KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam GPS WDR Superior Night Vision

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Have you ever thought about what makes a good dash cam great? Is it the low price? Maybe the features or the design? There is no doubt that certain dash cams are way ahead of others in terms of features, quality, and design. KDLINKS X1 dash cam is one of them. Ever since Kdlinks x1 dash cam hit the headlines, this car camera recorder has stirred the waters and has provoked countless drivers to test its features.

This product has managed to pack the most high-quality components in order to be called the “dash cam of the moment”. Ever since it was launched, countless drivers tried it on their vehicles and gave it almost perfect reviews. As a matter of fact, you can find this product on Amazon with an outstanding rating from close to over 3000 reviewers. No other dash cam has managed to reach this performance, and very few products with over 100 reviews have managed to beat this camera at rating.

This powerful kdlinks x1 dash cam released in September of 2014 is equipped with an advanced 30 fps video camcorder that films at full HD quality (1920 x 1280) and has H.264 compression, six-glass lens, super-sensitive sensor, and an extremely wide 165-degree field-of-view. This camera can capture pretty much everything you see through your car’s windshield.

We will look in a few moments at both the positive and negative aspects of this product. However, what I want to highlight is the fact that what sets the kdlinks x1 dash cam apart from all its competitors is excellent customer support.

Kdlinks X1 Dash Cam Pros

Records Immediately:
kdlinks x1 dash cam is able to record almost in an instant once you turn it on. This could be extremely helpful, especially when one second could make the difference between life and death.

Uses WDR at Night:
this system takes advantage of Wide Dynamic Range technology in order to offer stunning recording during the night.

Built-in Motion Detection System:
this feature records all instances of vandalism or attempted break-ins. Very useful if you want to catch those annoying thieves.

Endless Loop Recording:
the device records automatically, without human intervention. You can sit comfortably behind the wheel and enjoy the ride while the camera keeps recording.

Supports up to 32 GB MicroSD Cards:
this should be enough to record continuously for 6 hours.

Geo-tagging GPS:
you can check the route and stay in control of your destination without having to use another GPS device or your smartphone.

Durable Battery:
the included Li-Po 120 mAh battery has been tested to withstand temperatures of 170 Fahrenheit or – 40 Fahrenheit. This makes the device safe even during the hottest or coldest periods of the year.

View Footage in the Car:
thanks to the 2.7 inch-video, you can view the recording in the car, without any external device.

Beautiful Design:
for those who enjoy having a nice gadget on their windshield or dashboard, the KDLINKS X1 dash cam is perfect. Its sheer black finish is excellent for any type of car and will definitely make your vehicle look more professional and fancy.

Very Easy to Install:
all you need to do is to follow the instructions listed on the package and you got yourself a shiny new dashboard camera in less than five minutes.

Good Value for Money:
at under 200$ and free shipping on Amazon, this product definitely provides very good value for money.

Kdlinks X1 Dash Cam Cons

Complicated Menu:
it might take a while for you to get used to the menu system.

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Rexing V1 2.7″ LCD FHD 1080p 170 Wide Angle Dash Cam

This Product Is No Longer Available On Amazon

Rexing V1 is an award-winning dashcam that has taken all of us by surprise. At a low price on Amazon, this is the most affordable dashcam on the market that records at 1080p, has a large 2.7” TFT LCD, and captures video and photos at an astoundingly wide 170 degrees. Dashcams that come with so many high-performance features can cost up to 4 times more.

With great ratings on Amazon from thousands of customers, this dash cam is definitely a product that deserves our full attention. If you want to buy a new dash cam and you are still trying to figure out which one is the right choice for you, you definitely need to read this Rexing V1 LCD FHD 1080p review.

Why Rexing V1 Dash Cam ?

  • Because it is highly affordable.
  • Because of its 6 layer lens, capable of recording seamlessly at both 1080p and 720p.
  • The double-sided 3M adhesive tape that lets you mount the camera right behind your windshield mirror, thus giving you a unique vantage point to record from.
  • The large TFT screen which gives you a perfect vision of your recordings.
  • The 170 wide-angle which enables you to record almost everything in front of your vehicle.
  • Supports up to 128GB memory card.

Rexing V1 – A King For Four-Wheelers

This modern dash cam from Rexing released recently has managed to break new ground in its niche by coming with many more advanced features than any other dash cam in its price range. Both audio and video are excellent, during the day and during the night. Thanks to its wedge shape, you can place it right behind the mirror.

Customers have bought the Rexing V1 2.4″ LCD FHD 1080p for several reasons. Here are the most important three out of this long list of benefits.

1. Ease Of Installation 

People love this dash cam because it can be installed so easily. If you have the power wire plugged into the lighter socket, you can easily connect it to your dash cam and that’s all. You can enjoy a clean look, with no messy wires all-around your dashboard. This unit does not block your field of view and your dashboard is clean with it installed.

 It usually takes less than 45 minutes to install this amazingly beautiful device. Thanks to the 3M adhesive mount, installing this dash cam is even easier.

2. Value For Money

Bluntly speaking, there is no other dash cam to offer so many features for such a good price. Two very good dash cams that offer similar features are the well-famed AUSDOM® A261 and SplashETech Mini 0806. Rexing V1 is a very affordable dash cam on Amazon. You just need it once to prove you are innocent and it pays off in full.

Your insurance company might give you thousands of dollars for repairs, instead of just what you paid for the device.

3. Quality 

Offering a wide 170 degrees recording range, WDR technology, loop recording, accident auto-detection feature, multi-language support, and 1920×1080 full HD resolution, this dash cam is the real deal. In addition to all of these powerful features, you will find that using this dash cam is as easy as pie.

Even though the instructions are not that clear and the user interface is slightly hard to work with, you will soon notice that the quality of this device surpasses that of its competitors.


The Rexing V1 dash cam is not immune to flaws. Unfortunately, the same users who have rated it with 5 stars discovered some drawbacks that made them uneasy about buying this product.

Here are some drawbacks that you should be aware of:

Sound issues:
you might hear a distant buzz or a “zap” every few minutes on your recordings. That might happen if you plug the device into a splitter instead of a separate cigarette lighter.

Plastic melts in high temperatures:
another problem you might experience is during the hot summer months. At over 100 Fahrenheit and 130 in the car, the plastic might begin to melt. Of course, it’s unnoticeable at first, but after a few days, you notice the device has changed its shape.

Conclusion All in all, the Rexing V1 LCD FHD 1080p is a great dash cam, one of the best available on the market and also one of the cheapest. More than sure you won’t regret buying the Rexing V1, so what are you waiting for? This is one of the best dash cams in 2015, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

AUSDOM A261 HD Dashboard Camera with Dvr and GPS Review

The AUSDOM A261 HD Dash Cam is a new model of camcorder that has managed to break all barriers in terms of video quality and GPS functionality. If you spend a lot of time driving, both during the day and the night, you definitely need a dash cam that is able to record seamlessly for hours and to provide you with a full record of potential crashes.

AUSDOM Dash Cam A261, 1080P&1296P Car Cmera Dvr with GPS, G-Sensor ,WDR for Auto Record, 2 Inch View...
181 Reviews
AUSDOM Dash Cam A261, 1080P&1296P Car Cmera Dvr with GPS, G-Sensor ,WDR for Auto Record, 2 Inch View...
  • The inbuilt GPS device allows for capturing exact GPS location data to recorded videos for a complete record
  • Superior Night-vision by 6G+Ir F2.0 lenses, and unique HDR (High Dynamic Range) video system with wide degree angle
  • Incident Detection (G-Sensor) automatically saves footage of incidents and Memory Card is Support up to 64GB
  • Loop recording: If the memory card runs out of free memory, it will auto record over the old files. The car camera will turn...

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Offering unique features, expandable memory, a large 2.0 TFT display, and the ultimate recording experience, the AUSDOM A261 HD Dash Cam is one of the best products in its price range. With good ratings on Amazon proves that this dash cam is highly appreciated by customers from all around the world, and mainly from the United States.

AUSDOM A261 – A Premium Product

This dashcam has recently hit the market. However, it has managed to attract a huge fan database in a very short period of time. The AUSDOM A261 can easily be mounted on your dashboard or to your windshield through a secure suction cup. Once you start driving, the camera records at an exceptional full HD 1920 quality at a 130-degree angle.

This modern dash cam combines superior HD video quality with inbuilt GPS and endless looping for a flawless recording experience. Thanks to the built-in GPS, all of your recordings are encoded with your GPS location. Additionally, the expandable memory allows you to add up to 64GB of memory using micro SD cards.

What really sets this dash cam apart from the competition is the ability to record extremely well during the night too. Its superior night vision is powered by world-class F1.8 lenses coupled with an HDR system. The details of your night journey are crisp and clear and license plates can be viewed with ease. Powered by an Ambarella A7 processor and featuring a super large aperture lens, built-in G–sensor, and 1.3-inch color CMOS, this dash cam is simply exceptional.

Some other features that make this product totally unique on the market include loop recording, auto screen saver, HDMI output, 4.0M image resolution, instant mute function, warning voltage, working voltage, time-lapse powering, SOS recording, parking monitor, collision trigger to start recording, GPS tracking and video restore if the dashcam gets damaged in a crash.

While some dash cams might have some of the above functions, very few in this price range have incorporated so many features. AUSDOM A261 HD Dash Cam stands head and shoulders above all others due to all of its amazing features and great price. Here are some of the benefits of this dash cam.

AUSDOM A261 HD Dash Cam – Pros

Great Deal:
the whole package can be bought for under $130. Dashcams that offer such a good recording quality and have so many features cost up to three times more.

this camera looks extremely appealing. Its exterior black metal casing has a unique sheen that makes it look like a really cool gadget. Drivers love the way it blends in and are proud to have one of these devices in their cars.

Full HD Video Recording:
this dashcam records at an exceptional quality both during the day and night, at 1080p, 30 fps, with a wide 130 degrees angle.

Large TFT LCD Display:
the 2.0” screen conveniently playbacks all recorded videos and lets you see the recording live.

GPS Functionality:
the innovative GPS feature stores your exact GPS location, recording your journey, and storing key events in the memory. You will be able to pinpoint the exact location of important moments and see all of them in your Google Maps app.

Plenty of Memory:
you can add an SD card of 64 GB to record for several more hours.

 AUSDOM A261 HD Dash Cam – Cons

Unfortunately, this dash cam is not perfect. Here are a couple of its flaws:

Problem looping:
some users have experienced issues with the dash cam when it was trying to loop through the video. Sometimes it gets stuck for a few seconds. If this happens, simply send it back to the manufacturer.

Included software not usable:
you might need to download third-party software to make the most out of the capabilities of this dash cam.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to use, reliable, and extremely high-quality dash cam, the AUSDOM A261 HD is one of the best and most affordable options you have at your disposal.

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SplashETech Mini 0806 Dashboard Camera Review 2015

The new SplashETech Mini 0806 dash cam is the latest in the Mini 080X series. The Miniseries from SplashETech has made a name for itself due to its high-quality dash cams that work for all types of cars. While the Mini 0801, 0802, and 0803 were quite similar and featured the same casing and pretty much the same features, the 0806 model released last year in December has a completely redesigned casing with more cooling holes and an improved design.

However, this improved edition uses the same CMOS sensor and processor as the 0805 model.

Technical Details

For those of you who are a little bit more into technical stuff we will list the technical aspects of this dash cam:

  • Ambarella A7LA50 control chip
  • 1.5” TFT display
  • OV4689 image sensor
  • Maximum resolution: 1296p
  • Other resolutions: 1080p, 720p
  • Video format: mov (H.264)

World’s Smallest Dash Cam

SplashETech Mini 0806 Dash Cam is arguably the world’s smallest dash cam. Offering exceptional video quality both during the day and the night, this camera overshadows all its predecessors, including the 0805. Bit rates of 21 Mbps, 18 Mbps, and 15 Mbps can be selected for additional personalization. At 65x37x35mm, this dash cam is quite small and easily conceivable.

Its 1.5” LCD screen coupled with a G-sensor makes it extremely reliable and very easy to use. It weighs only 18g, which makes it the perfect addition to any dashboard. There are lighter dash cams on the market, but none of them comes with an integrated GPS sensor.

This is the favorite dash cam of many users, who got in love with the ease of use and concealability of the Mini 0806. They can now record seamlessly without being observed by people from the exterior. They can feel more secure in case an accident happens, as they will have proof of the guilty party. This is extremely helpful in court, being considered important evidence.

Improvements Over The Older Version

Here are some improvements of the Mini 0806 over the 0805 version:

  • Higher quality lens: while the 0805 version has 120 degrees lens, the 0806 has a 135-degree lens.
  • Two external MicroSD cards instead of 1.
  • Numerous more cooling holes.
  • 3 LEDs instead of 2.
  • Optional parking mount
  • Magnetic ring for CLP mounting

SplashETech Mini 0806 Pros

Here are some benefits of the SplashETech Mini 0806 Dash Cam:

Rubber plastic housing:
this camera has a sleek design which is much more appealing than the design of the previous models, not to mention the design of other dashcams available on the market. Together with the rubber buttons, the overall aspect is of a well-built camcorder.

Awesome video quality:
most other dash cams are only able to offer a maximum of 1080p recording quality. Not this cam. The Mini 0806, despite its small size, offers outstanding video quality. Due to its great bitrate and good image stabilization, drivers can now enjoy perfect recordings. What’s even better is that this dash cam offers outstanding video quality during the night too or in low light mode.

Wide-angle lens:
thanks to the 130 degrees wide lens, you can now record more than ever before.

Easy to install:
you can use silicone adhesive for extra security.

Almost invisible:
thanks to its size, this dash cam is nearly invisible with the naked eye. Only those who get really close to your car might be able to notice it. That helps a lot in many circumstances, such as car crashes, reckless driving, personal assaults.

SplashETech Mini 0806 Cons

Like any other product on the market, the SplashETech Mini 0806 Dash Cam is not perfect. Here are some of its disadvantages:

GPS might break:
a huge number of complaints have been filed against the manufacturer from unhappy customers claiming that the GPS was not working, or that it took way too long for it to come online. If you are experiencing this issue, make sure the GPS feature is turned on, and that the green LED is blinking to establish a network.

Blurry video:
sometimes the video can get blurry, especially during the night.

Should You Buy It

Overall the SplashETech Mini 0806 Dash Cam is a great camera, quite similar to the Mini 0805 which had a resounding success. Even though the price might be higher than its predecessor, this camera is exceptional. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.


Ultra MINI size: 2.7″*1.5″*1.5″
Display Size: 1.5 inch TFT
full HD 2304*1296PX 30fps Ultra Clear video
support HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) for superior low light
Camera Pixel: 4 Million Pixel CMOS
135 degree of Viewing Angle
camera rotating 160 degrees for reverse mounting
Built-in G-sensor
Support HDMI Function, connect to TV for Video and Photo
Support Route Tracking via GPS (with GPS mount base)
support dual TF cards recording, 128GB Maximum each
Support Movement Detection
Support parking mode
Support LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
Seamless Link Loop Recording
Support Video Protection, prevent overwrite important video Video Format: MOV (H.264)
Video Resolution: fullHD1296P, fullHD1080P; HD720P
Video Frame Rate: 30FPS/60FPS
Support Audio On/Off while Video Recording
Battery: 180MAH Li-polymer Battery
Adapter: Mini USB or MicroUSB 5PIN Port DC 5V

What In The Box?

Standard Package:
Mini0806 Device *1
User Manual *1
GPS Mounting Bracket *1
Car Charger *1
USB Cable *1
2 Degree Wedge *1
4 Degree Wedge *1
3M Adhesive *4
Wire Holder *6

Standard Package:
Mini0806 Device *1
User Manual *1
GPS Mounting Bracket *1
Car Charger *1
USB Cable *1
2 Degree Wedge *1
4 Degree Wedge *1
3M Adhesive *4
Wire Holder *6

Supports HDR (high-dynamic range)
135-degree viewing angle 

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Top 6 Reasons You Should Install Dash Cam In Your Car

Driving Accidents

Getting into a car accident is one of the worst things you can go through. It’s even worse when your whole car gets totaled. A major crash can put a dent in your psyche – and your wallet. What better way to reduce the damages than to have solid proof for the insurance companies that you were not at fault? 

Finding out the party at fault can be a prolonged and difficult process – from the very first moment two drivers get out of their cars and start arguing to the difficult, protracted arbitration process. You want to steer clear of all of this stuff. Installing a dash camera can prevent the majority of the legal headaches that often succeed in major accidents by recording the events of what happened. If you have the evidence on cam, you will have a solid case for the police to look at. 

Parking Accidents

It might seem silly to say, but one of the most at-risk places for your automobile is in a parking garage. The automobile next to you might scrape you when you’re pulling out, or worse yet, your car might get vandalized by a nogoodnik. Anytime you leave your car unattended – whether in your driveway or in a parking garage – you don’t know what could happen to it.

The cool thing about dash cams is that they don’t need to cease recording when your car is stopped. Many of the dash cameras out there are battery-operated, so you can leave on dash cams on while you have to go and do something. Imagine if a careless driver in a parking garage sideswiped your car.

Wouldn’t you want to have his license plate recorded on your dash cam? You could then get his insurance company to pay for the damages.

Insurance Fraud

Having a car accident is one of the worst nightmares of any driver. Whenever you hit a bump, dip, or pothole in the road, does a little part of you ever worry that you ran over a pedestrian? It can be hard to believe, but there are individuals out there who make it their mission to really get hit by a car – they’re more than willing to get a broken leg so that they can get a big, fat insurance settlement check.

If you put a dash camera in, there will be video footage if someone purposefully tries to run out into traffic in order to get hit by your car. Some people just sprint out toward moving cards and bounce right off the windshield. This is a dirty scam, and it puts the pedestrian and the driver at risk.

Hopefully, you’ll have a dashboard camera installed if this kind of thing happens to you. Nothing would be worse than having a criminal record and a civil settlement against you – just because you hadn’t put a dash camera in.

Show Of Your Skills Behind The Wheel

Dashcams aren’t just used for crashes, accidents, and scammers. Sometimes, these car-ready cameras record some really amazing footage of great driving skills. There are a lot of enthusiasts who utilize their dashboard cameras to record all sorts of daring driving maneuvers. As long as it’s legal, and as long as you’re a skilled driver, why not record your exploits on a dash cam? You can upload the footage to YouTube later.

Get Footage Of The Unexpected

If you have a dash camera, it’s a good idea to keep it on all the time. Even though the main motivator is your legal protection and safety, you will be able to capture some excellent footage by keeping your camera turned on. You probably already heard about the meteor that flew over Russia this past February. There are a lot of short clips of this amazing event, but the main reason is that so many people had dash cams installed.

Record Your Road Trip

If you like to take road trips, there is no better way to record the memory than with a dash cam. A dashboard camera will preserve the memory of your journey, and you will be able to put the tapes in and look over them in old age when you’re too old to get out there on the open road again. If you’ve ever been worried that you’ll forget your life-changing experiences out on the open road, don’t worry anymore.

A dashboard camera can preserve your memories. If you take a lot of road trips, you will have some great footage of travel experiences for your grandchildren. There are so many reasons to buy a dashboard camera. Plus, they’re cheap. You can definitely afford one, and it could save you a ton of money down the road.

Police departments in major cities around the country are instituting a new accident policy

Police departments in cities like:
Las Vegas,
Los Angeles,
San Diego,
San Francisco, and all around the world are telling their officers not to respond to accidents unless they are injury-related or hit-and-run accidents.

It is smarter than ever to install dashboard cameras and backup cameras in your car so that you can prove your case to the insurance company, if the other driver contests who was at fault, or if they drive off from the scene of the accident.

Backup cameras and dash cameras work together. Having a recording device in the front interior and the back interior of the car can help you capture footage of an accident, whether the accident takes place in the front or the back of the vehicle.