BlackVue DR900X-2CH Dash Cam | Blackvue Cloud | remote Live View | Sony STARVIS image sensor | Front camera 162-degree angle | Rear camera 139-degree angle | Optinal LTE Connectivity module | WIFI | GPS | and more …

People clamor for the right kind of security when traveling. Rightly so, mainly because there can be a lot of dangers on the road. Even when you are not traveling, there are still some significant troubles that your car might encounter while parked. Hence, the purpose of dashcams transcends all boundaries. 

BlackVue DR900X-2CH with 64GB microSD Card | 4K UHD Cloud Dashcam | Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, Parking...
  • Front cam: 8 megapixels sensor / 4K Ultra High Definition (3840×2160 @30FPS) / View angle: 162 degrees. Rear cam: 2.1...
  • High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265) is the standard in 4K video broadcasting and streaming. With HEVC, you get...
  • DR900X Series can be hardwired to your vehicle’s fuse panel for Parking Mode, without requiring optional accessories. The...
  • Enjoy remote Live View and Push Notifications to your phone. Back up important videos to the Cloud remotely. Play and...
  • The optional CM100LTE connects to your compatible BlackVue X Series dashcam to provide easy 4G LTE connectivity. All you need...

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What better way to protect yourself and your vehicle than installing the best dashcam out there? Come see one of the most recommended in the market right here.

The Flares of BlackVue DR900X-2CH 4K UHD Cloud Dash Cam

While you are searching for the right tool for your car, you shouldn’t have to look too far. The BlackVue DR900X-2CH 4K UHD Cloud Dash Cam has one of the most excellent features out there. It comes in black with sophisticated features and designs for professionality. What’s more, it is equipped with all the latest technology to keep you safe and sound.

When it comes to your vehicle, only the best should be employed. Given that, let us look at the specific features that make this product ideal.

Drivers won’t be disappointed with the number of features this product offers. Each component is a valuable addition to the vehicle. With only the best technology possible, BlackVue only aims for satisfaction. However, closely checking such features is a must. Let us review each of them for better judgment.


• Display: Full HD
• Display size: 162 degrees/139 degrees viewing angle
• Color: Black
• Item Dimensions: 7.8 x 4.8 x 4.1 inches


• 4K Ultra High Definition Video
• HEVC Recording
• GPS tracking
• Wi-Fi Connection with Optional LTE
• BlackVue Cloud Storage
• Dual-Channel Cameras

4K Ultra High Definition Video

Not every dashcam out there offers this much of a display. To bring only the clearest and most reliable footage, BlackVue offers only the best definition. With a 4K ultra-high definition video at your disposal, you are given the assurance of secure recording—experience monitoring with the front and rear cameras equipped in your vehicle.

The front camera has an eight megapixels sensor, making it possible for the 3840×2160 resolution to occur. It runs at 30 frames per second with a viewing angle of up to 162 degrees. On the other hand, the rear cam is employed with 2.1 megapixels. Furthermore, it has a STARVIS sensor that allows a full high definition display in 1920x1080p resolution. The viewing angle for the back camera is 139 degrees.

While some dashcams offer HD, a 4K is much better than that. It is four times the megapixels that the regular high definition resolution employs. With that, license plates are considerably much clearer. The events are also more well-documented without any pixelation. You can monitor the videos and footage with a satisfactory resolution without squinting or hurting your eyes. 

Give yourself the satisfaction with the UHD offered by the BlackVue DR900X-2CH 4K UHD Cloud Dash Cam.

HEVC Recording

When you watch movies or stream online, you want only the best resolution possible. Even with the recordings of your travels, you can achieve that as well with BlackVue DR900X-2CH. It employs only the High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265), which is the standard for many broadcasting and video streaming on the internet. Having an HEVC within your dashcam allows it to produce excellent 4K footage.

Furthermore, it still has the same recording time and pace like that of a regular full high definition dashcam.

Moreover, together with the regular H.264 codec, it also features the use of H.265, which has higher efficiency than the former. What’s more, it does not take as much space as its quality. The file size for the H.265 is still the same as the .264. You get only the best, with only the most impressive video production.

GPS Tracking

The Global Position System Equipped in the dashcam is most advantageous for the driver. As you would know, it tracks and records the location of a particular person or object. With the BlackVue DR900X-2CH, you can seamlessly enjoy this feature to add to your security. We know how important the location is to the safety of everybody. If you are lost, or the vehicle itself is stolen, you are given the ability to get back on track.

It also helps you track down the car and have it returned to the rightful owner. In short, GPS is a feature that is a must for all vehicles. With this feature, you can look at the vehicle’s location on the map and have it displayed even on the video playback. It can also be viewed with overlay speed on the footage. This is great for real-time tracking.

Wi-Fi Connection with Optional LTE

Most dashcams cannot connect to the internet, which is a downside. Who can live without the power of the internet nowadays? Even your dashcam needs one. For efficiency and convenience, the BlackVue DR900X-2CH can be connected to the wireless network. Now, you can connect the product to your smartphone and tablet for you to download the video files on your device.

Plus, you can do this at the fastest speed possible!

Furthermore, the DR900X-2CH also offers an optional LTE function. An LTE connectivity module can be connected by plugging in the USB port. However, the module’s SIM card is sold separately. Hence, you have to contact the manufacturer for one. Nevertheless, CM100LTE provides faster service, especially when you connect to cloud storage.

BlackVue Cloud Storage

Speaking of storage, vehicle owners will be delighted to know that the limited storage space that an SD card has can be saved. You no longer need to move files by removing the SD card from the dashcam. All you have to do is connect to the cloud storage and transfer files conveniently. You can connect both your dashcam and your phone to the application. This BlackVue cloud storage allows the driver to have a live view and receive notifications on their phone.

blackvue dr900x 2ch

Yet, the best use for this feature is for backing up files. Vehicle owners no longer need to worry about files getting lost. Since the videos are all backed up in case of an emergency, your evidence remains safe. For any insurance claims and accidents, your videos are well-protected.

Dual-Channel Cameras

Get not one but two cameras together when you purchase the BlackVue DR900X-2CH 4K UHD Cloud Dash Cam. The cameras can be placed at the front and the back of the vehicle. As mentioned before, each displays ultra high definition resolution. What is impressive about these cameras is that it allows a native parking mode.  

This mode enables the built-in voltage monitor that protects the vehicle’s battery from draining. With the hardwiring cable, you can achieve this feat conveniently. Each of the cameras can also be monitored on your phone.

Package Inclusions

• Dual cameras
• External 4G LTE Module CM100 LTE
• Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X
• Power Magic Battery Pack B-112
• The Expansion Battery B-124E

The SIM card for the LTE module is not included. As for the battery pack, no installation is required, so you can just plug and play. The ultra battery can also considerably protect the vehicle’s battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

​1.How many videos can be stored in the SD card with 32GB of data?

It depends on the quality of the video of the dashcam. You can customize the quality to run at 30fps or less. Videos with extreme quality can be recorded for up to an hour and 50 minutes.

2. Is the installation complicated?

Not at all. Although, you might need help in connecting the front and rear cameras.

3. Can the dashcam be set in 60fps mode?

The front camera can be set to 60fps, but the rear camera can only support 30fps.

4. Do you have to pay for the data allowance in the cloud storage?

There is a free account offered by BlackVue, which you can use for a set of data allowance per month. If you want extra data, there is a monthly plan offered.

​5. Up to what level of temperature can the dashcam withstand?

It can operate under a temperature  -20°C to 80°C (-4°F to 176°F)

6. What type of SD card works with the dashcam?

It is always better to use the one provided by the manufacturer. Using another brand or type may jeopardize the quality and other components. Asking the manufacturer for another may work.

7. How do you activate the parking mode?

You can activate it by hardwiring. Simply hardwire the dashcam directly to the vehicle’s fuse box, and you are good to go. The camera will then switch to the parking mode automatically once you turn off the ignition.

​8. The dashcam drains my battery even when the car is not used. What should I do?

It might be due to the parking mode. You can turn this mode on and off in the settings. While this mode can be beneficial, it can use up your battery as well. However, you can set the amount of voltage it is allowed to use to save power.

9. How long is this product’s warranty?

The dashcam has a one year warranty, while the memory card has six months.

10. Do the videos have audio in them?

Yes, it is equipped with a microphone and a speaker.

BlackVue DR900X-2CH and APEMAN C880: A Comparison

The flares of both the products rest on their ability to keep the vehicle secured no matter where it is. Their features speak for themselves. However, there are still some differences that we need to evaluate to determine which one is the best choice. For fans of the APEMAN C880, you might be surprised to find the features of BlackVue DR900X-2CH and vice versa.

Let us take a closer look at each of them.

In terms of cameras, both products offer dual channels. That said, both are equipped with a front and rear camera. However, APEMAN provides a wider angle at 170 degrees, compared to BlackVue’s 162-degree angle. However, the BlackVue model is significantly more advantageous when it comes to the resolution. It offers an ultra-high-definition display at 3840×2160 and thirty frames per second. The APEMAN, on the other hand, only supports up to 2560x1440P.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the APEMAN C880 that the DR900X-2CH does not have is the Sony IMX335 Sensor and IR Vision. Nevertheless, BlackVue offers Wi-Fi connectivity, whereas the APEMAN has none. If you want smooth cloud storage that makes it easier to save videos, BlackVue can give you a run for your money.


For your vehicle needs, you must get a dashcam that matches the kind of security it requires. Those who are thinking of getting themselves a dashcam can find what they are looking for in this product. It has many advantageous features that you will find impressive. Furthermore, its ability to function will not disappoint you. Get one for yourself now!