This Product Is Discontinued

BIR Dash Cam is a totally unique dashboard camera that offers unique features and a vast multitude of benefits to drivers from all over the globe. This modern device has just been released, in January 2019. However, it already has rave reviews from numerous happy drivers.

This device includes a camera in the front and a backup camera that records in the rear. It allows you to get a dual view on the super large 10” LCD touchscreen, so you can have the peace of mind that you won’t miss any important details. Mirror BIR Dash Cam offers anti-reflective coating, emergency lock, loop recording, parking monitoring, GPS tracking, and automatic video reverse when parking.

Let’s discover together the unique features that this dual-camera system brings to the table.

Bir Dash Cam – Outstanding Design

BIR Dash Cam has a modern aspect that makes it blend perfectly with any car. This is a mirror dashcam with a touchscreen that clamps over your rearview mirror and covers it in full. Instead of your old boring rearview mirror that has to be adjusted at all times depending on who is driving the car, you’ll get a modern 10” large LCD that shows you constantly what is recorded ahead of and in the rear.

The front camera records 170 degrees of footage, while the rear camera 150 degrees. Thus, you will be able to get a full 330 degree of footage on the display. You’ll be able to practically see everything that happens around your car, minus 15 degrees on each side. The device has a modern look and can dramatically boost the appeal of your car. A similar dashcam that has a very modern design is the Junsun Mirror Dash Cam. Check it out here.

Advanced Features of Bir Dash Cam

The BIR Dash Cam offers you some advanced features that you will certainly appreciate. For starters, you can easily change the mode of the display right on the screen. By simply swiping, you can choose to see only the recording from the front camera, only the recording from the rear camera or both recordings, each on half of the screen.

This unit also comes with 3 separate segments for recording. It offers advanced event recording lock protection to keep your videos safe and to make sure all the material you have recorded will be safe to use. The reverse video aid is another useful feature you get. When reversing, the image recorded by the rear camera gets priority over the front camera. Thus, you’ll be able to see it on the full screen without having to swipe. 

Screen Clarity & Recording Quality

Two other features of the BIR Dash Cam that make it stand out of the crowd is the enhanced screen clarity and improved recording quality. The screen is super large, coming at 10”. It’s the same size as the screen of a famous dashcam, the JRCX camera.

However, the screen of BIR dual camera has 360 anti-glare IPS. It’s quite similar to the screen of the latest iPhones, which can be used in any weather conditions. You can use it during hot summer days and enjoy a clear image, with no glare whatsoever.

Thanks to the anti-reflective coating, you can enjoy a flawless recording quality, both during the day and the night. The touchscreen is full HD and allows you for easy setting. It offers crystal clear 180 degree images in any light condition and at any time of the day.

The cameras are both equipped with F2.0 aperture and 6 glass lens. They are also packed with a high-end CMOS sensor and WDR. This ensures that the recording quality is exceptional, even in low light conditions. The cameras and screen work together to help you enjoy a crystal clear clarity. You will easily see any details and never again lose precious pieces of information.

Bir Dash Cam – G-Sensor Feature

When detecting a collision, the g-sensor feature kicks in. The video is locked and placed in a separate segment for seamless recording. It cannot be erased by loop recording under any circumstance. What’s totally unique about this camera is that thanks to the 3 segments, the video can cover the previous segment.

In simple terms, the g-sensor recordings are stored separately, so the unit keeps recording on the first segment. In case it happens to record another accident, it places the new video on another segment. This helps the device to save space on the card and also enables you to be 100% sure that the locked files are safe.

Advanced Play Tech

Ultimately, the BIR Dash Cam boasts itself with the most advanced play tech to date. The manufacturer has managed to insert a groundbreaking tech that allows you to view videos in full HD. You can basically view the recordings on the screen in 1080p, including for the rear camera.

Previous cameras could only stream the rear footage in 0.3 megapixels. With BIR, you can view them in 1 megapixel. That’s more than 3 times higher streaming quality.

Quality Assured By The Manufacturer

The BIR Dash Cam is a product launched in 2019 by a company that respects itself and respects their customers. Thus, they offer free refunds within the first 3 months. They also offer constant support and free replacement if you are not satisfied with their product.

You have their full support in everything, from questions to refunds. This comes as an extra guarantee for you if you want to give this dual camera a try. You have their full support in everything, from questions to refunds. This comes as an extra guarantee for you if you want to give this dual camera a try.

Other Features

This device supports GPS. Note that you need to purchase a separate adaptor. BIR Dash Cam only supports a maximum of 64 GB card. In terms of length, the rear camera wire can exceed 19 feet. This dash cam works at temperatures of between -4 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit.


Even if it only supports a card of 64 GB and although it does not have WiFi integration with your mobile or laptop, the BIR Dash Cam is a strong contender among dash cams in 2019. Enjoy its outstanding design, advanced play tech, and usability to take your driving experience to a whole new level of safety and utility.