offered by Roav by Anker Dash Cam C2 Pro.

The nice 2-inch display is not a touchscreen. To control the unit, you need to use the buttons on the right side. Overall, the design is very clean and well put together. The unit looks well-composed and quite unitary. The only item on the right is the USB port, while the heat vent is placed at the bottom. Other than that, the unit looks quite good without any extra buttons or connections.

Garmin Dash Cam 65W – Recording Quality

This camera allows you to enjoy a super-wide 180-degree view. No other dashcam manufacturer on the market was able to come up with a 180-degree wide lens. Not even Viofo A129, which is a famous competitor of the Garmin dash cam 65w, was able to get more than 140 degrees.

Garmin dash cam records in full HD at 1080p, with 30 fps. The camera is powered by a 2.1 Megapixel processor and works perfectly in low-light conditions. The great news is that this camera comes with a 32 GB UHS included, so you can start recording right away. You also get a deluxe carrying case so you can take the camera with you and place it on another car.

The case looks really sleek and complements the unitary model and all-black design of the camera. However, note that the case is not for the mount. You’ll have to carry the mount in another case.

Easy to Mount & Portable

One of the coolest features about this product is the fact that it is highly portable. Setting it up and removing it from your car is a breeze. The mount is cleverly put up to include a magnetic disc that attaches to the windshield and another disc that keeps your camera in place. It works amazingly well for any car windshield and can be used in a wide variety of positions.

Moreover, it’s super easy to install and retains its original orientation. Thanks to the design, the impact absorption is close to zero. That comes with a huge benefit, as it triggers the G-sensor to detect impacts quicker.

Voice Control Feature

The Garmin dash cam 65W is super easy to use and comes with numerous useful features. One of the most impressive is the voice control. You can basically talk to the camera and tell it to save a video, start recording, stop recording, or even start recording a unique Travelapse video.

The latter is a time-lapse video that integrates GPS position and time. They are watermarked to the video, so the end-user can see the exact location and date of the video captured. To start talking to your camera, simply say “Ok, Garmin” and you’ll be able to coordinate the camera without taking your hands off the wheel. This feature is a life-saver, as it prevents accidents by enabling drivers to stay focused on the road ahead.

Top Driver Tech

The Garmin dashboard camera is also equipped with numerous driver technologies that could literally save your life. In addition to the lane departure warning, this camera is equipped with collision detection and red line camera alerts. The red light alerts is a very useful feature that is directly dependent on the data Garmin has on your location. It basically warns you if there are red-light cameras nearby, so you can reduce speed and avoid getting a speed ticket.

The G-sensor is also a very useful tech. The video footage is automatically saved to the card and cannot be erased. Of course, we’re talking about the footage that is recorded during an accident or incident.

Save all to the App

To make it even easier for you to store videos and share your Travelapse creations online, Garmin has released their own app for Android and iOs users. You can download the app directly from the store, connect the camera with your phone, and stream your live videos online.

Extras of Garmin Dash Cam 65W

In addition to the camera and the mount, Garmin also offers 2 extras: the deluxe carrying case, which I have presented above, and the universal screen cleaner. The cleaner is a large bottle that you can use to clean the screen, the camera and also to wipe clean TV, laptop, or even smartphone screens.

Parking Surveillance

This advanced dashcam also features motion detection, thus you can use for parking surveillance. All you need to do is to hard-wire it to a constant source of the power of 12V and you can rest assured that it will turn on if the G-sensor is triggered.

Great Features & Top Portability

The Garmin dash cam 65 w is definitely an outstanding dashcam for users in 2019. It lets you enjoy super sharp images, see 180 degrees, control the camera through vocal commands, and easily mounts and remove the camera from your car. You can easily use this product on multiple cars and set it up within minutes. The fact that you get to enjoy ADAS features and that you can create personalized travelapse videos is a big bonus.

Let’s also consider the GPS & Wifi connectivity, high-end design, and top quality of materials. This dashcam is created in the USA using the most advanced technology and is made to last a lifetime. 

More Info for Technical Support

For more questions or problems related to this dash cam click here

Akaso 2k 360 Degree Full View Dual Dash Cam

AKASO 2K is a modern dual dash cam that is coming with strong features and offers a completely unique design. It definitely looks better than most high-quality dash cams out there, including the famous Rexing V1P Pro. This camera also offers 2K crystal recordings, 360 degrees panoramic views, and a great 5” IPS touch screen.

The AKASO 2K has just been launched in March 2019. However, it already has almost as many sales as its competitor, Viofo A129, a model that’s been available since May 2018. The AKASO is definitely a dash cam worth considering if planning an upgrade in 2019, or if you simply want to purchase a stable & advanced dash cam that offers you a multitude of hot features.

Last update on 2024-06-19 / This is Amazon Affiliate link / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

In this AKASO 2K dual dash cam review, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of this modern camera. Let’s begin by looking at the design.

Akaso 2k Dual Dash Cam – Clean & Smooth Design

The AKASO 2K does not look like a regular dashcam. It lacks the advanced patterns than other dash cams have or the wow factor that is offered by dash cams that mount over the rearview mirror. However, it’s clean, the all-black design offers a unique sense of extravagance.

It looks good on any car and can easily complement any interior design.

Ultimate Recording Features

Probably one of the most interesting aspects of this modern dash cam is the fact that is records 4 unique modes. You can basically select your view mode, from wide mode and around mode to ball mode or four modes. The front camera is strategically placed so that it rotates 360 degrees. All you have to do is to swipe your finger across the screen and the camera rotates in your desired direction.

Another similar dashcam that comes with rotative cameras is EACHPAI X100. However, the dual cameras can only rotate 180 degrees each. Moreover, you can only rotate them manually. When it comes to usability and recording features, no other dash cam is able to beat AKASO 2K. The panoramic viewability is simply astounding, enabling you to gain the peace of mind that there are no dead angles when driving.

Recording Quality of Akaso 2k Dual Dash Cam

This dual dashcam comes equipped with 2 cameras, one placed in the front right under the screen and one in the rear. Both cameras are equipped with modern fisheye lenses, allowing them to capture the road ahead or behind and at the same time capture footage from inside the car.

Together, the cameras provide you with a full 360-degree panoramic view. You can basically see everything that is happening around you, in or outside the car. Both cameras can be easily adjusted up, down, left, and right, by simply swiping on the screen.

In terms of recording quality, expect AKASO 2K to leave you astounded. The front camera records in 2560*1440 super high quality and is equipped with advanced WDR to give you super night vision. You’ll be able to get sharper images at night and clearly see license plates, road signs, or objects that lie on the road.

Akaso 2k Dual Dash Cam and 5” IPS Touchscreen

Another aspect you’ll also love about this dash cam is the high–end touchscreen. The screen is super easy to use and offers flawless functionality. You can use it for video recording, playback, adjusting camera position, settings, and switching between viewing modes. The screen is large enough to clearly see the footage recorded and is perfectly designed to withstand scratches, bumps, or even hits.

Moreover, the screen features the reversing image function, which will automatically switch to the rear camera when you are parking or reversing. You also get to enjoy parking lines, which are so useful when parking.

Four Unique Viewing Modes

The AKASO 2K is one of the few dash cams that can boast itself with a full panoramic view. It has four unique viewing modes to help you enjoy various recording postures. In the first mode, called wide mode, you can see what’s happening in front of you. You can adjust the angle by swiping on the screen.

In the second mode, which is ball mode, you get a complete 360 – degree view of both the road ahead and the passengers inside. You can adjust the panorama again by swiping on the screen. The around mode shows both the front and rear view, allowing you to adjust the view so you can see both what’s happening inside the car and outside.

Lastly, in the fourth mode called “four modes”, you see the screen split into 4 sections. You can simultaneously see the image ahead, rear, left, and right. Each of these modes provides you with a fun factor and lets you create beautiful videos of you and of your passengers.

Akaso 2k Dual Dash Cam and Installation

Installing the AKASO 2K dual dashboard camera system is pretty simple and straightforward. What you basically have to do is mount the display over your rearview mirror, then install the rear camera right above your license plate and use a cable to connect the rear camera to the monitor.

Inside the package, you’ll have detailed instructions on how to do this operation.

Free 32 GB Card Included with Akaso 2k Dual Dash Cam

The great news is that you have included a 32 GB card inside the package, so you don’t have to purchase another one. As a sidenote, this model of dash cam only supports a maximum of 128 GB SD card, class 10 or above.

Other Features

AKASO 2K is also equipped with two imperative features: the G-sensor and loop recording. Together, they ensure you won’t lose important footage and that the camera will keep recording when the card is full. Another useful feature is the parking monitor. This dashcam from AKASO turns on automatically when your car is parked and records any incident. For that, you need to hardwire the system to a continuous power source.

Akaso 2K Conclusion

AKASO 2K is definitely a dash cam worth buying if you want to have fun with your friends and experiment with a multitude of viewing modes. Once installed, it provides you with continuous protection, both when driving and when parking.

Enjoy this camera’s panoramic view design and 5” IPS touchscreen equipped with real-time reversing image and stay safe behind the wheel.