VVCAR Dual Dash Cam Mirror Backup Camera

When it comes to advanced, professional, and flawless dash cams, the VVCAR Dual Dash Cam backup camera stands out from the crowd. This gorgeous backup camera is a modern device that looks exceptional and offers you a whole lot of impressive features.

This mirror dashcam was introduced on the market in October 2019. However, it already has numerous rave reviews from drivers who have tested it. VVCAR does not just look great, but it also has a super large screen of 12”, which is similar to what DMYCO dual dash cam brings to the table.

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These two devices are quite similar, and both come with a free 32 GB card. However, VVCAR seems to have an edge thanks to the LDWS and GPS module compatibility. Inside this VVCAR Dual Dash Cam review, we will take a closer look at all of the features of this device, its design and extras. We’ll try to help you determine if this modern dashcam is a good choice for you or you should buy another dashboard camera in 2020.

VVCAR Dual Dash Cam – Design & Usability

The first thing you’ll notice about this dashboard camera once you take it out of the box is the super large display and matte finish. You’ll also notice the rear camera, that looks simply exceptional.

This is a dual-camera system that can record 310 degrees of footage. The front camera, which is strategically placed in the back of the screen, records 170 degrees ahead, while the rear camera records 140 degrees. The rear camera is connected to the main unit via a long 50 feet extension cable.

Because of the longer cable, you can seamlessly use this backup camera on most trucks, RVs, 4×4 and even on trailers. Thus, you can park with ease while also being able to record your trip to the destination. The monitor clamps over your rearview mirror, so it replaces it completely. You’ll end up with a nice looking unit that has the potential to enhance your vehicle appearance and boost its design.

The black plastic mesh is scratch resistant and also rustproof and dustproof, so you can enjoy the device for a long time to come. Using this dashcam is a breeze. You can swipe on the screen, pinch it, adjust the view angle and turn on/off certain features and tools.

VVCAR Dual Dash Cam – Very Easy to Install

Because this is not a wireless backup cam, do not expect to install it in less than 10 minutes. However, this unit can be easily installed by people with experience. Similarly to Boscam R2, which is another mirror dashcam that can be installed fairly easily, you can install the VVCAR dual dashcam by following a few simple steps.

After you mount the monitor over your rearview mirror using the rubber straps in the box, you need to snake the wire to the rear and connect it to the rear camera. Place the rear camera above your license plate and connect it to your tail light. You can eliminate the need to connect the main unit to your cigarette lighter or 12V plugin by using a hardwire kit. By hardwiring your camera, you can also enable it to automatically turn on when your car is in park mode using the G-sensor embedded.

Recording Capabilities

Both cameras record automatically. You can stream both of them on the same screen or separately, either the front or the rear. The front camera records in full HD at 1296p, while the rear camera does a great job recording in HD at 1080p. In order to prevent glare and to help you see the image crisp and clear, the IPS screen is treated with low-reflexive glass.

The cameras are equipped with a standard Sony lens and have an IMX 335 sensor. This is not the best recording quality possible, but it is definitely much better than other cameras that can only record in HD at 720p, both front, and rear. Thanks to the wide recording range, which is 170 front + 140 rear, you’ll be able to reduce blind spots and perfectly see everything that happens outside your car. You’ll be able to see the license plates, notice the scenery, and also record the beautiful nature.

In terms of night recording, this device does not disappoint either. The advanced WDR technology combined with IR lights and a super-wide lens enables you to enjoy superior night vision and clearly see license plates. The F1.8 aperture completely eliminates the need for an external light source and allows you to enjoy sharp, accurate images with flawless details.

Additional Features of VVCAR Dual Dash Cam

To help you park with ease, the manufacturer of this dashcam has equipped it with guidelines. The guidelines adjust automatically when turning right or left, so you can park with ease without scratching your car. The G-sensor works flawlessly with collision detection to protect you from accidents and to protect all the footage that was recorded during an accident.

The loop recording feature functions automatically, recording the footage in intervals of 1,3 or 5 minutes. However, it will not overwrite footage that is locked by the G sensor. To adjust the front camera angle, you can slide the screen up and down. You can also swipe right and left to adjust the brightness and the light angle. These features are quite useful during the night.

Optionally, you can purchase an external GPS module that keeps track of your actual location and allows you to be in control of your trip.

LDWS Very Important Future

The lane departure warning system is a smart feature that is not so common in 2020. This is a feature that might save your life, especially if you’re driving a lot and you tend to fall asleep. In case that happens and your car leaves the lane, the LDWS sensor will emit a powerful alarm to let you know your life is at risk. This feature has saved countless lives so far, so we suggest you turn it on, especially for long trips where fatigue and lack of sleep can affect your focus.

The Bottom Line

The VVCAR Dual Dash Cam is a modern recording device equipped with numerous features and perks. This dual dash cam is perfect for drivers who are used to drive a lot and can be successfully mounted on most of the vehicles, including longer ones. Leverage the free 32GB card and the 3 years of warranty and stay safe while driving.

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam 2160P+1080P Dual Lens Car Dashboard Camera

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam is a “real” dashboard camera that offers you a “real” driving experience. With this unique camera, you can record in 4k with the front camera and full HD with the rear camera. This is a totally unique dashcam that offers impressive capabilities, dual-lens wide-angle, built-in GPS & WiFi, and a whole lot of other unique features.

This product was released in July 2019 and has already gathered numerous rave reviews from fans eager to try it out. Even if its design is not as glamorous as what other dashcams have to offer, OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam has other features that make it shine.

Dash Cam Front and Rear, OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam, 2160P+1080P Dual Lens Car Dashboard Camera DVR with...
  • ✅[Real 4K & 1080P Dual-Channel Recording]➡Dual dash camera with 4K 3840*2160P@30fps front and 1920*1080P@30fps rear, 4...
  • ✅[Super Night Vision & WDR]➡8 Megapixel CMOS Sensor for Upgraded Night Vision. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) automatically...
  • ✅[2.4" IPS Screen & 170° Wide Angle]➡The IPS screen brings much more clear than normal LCD & LED screen. 170°wide angle...
  • ✅[Looping Recording & G-Sensor]➡Seamless Loop Recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card...
  • ✅[24 Hours Parking Monitor & Built-in GPS]➡Any vibration is detected by the G-Sensor, it will automatically turn on the...

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In fact, other dashcams, such as AQP dual dashcam, comes with a similar, uninteresting design, with a small screen, but are equipped with tons of useful features. In this OnReal 4k review, we’ll take a closer look at all the features of this camera to help you discover if it’s a good buy for you in 2019 and beyond.

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam Design & Set-Up

As stated above, the OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam does not shine in terms of design. It has a small 2.7” IPS screen and it looks similar to a pocket camera. Moreover, it’s not that easy to set up, because it is a wired camera. You need to spend some time connecting the rear camera to the taillight. However, in the front, you can easily mount it thanks to the suction cup that connects to your windshield. Because it’s small, you can set it up in a central location so it becomes unobtrusive.

Chipset and Main Specs

When you purchase this camera, you get a free 32 GB card. If it’s not enough, you can purchase another one. Note that it needs to be a Class 10 or above SD Card and it can be of maximum 128 GB. This modern camera is astounding when it comes to processor and recording quality. OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam is equipped with a HI3559V200 chipset and an 8-megapixel sensor. It has an F1.8 lens with a 6-layer of glass and captures 170 degrees of footage.

What you will undoubtedly love about this dash cam is that both cameras capture 170 degrees of footage. You basically get a 340 degree of vision, which is almost a full circle. No other dashcam until now can pride itself on this performance. The resolution of the front camera is simply astounding. At 3840*2160P, you get to see all the details in full quality and you can easily make up license plates.

The decisive factor in the performance of this unit is the high-end chip. Thanks to the advanced chip, the frame, resolution and night vision are maximized, so you get to enjoy flawless recordings.

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam is Ideal for Any Climate

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam can be perfectly used in any weather climate. You can use it from – 20 Celsius to over 60 Celsius. That’s -4 Fahrenheit to 140 Fahrenheit. If you live in the US or Canada, that’s pretty much any climate you can get. Maybe in freezing winters when your car is frozen, using this camera might be difficult during very cold days. But other than that, you can use the device in any climate.

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam – Exceptional Night Vision

Thanks to the super big aperture, F1.8, and 6 glass lens, the cameras can easily record footage in dark conditions. They allow more light to come in the sensor so you can enjoy perfectly balanced pictures. WDR technology is the one responsible for balancing the brightness and exposure. Thus, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to see great detail, even in the pitch black.

You can even zoom in on your laptop and see license plates from far away.

Built-in GPS and Wifi

You can install the app for iOS and Android in the Apple Store, respectively the Play Store. You can then control the cameras on the app, personalize the device and also stream your live videos right to your social media accounts. Once the external GPS module is turned on, each footage will be stamped with the time, date, speed and actual location. If you open the OnReal player on your laptop, you’ll be able to see all the details and see your actual trip on the map.

To enjoy this feature, you need to send an email to the manufacturer and their friendly support staff will send a free copy your way.

Loop Recording & G-Sensor

Just like any other dashcam available on the market, OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam rewrite old videos. If you also want to overwrite clips that have been locked by the G-sensor, you need to access the files manually. The G-sensor is responsible for locking important footage, such as recorded crashes, hits or other types of events. You can also set this device to guard your car when parked.

However, you need a hardwire kit for that. Once you hardwire the camera to a continuous power supply, you’ll be able to enjoy parking monitoring permanently

Flawless Recording & Wide Angle

Thanks to the dual 170-degree recording capabilities, coupled with the 4k and full HD recording, you’ll be able to clearly see everything that happens all around your car. You’ll be able to capture all 6 lanes of traffic and enjoy a super wide view. Because your safety is important, this camera helps you stay safe by recording any potential accident or incident on the road. In case of a dispute, the more you see, the better you are protected.

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam – Satisfaction Guarantee

In order to give you the peace of mind that your money is safe, OnReal offers you an extended 2 years warranty. This is a feature you can’t but highly appreciate, especially as very few dashcam manufacturers are willing to offer you more than one year. Some even offer just 3 or 6 months of warranty.

The manufacturer of this advanced dashcam also offers an unprecedented level of customer support. They offer you 24/7 phone support and answer any queries via email within 24 hours. You can trust them to solve any problem and help you fully enjoy your new purchase.

There is no doubt that OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam is an exceptional product that suits drivers who love the portability, connectivity and high-end footage.

Duteri Dual Dash Cam Mirror Dash Cam 9.66″ HD Backup Camera

Duteri dual dash cam is a highly attractive dashboard camera that can greatly enhance the design of your car and boost its value. This small piece of art is not just a way to make your car fancier and impress your best buddies, but also a modern device that records everything that happens around your vehicle.

This dual dashcam has the best out of all worlds. It benefits of a huge screen, has a good viewing angle, offers full HD streaming, and adapts to all climates with ease. It was released in June 2019, so it already has some “experience” under its belt. What you’ll love about this device is that it has impressive reviews from users. It works flawlessly to keep you safe, looks great, and protects your car when parked.

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Compared to the OnReal dashcam, Duteri dual dash cam is much better looking and offers better performance all-year-round. However, OnReal is unbeatable in terms of recording quality and connectivity. In this Duteri dual dash cam review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits offered by this product and we’ll try to determine if it’s a good fit for you. Let’s start by looking at the features this camera is missing.

Duteri Dual Dash Cam Review – What Could have Been Better?

This modern dashcam looks amazing and is equipped with pretty much everything you need for in a dashcam. However, it lacks WiFi, GPS, and smartphone integration. If these features are important to you, we recommend you take a closer look at what AQP dash cam has to offer.

The dash cam from AQP enables you to easily connect the main unit to your smartphone or laptop. You can easily transfer files and share your live recordings on social media. Moreover, thanks to the embedded GPS module, you can easily record driving speed, map location, and other details right on the video. You can then play these videos with the exact location and time on your AQP player.

What Duteri Dual Dash Cam Shines At

Even if Duteri dual dash cam does not benefit of these features that other dashcams have, this recording camera stands in a league of its own when it comes to adaptability to all climates, design, and reliability. It offers you an astounding 340 degree of recording range, so you can pretty much see everything around you, at the sides and even above. Thanks to the ultra-wide-angle lens that both cameras are equipped with, you’ll be able to see every detail around your car.

Duteri Is Pretty Easy to Set Up

This camera is very easy to mount. Simply mount the screen on top of your rearview mirror using the straps in the box, plug in the monitor to the car charger and then connect the unit to the camera in the rear. To connect the wire, you can place it just above the windshield, so it becomes totally unobtrusive and does not disturb people. You can mount the rear camera either inside the glass or in the middle of the license plate.

Either way, you have to connect the rear camera to the reversing light in order to ensure it is always connected to a power supply. Once the red line is connected to the rear taillight, the camera can automatically switch the image when you go in reverse. If you cannot set it up properly, you can always call the professional customer service from Duteri. They offer free advice and help you with any problems you might experience.

The Design is Totally Outstanding

One of the best features of this dashboard camera is its professional design. This camera looks just flawless. The 9.66” Full touchscreen IPS is made of high-end plastic that resembles the look and feel of metal. The round edges around the front camera go well with the patterned design and make you bring a huge boost of value to your car.

You will also love the way the rear camera looks. The unit looks very fancy and elegant and it can definitely bring a stylish factor to your car. In terms of reliability, the front screen is very easy to use. You can set it up in real-time and swipe your fingers across it to turn on and off all its features.

Expect to enjoy real-time responsiveness from the monitor and to have a superior experience navigating in the menu.

Recording Quality

When it comes to recording quality, this device is not outstanding like other similar cameras. However, both cameras record in Full HD, which is more than enough for the average user.

The rear camera is waterproof, so you can use it in any type of weather. The great news is that you can still use the front camera without connecting the rear camera to the unit. This is very useful, especially if you don’t have time or energy to mount the rear camera, or you simply don’t need a camera in the back of your car.

However, if you choose to use the rear camera, rest assured that it will enable you to park extremely quickly. Thanks to the 170-degree viewing angle, parking becomes a breeze. You can use the assist lines to park perfectly, even during the night. Expect to enjoy superior night vision thanks to the WDR sensor, F1.8, and 6 glass lens.

Adapts to All Climates

This modern camera can easily adapt to all climates. The rear camera is both waterproof and dustproof, so you can use it both during winter cold and summer heat. Moreover, the battery enables the camera to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from freezing Siberian temperatures up to desert scorching heat.

24 Hour Parking Monitoring

Duteri dual dash cam is also recognized for its ability to keep your car protected when parked. Once you get out of your vehicle and lock it, the camera turns on the park mode. During this mode, the camera is in standby and turns on if someone hits your car or scratches it. The video recorded will be locked in a separate folder that cannot be overwritten.

Duteri Dual Dash Cam Summary

  • Mirror Dual Dash Cam HD 9″66
  • Front 1920 P
  • Rear 1280 P
  • Camera lens:170°Rear 1080P Camera( AHD65)
  • and 170°Front 1080P Camera( G2363)
  • 6 glass lens, A+ high-resolution ultra-wide-angle lens
  • Backup Camera Included
  • Streaming media
  • Touch screen
  • WDR Super night vision
  • G sensor and Loop recording
  • Memory card: TF (Support maximum 32G)
  • IP 68 waterproof and dustproof rear camera
  • 24 hr monitoring

Technical Support

For technical support please go to Duteri dual dash cam support

AQP Dual Dash Cam Full HD 1080P Dashboard Camera With GPS & WiFi G-Sensor WDR

The AQP dual dash cam is a modern dashboard camera that has just hit the market in mid-October 2019. This new release is poised to change the way drivers relate to dashboard cameras because it offers a lot of innovative features. This dashcam is powered by an advanced Novatek CPU and ultimate Sony sensor to help you see the license plates as clear as daylight.

It also enables you to stream live your recording on social media and also send evidence to the authorities right on your mobile phone. This nice device offers you ultimate connectivity features and records in night time mode at the flawless quality. It’s also equipped with a gravity sensor, voice recording, and loop recording. Add to that GPS capabilities and you’ve got a complete camera that has all the features you might need to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

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In this AQP dual dash cam review, we will take a closer look at all the features of this modern device and we’ll try to see if this product is a good fit for you. Let’s begin with its looks.

AQP Dual Dash Cam – Aspect and Design

In terms of design, this modern dashcam does not shine. One might say it looks pretty ugly, but that’s a stretch. The truth is that most of its competitors look much better. For instance, the DMYCO dashcam looks simply extraordinary thanks to its 12” screen and aluminum alloy design.

Nevertheless, the AQP dual dash cam is not a product designed to impress but to offer a plethora of functionalities. If the design is important to you, then you should probably go with DMYCO. However, if you are a big fan of usability and high-end features, then this square-looking dashcam is perfect for you.

What’s Inside the Hood?

This small and compact unit is equipped with an impressive range of features. It all starts with the Novatek NT96663 CPU, which is the most advanced processor released so far. It is perfect at compiling the image recorded and minimizing it, so you can easily transfer the files without taking up your SD card space.

The Sony sensor transforms this device into a perfect recorder. The front camera can seamlessly capture details in Full HD quality, while the rear camera has similar capabilities. The only difference is that the rear camera captures 150 degrees of the road, while the front camera has a widescreen lens that captures 170 degrees of image.

You can also use the front camera in a single mode to capture 3840x2160P at 24 fps, which is just exceptional. The Class F1.4 lens makes the image smoother and enables you to clearly see details during strong light or dark driving conditions. The image is balanced so you get to enjoy crystal-clear recordings, regardless of driving conditions. Inside the hood, you’ll also discover a Full HD 3” screen that is large enough to display the footage recorded in real-time.

However, note that this small dashcam is not made for streaming while driving, but for transferring your recordings to your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, it’s made for easy sharing of your information. That’s the reason why the screen is so small. Also, note that this dashcam is perfect for Uber and Lyft drivers who need to ensure they record any misdemeanor. This product is very easy to install. The rear camera is waterproof, so you can easily install it outside your vehicle.

The monitor has a USB port, which you can use to charge your smartphone, laptop or any other device. AQP dual dash cam supports up to 128 GB storage memory card. Note that the card is not included in the package.

AQP Dual Dash Cam – Great Recording Capabilities

AQP dual dash cam is a camera that excels in terms of recording capabilities. It’s one of the few dash cams that can record at over 320 degrees. Most can barely touch 300 degrees. For example, Vantrue M1, which is an exceptional dashboard camera, can only record at 300 degrees when combining the front with the rear camera. That extra 20 degrees you get with the dashcam from AQP is worth the investment.

In terms of recording, this dashcam allows you to get a flawless 3840x2160P@24fps in single mode. At this quality, you’ll be able to see all license plates with ease. You can easily transfer the recording on your laptop, zoom in and see other important details that you could not have noticed with the naked eye.

The 6-glass lens comes equipped with an infrared optical filter. This feature comes together with Class F1.4, which allows more light to come in and to enable you to enjoy better recordings. During the night, you can enjoy superior recording capabilities thanks to the WDR. The WDR is combined with F1.4 aperture to offer you high-end clarity for images, regardless of light conditions.

The night recordings are super bright and are protected from overexposure. The contrast and balance are just perfect, and glare is reduced to a minimum.

GPS Module & WiFi & App Integration

These are three iconic features that only a few select dashcams possess. AQP dual dash cam is one of these select units that include the GPS module, Wifi connectivity, and app integration. Thanks to the embedded GPS module, you can enjoy videos that have embedded on them the actual speed of your vehicle, the date, and the location. You can then view these details in the AQP app on your smartphone or program on your laptop.

Thanks to the built-in Wifi, you can watch the recording in live mode and also share it with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms. You can also transfer the files to the police or to other authorities. Because the files will come with pre-stamped speed, location and time, you’ll be able to avoid costly lawsuits if you were not the culprit.

Enjoy the smartphone app to stream the videos, set up the cameras and also discover new, interesting features about this device.

Other Useful Features

Ultimately, AQP dual dash cam is equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone so you can also record your voice and create unforgettable voice-over videos. Additionally, enjoy the loop recording and G-sensor to stay in control of your files and protect your videos from accidental rewriting or deletion.

DMYCO Backup Camera Car Mirror Dash Cam12″

DMYCO dual dash cam is a modern, well-designed dashboard camera that offers exquisite features. You cannot find any other dashcam that offers a larger screen and better recording quality than this device. Of course, because it was released at the end of August 2019, it’s one of the latest models that hit the market, so obviously it benefits of the highest tech.

Even if the manufacturer is not as famous as other established dashcam manufacturers, this device has a strong say in this niche. This modern dashcam is equipped with 2 cameras, each one better than the cameras of the main competitors. The screen is bigger than everything you’ve seen. It also comes with multiple functions to help you enjoy a superior experience when driving.

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In this DMYCO dual dash cam review, we’ll take a closer look at all the features and specs this device has to offer. Let’s start with the most impressive of them all, the design.

Astounding Design of DMYCO Dual Dash Cam

DMYCO dual dash cam is a device that looks fabulous. This camera that clamps over your rearview mirror can dramatically improve the value of your car. In fact, you can even improve your car value by 3x more than the actual cost of this dashcam, because you can purchase this product at a very good price.

Most people would expect to pay up to 3 times more for what you would pay for this dashcam. The large 12” IPS touchscreen is super responsive and enables you to control all features of the product. On the back, the screen is made of aluminum alloy, a material that not just looks great, but also enhances the durability of the product.

The aluminum alloy brings style and value to your vehicle and makes you the proud owner of one of the highest quality dashcam ever made. Of course, the aluminum alloy also boosts the durability of the dashcam. You can rest assured that the monitor will be able to withstand powerful impacts and won’t shatter if accidentally hit. However, in case something happens during the first 12 months, you can be at peace knowing that you have a full one-year replacement warranty.

DMYCO Dual Dash Cam has Large 12” Screen

The IPS touchscreen is the true crown of the jewel. It comes equipped with a wide range of features, including super night vision, reversing aid system, parking monitoring, adjustable view angle, loop recording, and media stream. At 12”, the screen offers you an impressively wide visual angle. Because the camera can record at an impressive 170 degrees, you’ll be able to see most of the road ahead. Note that the rear camera can record at only 140 degrees, but that’s pretty much enough to park safely.

The front camera is rotatable at 360 degrees, so you can enjoy an even better view depending on your needs. The front camera is placed at the back of the screen, on the left side. If you need a better view of the right side, you can move it with your hand. The screen is super easy to operate and allows you to enjoy flawless footage with no glare. Because it is IPS and not LCD, you’ll be able to enjoy higher quality footage.

You can find all the settings in one place and enjoy a super interactive experience. As a gift, you’ll receive a 32GB card. Simply mount it inside the main unit and you’ll be able to start using this recording device ASAP.

Recording Quality

Very few dashcams can compare to DMYCO when it comes to recording quality. Only Vantrue M1 can boast 2k resolution with the front camera when recording a single mode. However, DMYCO dual dash cam can record in 2k while the rear camera records at the same time. So you get a flawless 2560*1440 in the front and 1920×1080 in the back. The footage is just excellent, both during the day and night.

The Sony Starlight 335 chip does an excellent job compressing the footage and enabling you to enjoy a high-end output clarity. The clarity of both cameras is exceptional, especially during the night.

Streaming Media

Because of this feature, you’ll be able to watch both recordings on the screen at once. This means that you can keep a close eye at everything that happens around your vehicle.You’ll get to see a whopping 310 degrees of footage, which is much more than what most dual dashcams can provide.

Best of all, you’ll be able to stream all the media in real-time, with no delay at all. Thus, you’ll be able to stay safe in case you see a fast driver approaching you from the rear, or you see a driver braking hard right in front of you. To top it all, you can use the reversing aid system to park with ease and stay safe from any potential car accidents or damage.

G-Sensor & Parking Monitoring

G-sensor and parking monitoring are two extremely useful features. However, note that you should not keep the G-sensor on high sensitivity unless you want the unit to lock the video. When set on high, even the slightest touch to your car will make the video to be locked. Set the G-sensor to low or medium and you’re good to go. The parking monitoring uses the same features as the G-sensor, so you should ensure it is set to medium or low. If you set it on high, the camera will turn on even if someone is slightly touching your car, with no intention whatsoever.

Adjustable View

The last feature of the DMYCO dual dash cam that you will definitely love is the adjustable view. You can manually adjust the view of the screen and focus on a specific point. You can adjust it up and down until you reach a comfortable point of view. You can couple this feature with the manually adjustable front camera and create your own favorite point of view.

The Bottom Line

DMYCO dual dash cam is a new release on the market that is gaining traction day by day. Despite being created by a company that’s not as famous as Vantrue, Aukey, Toguard, and Thinkware, this modern camera is just as good as the competition, maybe even better.

Vantrue M1 Dual Dash Cam With Backup Camera

Vantrue M1 is a modern, sleek dashboard camera system that has been launched in September 2019. You can use this innovative device to get a double view outside, 160 degrees in front, and 140 degrees in rear. You can also clamp the mirror screen over your rearview mirror and enjoy a few select advantages.

You can basically use this device to replace all of your 3 mirrors. The monitor clamps over the rearview mirror, while the camera in the back shows you everything that happens in the rear, in astounding full HD clarity. As a result, you won’t need to turn your eyes left and right to check both sideways mirrors.

Looking at the screen will be enough to see everything behind your car, so you can save a few precious seconds and make that U-turn faster. You’ll also be able to park quicker and get the peace of mind you are safe from any sharp objects that might scratch your car.

Vantrue M1 Backup Camera, 9.88" 2K 1296P Mirror Dash Cam 1080P Front and Rear View Touch Screen Dash...
  • 【Dual 1080P, Single Front 2K Cam with LLL Night Vision】The 160° front and 140° rear camera simultaneously capture more...
  • 【Waterproof Backup Camera with Parking Assistance】Reverse camera will automatically activate and provides parking...
  • 【Motion Detection and Collision Detection Parking Mode】Auto switch to parking mode 5 minutes after you parked your car....
  • 【Loop Recording and G-Sensor】Loop recording help in preserving the memory space of your mirror dashcam by overwriting the...
  • 【External GPS, LDWS w/18-Month Warranty】The GPS module enable to record the speed (KM/H or MP/H), direction, longitude...

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This modern dashboard camera is the most recent update released on the market. It comes with improved image clarity, better night vision recording capability, external GPS module and enhanced performance. It also offers better motion detection performance and collisions detection.

Nice Design that Boosts your Car Value

If you’re wondering why you should purchase this product, you should look beyond just its features. The first thing you need to realize about the Vantrue M1 is that this device looks absolutely fantastic. The cameras look sleek and are very hard to notice from the outside.

However, the “piece the resistance” is the screen, which at 9.88” stands high and above everything else on your dashboard. Because it’s a touchscreen, you can easily use it to configure the cameras and set up your preferred recording methods. It is highly responsive and offers you a multitude of cool features.

Moreover, the screen can dramatically boost your car value. If you choose for whatever reason to sell your car in the future, you can easily add $500 to the original price. That’s around 2.5x more than the value of this dashcam recording system. All in all a win for you.

Vantrue M1 Has Extremely Useful Screen

The large TFT screen is very responsive and easy to use. You can easily navigate it by swiping, touching and pinching. It works similarly to a smartphone. You can simply swipe left and right to adjust the brightness of the screen, or up and down to choose the most comfortable display range. Virtually, you can select how much of the image you want to see, by zooming in and out.

Both of these features are highly useful, especially if you are driving during the day and the night. You’ll definitely want to be able to easily dim the screen during the night or increase the brightness during powerful sunlight.

Recording Quality

In terms of how good it records, Vantrue M1 is on the high side of the spectrum. The front camera records flawlessly at 2k, while the rear one offers really good images and footage at full HD. However, this device falls flat when it comes to details.

The JX-F22, CMOS, and image sensor, combined with the Dual Core_600MHz processor, cannot match the output offered by other dashcams on the market. More specifically, the Vava 4K can record at an astounding 3840X2140 resolution, which is 3 times greater than what M1 can provide.

Nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed by the image output offered by the Vantrue M1. It’s well above average. The fact that the rear camera can record in Full HD is a great improvement over previous models, where the rear camera could only record in HD, at 720x480p.

During the night, you can enjoy superior recording quality, because of the CMOS sensor that is highly sensitive to light. The sensor is capable of capturing the license plates with ease, as it uses the street lights and headlights in its advantage. In low light environments, expect to be able to clearly see how to park and where to do it.

Two Cameras Instead of One

This is a dual-dashcam device, so it can record with both cameras simultaneously. You can choose between which camera footage to see on the screen, or you can select to see both recordings. The front camera is slightly fancier, as it can be extended. You can basically slide it left out of its location, to get a super-wide image and capture more of the road. This is a very useful feature when driving on the highway.

When reversing, the rear camera gets on priority mode and will be displayed on the main screen in full size. This way, you won’t have to fumble with the settings to waste precious time trying to make the rear cam footage bigger. The rear camera is manufactured to be water and dust resistant, so you can use it in any weather conditions worry-free. Note that the cord to the rear camera is 32 feet long, so you can pretty much use this dashboard camera system in any sedan, SUV, 4v4, or small truck.

Vantrue M1 And Full Parking Mode

One of the best features of this dashcam is the full parking mode. You’ll love this feature, as it can save your car from theft or expensive repairs that result due to an accident. After parking the car, the cameras turn on. Both cameras stay in standby mode and can start recording the moment they detect a collision, impact, or disturbance around the car. The video is locked in the emergency folder, so you can rest assured that it won’t be accidentally deleted.

Other Useful Features

Of course, this device is also equipped with loop recording and G-sensor, two standard features of all dashcams. Vantrue M1 also comes with an external GPS module and LDWS Lane Departure Warning System. Each video will be stamped with speed, location on Google maps and time. You can then play the footage on the Vantrue player on your laptop or desktop computer.

Vantrue M1 – A Really Great Dashboard Camera

This device is an exceptionally useful dashcam made especially for the modern drivers. It keeps you safe behind the wheel and allows you to drive and park like a pro. Make use of its GPS module and full parking mode. Keep track of where you’re going and leverage its other benefits to dramatically improve your driving experience.