The BlackSys CH-100B 2-channel dashboard cam offers HD recording from the front and the back of your vehicle. With car parking mode, Wi-Fi connectivity, and mobile app integration, this is a modern dashboard camera. Learn more about the BlackSys CH-100B 2 Channel 1080p Full HD Front and rear Pro Wide Angle Dashboard Recorder.

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Technical Details And Specifications

The BlackSys CH-100B is a 2-channel dashboard recorder. It includes two HD cameras with wide-angle lenses. Review the technical details and specifications. This unit comes with two cameras (1080p HD front lens and 720p HD rear lens). You can position one on your front dashboard and one in the rear of your vehicle. They are both wide-angle lenses. 135-degree front lens and 130-degree rear lens.

This gives you a wide view of your vehicle. Comes with adhesive mounts for securing the cameras in place. These are easy to place, but you may need new adhesives if you decide to reposition your cameras. The BlackSys CH-100B comes with a 16GB microSD card (supports 128GB). You will also receive all of the cables you need. This includes the front and rear connecting cable, power cable, car charger, cable holder clips, Wi-Fi dongle, and a user manual.

Pros Of The BlackSys CH-100B 2-Channel Dash Cam

What makes this camera different? Here is a closer look at the pros of the BlackSys dash cam.

Extreme Temperature Range
The BlackSys dash cam can withstand extreme temperatures. The temperature of the inside of your vehicle can easily exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit when left out in the sun with the windows rolled up. This dashboard camera has been tested at temperatures ranging from -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

True Parking Mode and G-Sensor
In addition to withstanding extreme temperatures, there are a couple of other quality features to consider. The True Parking Mode and G-Sensor make sure important events get recorded. The G-Sensor ensures your cameras start recording in the event of a collision or accident. The True Parking Mode helps you conserve energy and available space on your micro SD card. It also features motion sensors to turn on the camera.

2 Separate HD Cameras
You get two HD cameras. 2-channel setups allow you to have front-facing and rear-facing cameras. You never know where and when an accident will occur. Having a camera pointed in both directions will give you a better view and perspective. Both cameras are HD – the front camera records in 1080p while the rear camera records in 720p.

Record Over 24 Hours of Footage
If you add a 128GB micro SD card, you can record up to 24 hours of footage before having to transfer or overwrite your video. That is truly incredible. With 24 hours of recording, you should never have to worry about not having enough space for recording.

Wi-Fi Connectivity
You can transfer your video to your phone or tablet via a free Android or iPhone app. This dashboard recorder features an automatic Wi-Fi setup, making it easy to connect to your mobile device. Some users have mentioned that if the device does not immediately connect to your camera, that you should simply restart your camera and try again.

Playback your video directly on your mobile devices or even your home computer and laptop. With Wi-Fi connectivity, there is no need for an LCD display. You simply playback your video from the convenience of your mobile device or computer.

Cons Of The BlackSys CH-100B 2-Channel Dash Cam

Every product will have a few things to point out as possible disadvantages. Here are the cons of purchasing the BlackSys CH-100B 2-channel dashboard cam.

Slight Delay with Live Viewing
When you attempt to use the live viewing feature, there is generally a slight delay. This is especially noticeable with the rear camera. For this reason, you would probably not want to use this dashboard camera for parking assistance.

Does Not Include GPS
If you are looking for GPS tagging, then you will need to purchase a separate GPS unit. You can find affordable GPS trackers and this camera system is compatible with most varieties. Though, this is an inconvenience if you are specifically looking for a dashboard camera that offers GPS logging. This device was first released on September 23, 2015. BlackSys has since released other models that do include a GPS unit.

Final Thoughts On The BlackSys CH-100B Dashboard Camera

The BlackSys CH-100B is easy to set up and offer clear video. Beyond the essentials, it also has a number of great features. This includes the true parking mode and the built-in g-sensor. These features help make this one of the better dashboard cameras on the market. Though, the best part of this camera is the 24-hours of recording available if you add a 128 GB micro SD card.

2-channel dashboard cameras are becoming more popular, as they offer a greater view of your surroundings. This increases the likelihood that you will capture any incident leading up to an accident. There are dozens of these devices available, besides the BlackSys camera. Another option to consider is the Esky Ultra HD Car DVR, which provides a similar setup.

If you are currently on the market for a 2-channel dashboard camera, then the BlackSys CH-100B deserves your attention. Spend some time reviewing the features and add this to your list of potential options.