ZOMFOM Motorcycle Camera Waterproof Recording DashCam

You might have read several reviews on the ZOMFOM motorcycle camera. If you are planning to buy a functional motorcycle dash camera, you can certainly consider this option. Although many choices are available today, this device looks unique and reliable. Further, it is a feature-rich product with a waterproof design.

ZOMFOM has tried hard to lend a unique appearance. Designed for all types of motorcycles, it is equipped with rich and practical configuration functions. According to the manufacturer, you can have great fun if you mount this camera on your motorcycle. Above all, this device makes your ride safe and enjoyable.

As mentioned above, the ZOMFOM motorcycle camera is a feature-rich product. You can come across features like a wired remote, seamless loop, rotatable adjustment lens, and dual wide-angle. In addition, it comes with features like smooth power supply, high-quality video resolution, water & dust-proof design, Wi-Fi connection, and more.

ZOMFOM Motorcycle Dash Cam, Full Waterproof Motorbike Camera 3'' LCD Front and Rear FHD 1080P...
162 Reviews
ZOMFOM Motorcycle Dash Cam, Full Waterproof Motorbike Camera 3'' LCD Front and Rear FHD 1080P...
  • Professional Motorcycle Dash Camera: With 3 inch IPS HD Screen, equipped with advanced chip and dual sony IMX323 lens sensor,...
  • Front and Rear Camera FHD 1080P: With SONY IMX323 CMOS, 6 layer glass lens and F1.8 large aperture, ability to fully enhance...
  • IP67 Waterproof Design and GPS Module: This is a professional motorcycle video recorder specially designed for rainy days,...
  • Wi-Fi and Wired Control: Using the RoadCam App to wireless connect your phone with motorcycle camera, view the instant image...
  • EIS and G-sensor: With electronic image stabilization, ensure to shoot a stable video when driving on a complex and bumpy...

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How can you judge the quality of a motorcycle camera effectively? You need to ask the exiting users. Most importantly, the existing customers talk positively about their user experience. Meanwhile, you need to realize that this model is not a veteran among motorcycle cameras. The release date was on April 17, 2020.

Let us make a comparison between the ZOMFOM motorcycle camera and Innov K2 motorcycle cam. When it comes to weight and portability, there is nothing to choose between the two. The screen size of the ZOMFOM model is slightly larger than the other one. However, you can find the design of the Innov model superior in terms of practicality.

How much does this product weigh? It weighs only 1.98 pounds. The package dimensions are 7.6 x 6.61 x 3.27 inches. So you have a fair idea about the features of this ZOMFOM Dash Cam. However, it doesn’t put you in a position to make an informed decision. This review explores this product a bit more in detail so that you can make the right decision fast.

High Image Quality And Stabilization

Equipped with a refined chip and dual Sony IMX323 CMOS, this motorcycle dashcam offers unbeatable image quality. You can find a 6-layer glass lens, and 3-inch IPS high definition screen on this device. It supports to shoot with 1920*1080P/30fps video resolution. What about the photo resolution? 5 million pixels are what you can expect when you use this device.

If you want to shoot stable and crystal clear images while driving your motorcycle fast, look no farther than ZOMFOM Motorcycle Camera. Another remarkable feature is its ability to improve imaging performance in dark environments. In other words, this ZOMFOM model comes with a starlight night vision shooting feature.

Having lenses with 150 wide-angle views, you can shoot images covering multiple lanes. In total, both lenses guarantee all-round safety and protection with a total of 300 degrees. It also supports cycle looping. Further, you don’t have to bother about large video storage because the storage capacity can be enhanced to 256GB.

When it comes to providing image stabilization, this camera is unbeatable. With the help of the latest electronic anti-shake technology, it helps you capture steady and beautiful images. You don’t need to worry about the road condition when you use this product.

Waterproof Design And Excellent Recording Function

Are you looking to buy a top-quality motorcycle video recorder exclusively designed for rainy days? It is hard to find a better option than ZOMFOM Motorcycle Camera. Above all, each equipment and accessory comes with a waterproof design. Both the main unit and both lens come with a waterproof rating of IP67.

Not only does this device make your ride hassle-free on rainy days, but also tracks the route perfectly using an external GPS antenna module. That is to say, route tracking becomes a breeze with this professional motorcycle dashcam. It also comes with excellent dustproof properties. Most importantly, both lenses work in tandem steadily and capture every moment beautifully by constantly adapting to varying environments.

You can record all events seamlessly using the loop recording function. Automatically, this function overwrites the oldest files with the new ones when the Micro SD card is full. In other words, ZOMFOM Motorcycle dashcam offers uninterrupted recording. With the G-sensor feature, it locks footage when the motorcycle bends for 2 to 3 seconds.

The loop recording feature cannot overwrite this file because it is automatically locked. You can use it as evidence in the event of an accident or emergency.

Wi-Fi Connection And Wired Remote

If you want to connect your phone with the camera wirelessly, you can use the RoadCam app. Recorded images can be watched instantly on your phone. Don’t worry about any complexity while downloading. You can download, edit, and share the footage on your social platforms easily.

Another useful feature of the ZOMFOM Motorcycle Camera is the wired control. It can be installed near the handlebar. In addition to the G-sensor function, it allows you to press the remote control button fast to lock files. Further, you can record voice or take pictures while dealing with a memorable or emergency event.

When you buy the package, you will receive a 12V to 5V power cord. For activating power supply, you just need to connect the cam to the ignition switch or light. Moreover, you can start or stop recording when the engine starts or stops. There is also a USB cable in the package to generate power supply from a portable charger or power bank.

What more to expect with this professional motorcycle camera? To make life a lot easier for users, this device comes with an anti-electromagnetic interference feature. Other notable functions include Gyro Calibration, WDR, Built-in speakers, flexible operating voltage, and more.

Final Thoughts On The ZOMFOM Motorcycle Camera

So, you have the details to make an informed buying decision. Designed for all types of motorcycles, this device meets the vital performance expectations of the users. In short, it is a compact, durable, dependable, and lightweight product. You can expect crystal clear images with appreciable stabilization irrespective of the road condition. Providing commendable user-friendliness, this device is certainly worth buying.

Providing commendable user-friendliness, this device is certainly worth buying.

Vsysto P4.5 Motorcycle Recording Dash Cam

The Vsysto P4.5 Motorcycle dash cam is a sturdy, efficient, and unique device with some innovative features. The metal shell of this dashcam provides admirable solidity and longevity to this product. Primarily designed for motorcycles, you can use it on a car, forklift, or other machines with 10 to 15V power.

The image quality seems to be better compared to other products within the same price range. Are you looking for a dashcam that performs optimally during harsh weather conditions? Certainly, you can choose the Vsysto P4.5 Motorcycle dash cam. It stays optimally functional even during hostile environments. 

VSYSTO WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam, Tire Pressure Sensors, 4'' Screen WDR HD 1080P 150° Wide Angle...
  • 🏍【Equipped with GPS Tracker & TPMS】:The rider can know which driving speed, longitude and latitude, altitude,...
  • 🏍【HD 1080P and WDR Technology】:Six-layer glass lens, 1080P Full HD, 150° wide angle camera, SONYIMX307 COMS Sensor...
  • 🏍【24-hour Parking Monitoring】When someone knocks down or moves your motorcycle after motorcycle power is turned off,...
  • 🏍【Timed Recording after Flameout】You can set the recording time(15 minutes to 3 hours)after the flame is turned off in...
  • 🏍【Auxiliary Display Mode】:The rider can enter the auxiliary display mode to view different display interfaces through...

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You can find a 4.5” LCD monitor on this device. What more to expect? You can come across many more innovative features. The lens and processor quality is really good. Therefore, it captures images clearly to make your drive comfortable and safe.

Let us see where P4.5 Motorcycle dashcam stands compared to other Vsysto motorcycle dash cams. The screen size of the P4.5 model is 1.5 inches bigger than the screen size of the Vsysto M2F Motorcycle Recording dashcam. The Vsysto P6F version comes with only a 2-inch screen. When you assess all features, you can find Vsysto P4.5 dashcam stands taller among other models.

Have you decided to buy a dashcam for your motorcycle? There are endless choices available. THINKWARE Sports M1 dash cam for motorcycle is a popular choice. However, many people prefer the Vsysto P4.5 Motorcycle dash cam nowadays. After being introduced into the market on June 4, 2019, this dashcam has been gaining in popularity very fast.

How much does it weigh? This device weighs only 3.17 pounds. The product dimensions are 9.13 x 8.11 x 3.39 inches. Do you want to know more about this product? Okay, this review discusses the important features and benefits without any prejudice. Moreover, our focus is to help you make an informed purchase decision. 

Remarkable Image Quality And Night Vision 

What is the most important quality that people look for when it comes to buying a dashcam for their vehicle? Obviously, the image quality is a top consideration. This device is not going to disappoint you in terms of image quality and vision.

So, how does this dashcam offers remarkable image quality? The front camera comes with a highly dynamic Sony MX 323 lens. That is to say that this camera is equipped with a seven-layer full glass lens. You can also find a master chip and Fish Eye Camera R6A on this device. All these features provide 1080P Full-HD resolution.

Viewing becomes highly effective with the 170 wide angle resolution. The Vsysto P4.5 Motorcycle dash cam captures moments clearly. You can see the difference in image quality if you used other dashcam brands. What is the outcome you can expect with this product? Well, the simple answer is that you can expect sharper and clearer HD images when you use this dashcam.

The VSYSTO P4.5″ R6A camera records realistic images. For example; you can see the true color of the sky on this camera. It also records the most beautiful scenery on the road. Equipped with the Sony307 lens, the rear camera ensures super night vision. The dynamic DVR feature is capable of recording clear footage in the dark.

High Weather-Resistance And Loop Recording 

So, you have collected enough information on image quality. What next? Let us check the weather resistance ability of the Vsysto p4.5 motorcycle dash cam. The DVR screen, as well as the camera, is waterproof. The rating is IP67. What does it suggest? You don’t need to worry about rain or dust. Both cameras show admirable stability and capture every moment with the utmost clarity.

Additionally, this dashcam comes with a loop recording feature. You don’t have to change the memory card due to this feature. The package contains a 64-G card. This device supports up to 256G. You have the choice to record videos in loops of 1 / 3 / 5-minute video files. Never worry about the SD car turning full. The loop recording feature overwrites the oldest videos with new ones when the card is full.

You can come across a built-in G-sensor on this motorcycle camera. It records the emergency footage automatically when your vehicle collides or makes an impact with an external object. In other words, the sensor is activated when it detects a collision. Subsequently, it records the video files during this emergency mode. These files are locked instantly to stay protected against being overwritten. 

Unique Features And Best Support

We have discussed many positive things about the Vsysto P4.5 dash cam. However, it is time to talk about a few more innovative features. This motorbike camera comes with a 3-mode voltage display, mileage, and a 4.5-inch screen. You can check the battery health at any time using the voltage display ACC module.

Using the VSYSTO Moto App WIFI camera, you can connect this device to your phone. There is no need to use any phone data for this task. You can view real-time video, or download to share videos or photos with your friends using various social media platforms.

The supercapacitor is another wonderful feature you need to look at. What does it offer? Well, it does not allow the device to overheat. This aspect makes it a perfect choice for long term use. There is one more benefit that the supercapacitor brings. If the bike power turns off in a collision, the capacitor offers the power to record an emergency video.

The manufacturer offers one-year after-sales service support for the customers. You can talk to the customer support team to clarify your doubts and address your concerns. This motorcycle dashcam also comes with a one-year warranty. 


  • High stability and longevity
  • 170 wide-angle resolution
  • Crustal clear image quality
  • Admirable resistance to water and dust
  • Supercapacitor


  • Bulk connectors
  • Reflective screen display with low brightness
  • Screen buttons do not work with gloves

Final Thoughts On The Vsysto P4.5 Camera For Motorcycle

Finally, you have enough information to make a smart purchase decision. In short, the Vsysto P4.5 Motorcycle dash cam is a smart option if you are looking for a top-quality dashcam for your motorcycle. The features and benefits clearly reassert this opinion. 

VSYSTO P6F Motorcycle Camera Full Body Waterproof Dual Dash Cam System

VSYSTO P6F is a modern, sleek motorcycle camera that is considered to be one of the top motorcycle cameras available in 2019. It’s also one of the few recording systems for motorcycles that are equipped with a supercapacitor. Most other top systems, including the highly-rated INNOVV K2 do not enjoy the benefits of supercapacitors.

VSYSTO WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam, 2 Inch Screen All Waterproof HD 1080P WDR IMX307 150° Wide Angle...
  • 🏍【HD 1080P Front and Rear Camera】:Six-layer glass lens, 1080P Full HD, 150° wide angle camera, can capture every...
  • 🏍【Wired Controller】:After you insert the memory card and connect the cameras, if wired controller appears abnormal...
  • 🏍【Support WiFi】:The recorder has a built-in WiFi module, the smartphone could connect to camera , no phone data...
  • 🏍【Waterproof Metal Shell & GPS】: The metal shell can provide better heat dissipation function than plastic, it also...
  • 🏍【Loop Recording & G-Sensor】:Using loop recording, users will have the option to record videos at a frequency of...

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VSYSTO P6F has already been on the market since March 2018. With over 1 year, we can consider that this motorcycle camera system is a veteran. It comes close to what its older brother has to offer, which is the VSYSTO M2F Pro.


The P6F is a modern, sleek motorcycle dual cam system that automatically records your trips from two focal points. Both cameras record in full HD and are equipped with a genuine 6-layer all-glass lens. This device is also equipped with Wi-Fi, super capacitor power supply, G-sensor, seamless loop recording, and full-body waterproofing.

On the other hand, M2F Pro is a more advanced unit that is specially designed for bikers. It’s easier to mount and is equipped with better cameras. Each camera features 7-layer glass and can record better during the night. This unit also supports Wi-Fi and GPS and is equipped with an advanced supercapacitor that protects the unit from explosions.

M2F Pro’s cameras capture 170 degrees of an image, while P6F’s camera can only capture 150 degrees of footage. However, both systems are similar in nature and are equipped with top-notch features.

Recording Quality of VSYSTO P6F

VSYSTO P6F is a modern motorcycle recording system equipped with 2 cameras. One is mounted in the front, one in the rear. Together, they capture a super-wide 300 degrees of footage. You’ll only have 30 degrees of dead angle on each side of the motorcycle.

This is exceptional, especially if you want to view the footage in order to detect sideways objects. As you’re driving your bike, you’ll clearly see any sideways objects once you pass a certain point. Of course, having 170 degrees instead of 150 is much better, but 150 is also much better than 130 or 120 degrees, which is the norm in this industry.

The cameras record exceptionally well. They are made of the genuine 6-layer all-glass lens and are equipped with the latest Sony Exmor sensor for superior image processing. In bright light, the image is darkened, while in low-light conditions the system adds more light in the background.

HD video transmission is entirely based on MKT, which is an advanced solution. Moreover, the hardwire is made of copper core, which is known to dramatically extend the life of the unit. Each camera records in full HD at 1920*1080P, 30fps, and stores the videos in MOV format.

The 6-layer glass lens is the best feature this unit can boast with. The camera lenses are covered by a special layer of anti-glare polarized filter, which filters out reflections and enables you to enjoy perfect light balance. You’ll enjoy superior image clarity and flawless performance during the night.

Super Easy to Install

This modern dual-camera system is equipped with a smart power module that offers a continuous power supply. What you need to do is connect the main unit to your motorcycle battery, install the cameras and you’re good to go.

The system starts when your motorcycle starts and also turns off when you turn off your bike. All in all, you’ll probably spend less than one hour setting up this unit. The wired controller is small enough so you can mount in below your seat, while the camera’s mounting brackets can easily fit any type of motorcycle.

VSYSTO P6F – Recording Features

The main unit includes a 2” display. The screen is crisp and clear and has 4 buttons to help you set up the cameras and switch between the features. The screen allows you to see both the recordings or see only one camera at a time.

The wired controller that is connected to the main unit contains a LED to show whether the camera is recording and 2 buttons. Short press one button to take snapshots that won’t be erased by loop recording and long press to turn on/off the Wi-Fi function.

Camera is Full Waterproof

All the components of this recording system are IP65 waterproof, except the camera lens which is IP67. You can seamlessly record in any weather, knowing that the unit will withstand a good amount of water, rain, or ice. However, since this unit is not IP69K weather-resistant, we do not advise you to drive in heavy rain or ice. The system might break, plus you’re exposing yourself by driving through dangerous weather.

Permanent Power Supply

Another exceptional feature of this camera is the supercapacitor design. Thanks to the supercapacitor, the VSYSTO P6F motorcycle camera does not risk a battery explosion. Moreover, it increases the life of the unit and allows for seamless recording. The unit starts recording the moment you turn on your bike and stops recording when you turned off the engine.

Other Features

VSYSTO P6F supports SD cards of up to 128 GB. That’s not too much, knowing that other motorcycle recording devices can support up to 256 GB. However, the great news is that you can pre-set the loop interval to 1, 3 or 5 minutes. The G-sensor is also active for this unit. It’s 3-axis collision detection ensures that any accident is captured on tape and won’t be erased by loop recording.

You can either use the automatic G-sensor or use the manual one by pressing the button and taking snapshots of the road ahead and behind.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Mobile App

Ultimately, the VSYSTO P6F motorcycle camera allows you to easily connect the unit to your smartphone over Wi-Fi and view, download, or share your videos. The app, which is available for both iOS and Android, allows you to set up the camera, personalize it, and also make it work better.

You’ll definitely love how smooth this app works. Moreover, add the optional GPS tracker to share your speed, coordinates, and route to your friends and allow them to look you up in Google Maps.

Innovv K2 Dual Channel Motorcycle Camera

The INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera is a modern, sleek motorcycle recording device equipped with WiFi, GPS, parking mode, and many other important features. This modern recording system was designed for all types of motorcycles, including ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs, and quads. INNOVV K2 was praised countless times by numerous motorcycle drivers for its effective, yet simplistic design.

The creators of this unit have managed to put together an extremely effective recording system that has all the 4 big pillars of performance expected by motorcycle riders in 2019. In addition to being durable and lasting long in time, this product is lightweight, reliable, and very compact.

No products found.

All the components of this system are water-resistant. They are also protected against dirt, sand, or foam. INNOVV K2 perfectly complements the weather outside, enabling you to seamlessly record in any weather. This includes heavy rain or storms.

Even if it doesn’t have such impressive design as its competitors, namely the HaloCam motorcycle recording camera, the K2 from INNOVV is considered superior due to its reliability and usability. This model was first available online in September 2018. Since then, it has been serving tens of thousands of motorcycle drivers worldwide.

Let’s take a look to see why the INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera could be a very wise choice for you in 2019.

Innovv k2 has Water Resistant Design

This recording system is made of the highest quality materials possible in order to withstand storms, rain, dust, blizzard, and every other element. This camera will allow you to capture your adventure on your motorcycle even if you ride through hail, heavy snow, storms, or very high winds.

All components of the INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera system are waterproof and weatherproof, including the K2 DVR and power converter.

Adjust the Settings with Ease

This modern device allows you to easily adjust the settings while on the go. INNOVV K2 offers you a reliable, modern app for both Android and Apple phones. You can install the app on your mobile and adjust the camera settings while on the go. You can adjust and review the settings, change the recording parameters, download videos right on your phone, stream the footage right on your mobile, and of course, share your recordings with your peers on social media channels.

Very few motorcycle cameras are equipped with an app. Even the famous Blueskysea DV688 does not have an app to allow you to stream the footage with ease or change camera settings. However, INNOVV K2 leverages the power of technology and allows you to pretty much do everything on your mobile.

Note that this recording system doesn’t have a monitor, so you can only watch the live footage on your mobile. We consider that to be safer because you won’t be willing to take your phone out of your pocket and watch the footage while riding at 100 mph. Instead, you’ll ride safely knowing that the dual cameras record your adventure.

Innovv K2 – Dual HD Cameras

INNOVV K2 is equipped with 2 distinct cameras that record in full HD. One camera mounts in the rear of the motorcycle, and one in the front. Both cameras benefit from the Sony Exmor sensor, being able to record in full HD 1080p with 30 fps. Each camera has a visibility range of 120 degrees. Thanks to the Sony Exmor R-CMOS sensor, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy the highest quality images possible.

The footage is captured in WDR so that you can enjoy crisp & clear details. Through your footages, you’ll be able to take your friends with you on an amazing journey, so they’ll be able to immerse themselves into your trip.

Ignition Driven Recording

One of the features that make the INNOVV K2 stand out of the crowd is the ignition driven recording. This system operates in a unique manner called “install & forget”. Basically, once you install it, you can forget that it is there. It will work by itself, so you won’t have to waste time with booting, re-setting it or checking battery status.

GPS Embedded

INNOVV K2 comes equipped with GPS tagging. Practically, you’ll be able to see speed and location embedded in each video. This way, you’ll be able to share your exact location with your friends and save all those amazing places you’ve been to.

The GPS feature is priceless, especially as it perfectly integrates with your phone and your social media accounts. You’ll be able to keep track of everything and stay protected in court in case of an unexpected accident that wasn’t your fault.

Smart Power Supply Module in Innovv K2

One of the most exceptional aspects of this dual motorcycle recording system is the embedded smart power supply module. Because of it, the camera is turned on automatically when the motorcycle is parked. In other words, if someone tries to vandalize or steal your property, the camera turns on and records him.

However, note that the camera will not send you a message on your phone when it starts recording in parking mode. The camera does not have cellular capabilities.

Installing the Unit

This is probably the most complicated part of INNOVV K2. You’ll find all the details inside the box, but note that there are 3 wires and each should be fused to the correct counterpart. You might want to drill holes to mount the hardwire and take the rear fender and gas tank off to easily install the cameras, the GPS unit, and the DVR.

All in all, it should take you up to 2 hours to install the whole system.

Innovv K2 – Miscellaneous

The unit supports SD cards of up to 256 GB. You can basically record for hours and then share your footage with your friends via the app. Note that you need to format the card at the beginning. This motorcycle recording device is equipped with a loop recording. Basically, the new footage rewrites itself over the old footage. So no worries here.

Moreover, INNOVV K2 does not come with any SD card included in the package. Note that the audio recording can be disabled or enabled in the app.

More Information

To contact the seller of the Innovv K2 motorcycle camera with questions or to text or call them please click here

The HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 Dual Lens Dash Cam WiFi GPS

The HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 is a professional dual lens dash cam that comes as a great alternative to the standard Go Pro hero cameras mounted on the helmet. This modern device takes away all the hassle of having to deal with plug/unplug, batteries, turning on/off, and other time consuming tasks. Instead, it gives you ease of use, peace of mind, reliability and stability.
The new model of Halocam was released in May 2018. It weighs 2 pounds and comes with the following dimensions: 3.6 x 2 x 0.9 inches. The cameras are both super light and unobtrusive, so you can mount them anywhere on the motorcycle. Compared to other similar dual lens dash cams for motorcycle, the Halocam motorcycle dual lens recording camera is super high quality.
Motorcycle Recording Camera System by HaloCam, 1080P Dual Lens Dash Cam Dvr, Rear View Sports Action...
  • Professional Motorcycle Dash Cam: Without having to deal with batteries, plug/unplug, turning on/off, getting dizzy of the...
  • Dual Lenses Motorcycle Security Camera: Both front and rear 1080P Full-HD resolution video and photo shooting, SONY IMX323...
  • Be An Expert Not Only in Daytime: Enough light intake is the first step to ensure night imaging. HaloCam biker's camera is...
  • WiFi and App Controlled Biker Cam: Using the HaloCam Moto App to connect your phone with the camera easily via camera's WiFi,...
  • Video Recorder w/GPS and Wired Control: GPS antenna provided for the riding route tracking; wired control not only help you...

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For example, Blueskysea DV188 only has a recording range of 130 degrees, while HaloCam offers a whopping 155 degrees. Moreover, HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 is equipped with WiFi and can integrate with your mobile via the embedded app. To top it all, the recording quality is superior in the case of HaloCam compared to what Blueskysea DV188 has to offer.
There are many aspects of the Halocam dash cam that you will love. We invite you to read our HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 dual lens dash cam review and see for yourself why this dual dash cam trumps any other recording device for motorcycles.

First things First – Design

The HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 dual lens dash cam features a really nice, smooth design. The black finish and matte design enable the cameras to perfectly complement the design of your motorcycle. They are also extremely unobtrusive. You can mount them anywhere you seem fit.
The snapshot button is a gorgeous addition to the cameras and will also complement your bike design. Overall, you will be pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous design of this product.

HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 – Components

This dash cam comes up with all the components you need in order to enjoy quick & easy installation and make your drive as safe as possible. The HaloCam Motorcycle recording system comes with a DVR, front & rear lens, wired controls, USB cable, GPS antenna, 12V to 5V power cord, camera mount, lens holder, waterproof rubber sleeve, and 3 extension cables for the cameras and for the wired control.
Setting up the device is as easy as pie. It should not take you more than 15 minutes to install it for the first time, and less time for further installations. The great news is that you can easily unmount it and set it up on another motorcycle or even in a car. This dual camera will behave excellently in any medium and on any vehicle.

HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 – Recording Quality & Screen

The large 2.7” display screen is excellent for enjoying the high-quality FHD1080P recordings. Expect nothing less than pure greatness from the HaloCam recording system. This dual-camera system can surprise you by incorporating a Sony image sensor, 6-glasses with F1.8 aperture, night vision, and WDR. The imaging performance in low light environments is better than many other UHD dual cameras available on the market.
Plates are easy to see during low-light conditions, and details are clear and sharp in any weather. In addition to the great recording quality, we have to mention the waterproof feature. You will definitely love it when the rain starts and you won’t be forced to stop the motor and take the cameras down. However, note that the LCD is not waterproof. You can use the waterproof rubber sleeve to cover it during heavy rains.
Thanks to the 155 degrees wide lens, you can record up to 310 degrees of terrain. The cameras can easily cover multiple lanes and can let you stay in control of your ride.

HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 – Other Exceptional Features

As we said above, the HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 dual lens dash cam is better than many other cameras, because it comes equipped with a multitude of cool features.
1. Wifi Connection & Mobile App
Probably the top feature you will enjoy the most is the Wifi connectivity to your phone. Once you finish setting up the device, you will be able to download the HaloCam Moto app and gain access to all the features of the device. No phone data is required for the connection to work.
In the app, you can view real-time recordings of your trip, download & edit clips, share clips on social media, and even add music to the clips. This is a really fun tool to share your experiences with other bikers and to capture the best moments.
2. SnapShot Button
The Snapshot button perfectly complements the HaloCam Moto app. This external device allows you to take photos while riding. With just one short press, you can get 2 sets of pictures from each camera and a 15 seconds video from the front camera. This feature is exceptionally useful, especially when you need to record an important even ASAP or to take photos of a vehicle’s plates.
3. Loop Recording & GPS Tracking
The card supported by this device can exceed 128 GB. It can support 256 GB cards from Toshiba or Samsung. This is simply exceptional, especially as most dashboard cameras can only support a maximum of 128 GB. What you will love about the HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 dual lens is that it is equipped with loop recording.
So after you record for several hours and run out of space on the card, the device start overwriting old recordings. Any photo and video that you saved on your phone will not be erased.

HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 – Constant Power Supply

Ultimately, what really you will love about the HaloCam dual dash cam recording system the fact that you will enjoy constant power supply. The 12V to 5V cable allows you to connect the device straight to your ignition switch. You can also use the USB cable to power up the camera from your portable charger or power bank.
For emergency use, when no power is available, you can use the built-in Lithium battery.

HaloCam Motorcycle Camera – M1 – Conclusion

The HaloCam motorcycle camera – M1 dual lens dash cam is a great recording system for motorcycles, probably one of the best available today. Consider it as a viable alternative to Go Pro cameras.

Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera Dual Lens

The Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is a very good alternative to the standard Go Pro cameras for bikers. While Go Pro Hero 3+, Hero 4 Silver or Go Pro Hero+ have to be mounted right on the helmet, the motorcycle camera from Blueskysea is uniquely designed so that it can be mounted right on the motorcycle using the gum paste in the package.

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The benefits of using Blueskysea DV188 over Go Pro cameras are multiple: enhanced stability, real-time view of both front and rear, can be mounted in inconspicuous places under the headlights, shock resistant, waterproof, and better image quality.

Setting Up the Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera

Now, what you will love about the Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is that it comes with an innovative concept. Mounting the camera is a breeze, and gives you total freedom of installation. This means that you can place the camera on any parts of your bike – including the windshield, under the trunk, near the headlight, above the wheels, you name it. Setting up the device should not take more than a few minutes.

In fact, you will probably have fun setting up this camera. The wires are ultra-long, so you can reach faraway areas. You can even mount a camera sideways if it suits your purposes. The gum paste and cable ties are of good quality, so you can rest assured that the cameras are stable enough to record anything in high-quality.

Of course, this product has some disadvantages. For Go Pro fans, know that the screw attachment for Go Pro is quite long, and it might not be compatible with all Go Pro cameras. Moreover, changing the alignment of the camera might be quite a tedious process.

Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is Completely Unobtrusive

Overall, this device is almost invisible when mounted. Each camera comes with excellent sided tape, which can be reinforced using silicone caulk. You can mount it in invisible locations and it will stick to your motorcycle. Even if the mounting brackets can be bent, remember that too much adjusting might break them.

What we recommend you is to plan from the start the location of the cameras and bend the mounting brackets once.

Blueskysea DV188 Recording Quality

Even though it doesn’t beat the recording quality of Go Pro 4, the Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera gives any serious dashboard camera a run for its money. This gorgeous product is equipped with 2 Sony 323+6 light sensors and comes with a great F2.2 aperture that offers splendid recordings.

What you will love about this motorcycle dual camera is the Allwinner V3 chipset, which offers exquisite H.264 video compression technology. The footage is clear, excess light is removed and dark corners are lit. During the night, the WDR function provides you with the even better recording quality.

Blueskysea DV188 Recording Viewing Angle

A drawback of this model is the limited 130-degree viewing angle. That means you will only get a recording of 260 degrees in total. Other similar motorcycle cameras available on the market, such as HaloCam Motorcycle Recording Camera System, have a viewing angle of 155 or more for each camera.

That gives you a whopping 310 viewing angle, with 50 degrees more than what Blueskysea DV188 offers. Another aspect you will really love about the Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is the WDR processing feature, which allows it to get more light during low light environments.

Each camera offers a recording quality of FHD 1280x1080p, or optionally HD 1280x720p. Note that this device has a 2-channel recording. This means you are allowed to swap images to see what the front/rear cameras are recording in real-time.

Blueskysea DV188 Other Useful Features

The Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera has been first listed on Amazon in September 2017. Since then, it has helped thousands of motorbike riders to enjoy safer rides, capture great moments, and be protected in court against unfair claims.

In addition to the great recording quality, ease of set up and reliability, the Blueskysea DV188 dual-camera is equipped with all the features you need in order to enjoy a safe, smooth ride. The G-sensor lock gives you peace of mind that the footage recorded during an accident or crash is stored separately and not erased by further recording.

Another useful feature is the loop recording. The device records continuously and will overwrite footage captured on the camera, in order to save memory space. However, note that the footage stored away by the G-sensor will not be erased. Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is also equipped with a GPS function.

You have a GPS mount included in the package. However, note that it does not work with iOS. That is quite unfortunate for Apple device owners.

So Is Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera a Good Option For You?

This dual-camera recording device for motorcycle riders is an excellent alternative to Go Pro cameras. In addition to being able to record simultaneously what happens in the front and rear of your vehicle, this camera is unobtrusive and can be mounted in places on your motorcycle where it becomes invisible.

Blueskysea DV188 is also equipped with all standard features of a dashboard camera: GPS mount, loop recording, G-sensor, WDR, night recording, and a large 2.7-inch screen. The recording quality is better than what the average camera can provide.

The Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera is a great choice for you if you need a reliable, on-board camera that is placed right on your motorcycle rather than your helmet. It is also a great choice for you if you need to have a reliable camera that records every single detail, both during the day and the night.

Ultimately, this product is excellent for you if you need a motorcycle recording dual-camera that is water-resistant and can withstand heavy storms.