There are a lot of things going on for the Campark R12 Mirror dash cam. It has a lot of good features resulting in it catching the attention of a lot of people looking for a good dashcam for their vehicles. However, is the Campark R12 mirror dashcam the best choice for your vehicle?

Having a 12” wide rectangular mirror display certainly gives it an edge over its competition. There are not a lot of dashcam in the market with this display size. With this, more perspective can be seen on your dashcam and you will not be short on details. Coupled with its WDR technology and the Sony Starvis IMX335 sensor, it is sure to provide you with quality images and sharper video recordings even under low light conditions.

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Aside from that, the Campark R12 offers a wider range of vision with its 170° front cam view and the 140° rear cam view. Not only that, it even comes with additional features like reverse driving assistance and parking monitor features. Thanks to this, even beginner drivers will not be having a hard time parking their vehicles.

How Campark R12 Compares To Other Dash Cam

Comparing it to the TOGUARD 2.5K Mirror Dashcam, the Campark R12 Mirror Dashcam can certainly hold its own. Aside from its form factor, there isn’t much difference between the two models.

Comparatively, both have the same features from the video quality to the highlighted features such as GPS support, parking monitor, G-sensor enabled, and so on. However, even if both devices have more or less the same features, the overall design of the Campark R12 is more compact and sleeker-looking to making it more attractive to a number of individuals.

Campark R12 Specifications

There is no better way to know what a device has to offer than through its technical specifications. It may not showcase all of the features that come with your device, it gives you a good idea of its capability.
This being said, please see below for Campark R12 Mirror Dashcam’s specifications:

Model Name: Campark R12
Video Resolution Supported:
      Front Camera: 2560x1440P / 1920x1080P
      Back Camera: 1920x1080P
Image Sensor: Sony IMX335
Lens Angle: 170° for the front and 140° for the back
Display: 11.66”
Storage: up to 128Gb expandable storage (not included)
Power Supply: DC 5V / 2.5A
Parking Monitor: Yes, w/ impact detection
WiFi Support: No
GPS Support: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
App: No

What Comes With The Package?

What exactly do you get outside the box? The answer to this question will be a good gauge of whether your unit is worth every penny you spent on it or would you still need more to spend on it. Most dashcams have everything that you need for it right outside the box but to be sure, here is what comes with the Campark R12 mirror dashcam.

Campark R12

• Campark R12 Mirror Dashcam
• Rear Camera
• Car Charger
• Cable Clamps
• Pry Tool
• Rubber Straps
• Screws
• Adhesive Tape
• User Manual

Campark R12 Features

Every dashcam has its own features to come with the device. Some are better than others while some aren’t. This being said let us have a closer look at the different features being offered by this mirror dashcam. Find out if it is everything you are expecting or if it isn’t worth it in the first place after all.

Video Quality

Every dashcam needs to have good resolution support to capture great photos and sharp recording. With good video quality, you will have less trouble proving yourself as the wronged party in a car accident.

Campark R12 dashcam has a 2.5K resolution for its front camera while a 1080P resolution for its rear. In addition, you can also choose to set the front cam’s resolution to 1080P if you wish to save on storage. Although its resolution is not the best available in the market, given that there are a lot of 4K recording dashcams now available in the market, it is certainly not one you can take for granted.

That being said, the Campark R12’s recording prowess can still be considered a cut above among the rest. Together with its WDR technology and Sony IMX335 sensor, it can record high-quality videos with clear and sharp images even under low light conditions. And this is not just on paper alone.

Large Display And Touchscreen Capabilities

The 12-inch display means that the monitor in this dashcam allows a wider perspective to be displayed. Given that most mirror dashcam in the market only has displays of up to 10 inches, that extra 2 inches certainly makes it better than the majority. Moreover, with its large display, it is now possible to display both the front cam view and the rear cam view at the same time without having the display seem crowded. With the wider display, you will also be able to see more detail than you usually can. 

Campark R12 Voice Control Features

Bringing a lot of new things to the table, this dashcam’s ability to perform tasks with a single command allows the driver to operate the dashcam hands-free. Yes, you heard that right. Campark R12 has voice control features you can use to effectively control your mirror dashcam with a simple command. It controls a lot of functions like taking photos and videos, deciding which camera output to display, turning audio recordings on and off, etc.

There will be a list of pre-set words you can use to perform a specific command in the manual. Just make sure that your voice is loud and clear when speaking so the dashcam understands exactly what you want it to do. Amazing right?

Parking Monitor And Parking Assist

Another great feature that the Campark R12 has is its parking monitor and parking assist features. Both features are great to have on a mirror dashcam. First, let’s start with the parking monitor. Parking Monitor ensures that your vehicle is protected even when you are not around. With this feature, you are able to create a 20-sec video recording at the slightest vibration detected around your vehicle.

If someone hits your vehicle while you are not around, it will automatically save a recording of the event. Also, with its G-sensor, after having detected the collision, it will automatically lock the recording of that video to make sure that it will not be accidentally deleted or removed.

Next, we have its park assist features. Park assist is a reversing aid system designed to guide the driver when driving the vehicle in reverse. When it detects that the vehicle is in reverse, it automatically switches the display on your dashcam to that of the rear camera. It will also display parking guidelines that will be able to help you park your vehicles safely.

These additional features are especially useful to beginner drivers or those with no sense of distance between the back of their vehicle to the next closest obstruction. As it does the measuring for you through the guidelines, you will not have to worry about accidentally damaging your car and hitting the wall.

GPS Support

GPS-enabled systems have the ability to keep track of your location, route, and speed. Therefore, having a dashcam that has GPS tracking features right outside the box is certainly good to have. With GPS, navigation will be made easier than ever. You can check the tracker footage using the GPS player “GX player” which is available only for Windows systems.

Loop Recording

There’s no need to worry about skipping a recording or two when you forget to clear and copy your device’s recorded videos on your external storage device. Why? Loop recording has got you covered.

With loop recording, you will be able to continuously record even when your SD card’s storage is full. It works by having the dashcam automatically overwrite and replace older videos to make space for new ones. Cool right? But wait there’s more. You will also be able to set different segment time for your recording depending on your personal preferences.

Conclusion On Campark R12

Is the Campark R12 Mirror Dashcam the best dashcam for you? There are a few factors to consider. Aside from the specifications and features, you will also have to consider your budget and purpose. No matter how good it is, if it is not what you need, then it is not the best option for you.

Overall, the Campark R12 mirror dashcam certainly cannot be discarded. It is Even though it only has up to 2.5K recording capabilities, it still has a lot of other features that can certainly make up for this. Its good build and hardware can also be considered one of the best. Not only that, with all the additional features, it will definitely be a great help, especially on the road.

Although it only has up to 128Gb memory storage support and does not have 4K recording capabilities, it isn’t something that would affect its overall performance. If you are looking for a good and affordable dashcam for your vehicle, then this dashcam is certainly one of the few that you should consider.