What makes Campark Dual Dash Cam 4K Ultra HD a hot topic of discussion nowadays? Most people look for the best video quality when it comes to buying a dashcam. Offering unbeatable video quality, this Campark model meets the needs of vehicle owners. According to the manufacturer, the video quality is four times higher than other dashcams available on the market today.

What more to expect when you buy the Campark 4K Ultra HD Dual Dash dashcam? In addition to working as a trusted driving partner by offering exceptional video quality; this device records events with the finest details. Further, you can find features like a 24-hour parking monitor, seamless loop recording, and a built-in G-sensor. 

You can rotate the camera at 360 degrees to capture everything on the road and also on the back. It comes with a user-friendly design. With a maximum storage capacity of 256GB, this device takes care of your needs perfectly. Therefore, many people talk highly about the benefits of the Campark Dual Dash Cam. 

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Now, let us make a comparison between the Campark Dual Dash Cam and FineVu x500. There is no competition in terms of image quality. You can find the Campark dashcam miles ahead of the FineVu model. However, you cannot find the Smart Time Lapse technology of the FineVu x500 on the Campark 4K Ultra HD Dual Dash Cam.

Launched on April 28, 2020, the Campark dashcam has managed to win the trust of a large number of vehicle owners. It weighs only 15.6 ounces. Moreover, the product specifications are 5.75 x 4.49 x 3.58 inches. Don’t make a purchase decision with these details. You need to assess things a bit deeper before making a decision. Based on this honest review, you can decide what to do. 

Campark Dual Dash Cam – Unsurpassed Video Quality 

Equipped with a native 4K+1080P front and rear dash camera, this device makes driving comfortable and enjoyable. That is to say, the front lens captures the images on the road at 3840*2160. Moreover, the back lens uses 1920*1080/ resolution to capture the images.

Both cameras capture images on the road simultaneously. Above all, the Campark Dual Dash Cam provides stunning video quality that is four times better than conventional devices available on the market today. Capturing scenery, road signs, and license plates, it offers the best vision for the driver. 

You can find the video recording function highly superior as well. In other words, it supports H.265 video compression technology to take the recording function to a new level. Most of the advanced models support only H.264 video compression technology.

campark 4k dash cam

Going one step further, this device meets your expectations perfectly. Equipped with added capacity savings and enhanced compression efficiency, Campark 4K Dash Cam makes driving an aesthetically entertaining experience. Most importantly, H.265 is the most compatible 4K compressed video coding standard available today.

You can find a 3-Inch Ultra HD IPS screen on this device. It contributes to improving the quality of the videos and delivering an outstanding visual experience. Therefore this device monitors the roads ahead and behind with impeccable precision using all these features.

Ideal Night Vision And Loop Recording 

With a 6-layered glass lens and the most refined WDR technology, Campark Dual Dash alters exposure automatically. Therefore, if you are worried about your dashcam not offering the best night vision, you can replace it with the Campark model. Capturing license plates, road signs, and other important details, it takes night vision to a new level.

There is no need to think about using an auxiliary light source during low-light environments if you have this dashcam. You just need to install this dashcam on your vehicle. As a result, the top-of-the-line sensor and F1.8 wide aperture collect more light and make the necessary adjustments to the brightness to avoid the use of any auxiliary light. Therefore, you can experience the best color accuracy even in the night.

Another interesting feature you can come across on this device is a highly dynamic and responsive loop recording function. It records video in 1/3/5-minute clips seamlessly. The loop recording will record video in 1/3/5-minute clips seamlessly. It will overwrite the oldest files automatically when your micro SD card turns full. Therefore, you don’t have to use your hands to erase the unwanted videos.

In addition to the loop recording function, you can come across a built-in G-Sensor on the Campark Dual Dash Cam. Identifying an immediate collision timely, the sensor locks the existing video automatically. So, you don’t have to bother about the accident files being overwritten by the loop recording function.

That is to say, this dashcam protects the vital footage that can be used as evidence. You can adjust the sensitivity of the G-sensor. 

360 Rotatable Cameras And Simple Installation 

You can record every driving moment using a perfect angle when you mount his dashcam on your vehicle. Thanks to the 360 rotation and 150 tilt. These features allow you to discover the ideal angle to record every driving moment. Further, the Campark 4K Ultra HD Dual Dash Cam supports up to 256GB micro SD card.

You need to seek professional help to mount many dashcams available today. Equipped with a user-friendly design, this device makes installation a breeze. Everything can be done easily and fast. You just need to follow the simple and clear instructions provided on the user manual.

As a responsible and trusted manufacturer, Campark provides offers 24/7 technical support for each customer. You can talk to the customer support team to clarify your doubts and find a solution to your concerns. The company also offers lifetime after-sales support for this dashcam. 

Final Thoughts On The Campark Dual Dash Cam 

Now, it is easier for you to make a decision. You know exactly what to expect with Campark Dual Dash Cam. In short, this dashcam is one of the best choices available on the market today. It offers excellent video quality, powerful recording function, highly efficient video coding, 360 rotatable cameras, and many more advanced features.

If you want to have a safe, enjoyable, and effortless driving experience, you can buy this dashcam.