It’s never a bad idea to mount a top dash cam in 2019 on your car, especially as you never know when you need the footage recorded. Thus, finding the top dash cams in 2019 is crucial for you. Whether you could save you thousands of dollars by proving your innocence in court, or you need a guard when your car is parked, a dash cam could prove to be quite a valuable asset.

However, choosing the right one for you is more than often quite a daunting task. To make it easy for you to buy the best dash cam for you, we have compiled a list with the top dash cams in 2019. We’ve reviewed numerous dash cam models and narrowed down the list to several dash cams that have proven to bring something unique to the table.

The dash cams we selected are still going strong in 2019. They are able to satisfy the end users so much, that these devices have the lowest return rates in the whole industry. In other words, most drivers are very happy with their purchase and do not return the cameras bought.

Without further ado, here is a list with the top dash cams in 2019 for drivers.

CHICOM V21 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam Touch Full Screen

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The CHICOM V21 is one of the most gorgeous dashcams you’ve ever seen. This unit is certainly a top dash cam in 2019. This super large camera boasts a wide design of 9.6’’ and works by clamping over the rearview mirror. The large touch screen makes it super easy for you to switch between the front and rear cameras. Moreover, you can easily adjust the cameras recording angle just by swiping up and down.

The CHICOM V21 is a modern dual dashcam that is perfect for all climates. It is equipped with 2 unique cameras that are weatherproof, dustproof, and rustproof. The image is crisp, clear, and the recording quality is fantastic. Each camera records in full HD, being equipped with 6-lenses, CMOS sensors, and an F2.0 aperture. The ultra-wide lens covers 170 degrees. The rear camera covers 150 degrees of the road behind.

Together, this recording system captures 330 degrees of footage. That’s almost 360 degrees. You can rest assured that nothing will escape the cameras. To top it all, this dual-camera comes with parking mode and time-lapse recording. You can review 2 hours of footage in less than 4 minutes. All you need to do is to hardwire this camera and you’ll be able to take advantage of its recording kit.

What you will definitely love about this model is the 1080p rearview camera. Unlike most other dual dashcams available on the market, CHICOM V21 features an impressive rear camera that records in full HD. You’ll get a clear image of the vehicles and objects behind you, so you can park with ease without having to turn around. Moreover, thanks to the IP67 rating, both cameras will continue to work during fog, rain, snow, or even during storms.

Last but not least, using this recording system is a breeze. The super large touchscreen enables you to control the image you get, rotate the cameras, and stay in control of all cameras’ parameters.

KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Mirror Dual Lens Dash Cam

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KDLINKS R100 Ultra is a top dash cam in 2019 that is going really strong. Its all due to its impressive features, great design, powerful built-in battery, and ease of use. This is not your regular dashboard camera. KDLINKS R100 Ultra clamps over your rearview mirror, blending in with the appeal of your car. In terms of being inconspicuous, this is the best camera you can find in 2019.

Setting up this model is a breeze. Just clamp it over the reverse mirror, install the wires and conceal the wires. You’ll be able to enjoy a factory install in less than one hour of work. This dual-camera system offers advanced parking monitoring, superior night recording capabilities, anti-glare mirrors, and a 280-degree wide lens. Its powerful battery gives you the peace of mind that you will be able to keep recording, even when the power source provides no more energy.

The most impressive thing about this top dash cam in 2019 is the video recording quality. KDLINKS R100 Ultra is equipped with a 6-layer lens, offering true video capabilities. It has an anti-glare lens that reflects sunlight and enables you to enjoy high-quality recordings. Enjoy high-end recordings with no glare and crystal-clear details with the KDLINKS R100 Ultra.

Apeman C860 Dual Dash Camera Full HD

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The Apeman C860 is a top dash cam in 2019 due to its full HD recording, super night vision, gravity sensor, parking monitoring, and WDR recording. This is probably one of the most balanced dash cams available on the market. What you will love about this unit is the wide range of useful features you can get. Moreover, you will greatly appreciate its premium design.

While the front camera records in WQHD at 1440p, the rear camera is quite impressive by offering 1080p recording capabilities. You’ll be able to record all license plates with ease and never miss any important detail again. This dashcam from Apeman comes with a super night vision and automatic overlay recording. It can automatically rewrite videos at a pre-set time interval. Moreover, thanks to the 6IR lens and WDR, it offers great night recordings.

Another aspect that makes the Apeman C860 stand out of the crowd and still go strong in 2019 extras you can get. In addition to the cameras, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover extra stuff in the original package. The list includes an extra car charger, multiple 3M stickers, a USB cable, suction mount, several cables, and an extra 12 months warranty.

The C860 from Apeman is also equipped with a wide range of useful features: G-sensor, motion detection, loop sensor, parking monitoring, auto shut-off, driver fatigue alarm, super night vision, and light-on notice. Capture every detail, both during the day and during the night with this advanced dashboard camera system. Enjoy seamless loop recording at your favorite time intervals and enjoy super high-quality smooth footage at 1440p. Never again worry about not being able to read the license plates.

AUKEY DR03 1080p Dual Dash Cams with 2.7” Screen Full HD Front and Rear Camera

The Aukey DRo3 dash cam stands high and above the other top dash cams in 2019 by offering the widest-angle lens available on the market. Together, the front and rear camera make up 330 degrees of recording angle. This system includes two cameras that record in full HD at 1080p. Each camera is equipped with a Sony Exmor sensor that boasts 2.19 megapixels.

It works with Class 10 micro SD card and offers the following recording modes: motion detection, continuous, emergency recording, and time-lapse. This camera from Aukey is quite similar to other dashboard cameras on the market. It is equipped with all the features you might want from a dashcam in 2019. However, it has some extra features that make it really strong compared to the competition.

You’ll be able to record all license plates with ease and never miss any important detail again. This dashcam from Apeman comes with a super night vision and automatic overlay recording. It can automatically rewrite videos at a pre-set time interval. Moreover, thanks to the 6IR lens and WDR, it offers great night recordings.

First, it is equipped with a supercapacitor. This brings more power than regular batteries and also prevents the unit from overheating and exploding in high temperatures. Second, Aukey DRo3 offers you full six-lane coverage. The extended field of view capture more, including crucial peripheral events. You will be able to record everything that happens around your car.

You can easily connect the unit to the separate Aukey antenna to keep track of the physical position. The data and the location on the map will be embedded in every piece of footage you record. Ultimately, Aukey DRo3 is a reliable dashboard camera that looks really well and does its job flawlessly. Due to its obvious traits, it could very well be the best dash cam in 2019.

AUTO-VOX X2 Mirror Dash Cam with 9.88″ Streaming Media 1296P FHD Touch Screen

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One of the best features of the AUTO-VOX X2 is worry-free assistance. This smart dashcam powers on the moment you shift into rearview. The rearview camera gets on the screen, so you can see perfectly what lies behind you. Plus, the rearview camera is lowered, so you get to enjoy a better vantage point when parking.

This camera eliminates all the blind spots and lets you park safely and professionally. Moreover, it protects your car when it is parked and it alerts you if you fall asleep at the wheel.

TekBow Dual Lens With ADAS 10″ Streaming Media Touch Screen

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TekBow is a gorgeous dashcam that offers you totally unique features. In addition to the super large 10” screen that clamps over the rearview mirror, this dashcam offers streaming media functions. Thanks to the streaming media, you get to enjoy synchronized footage on your screen. When backing up, you get the rear footage on the whole screen.

This powerful model uses some high-end image processing capabilities in order to adjust exposure and help you get super clear images. You gain a comfortable view, regardless of day or night. One aspect you will certainly love about the TekBow dual-dashcam is the large 10” touchscreen. This is the largest screen available to date for a dashcam. It comes with an intuitive interface that makes it super easy to customize your options.

This recording system has 2 cameras, each with its own unique lens. Thanks to the dual lens synchronization, you get 2 separate footages saved in the same folder. Thus, you will be able to see in real-time what you have recorded with each camera. This feature is priceless, as it enables you to keep track of where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

Another great feature of this top dash cam in 2019 is the ease of installation. Simply clamp the screen over your rearview mirror, install the cable to the rear camera inside the cabin and you are good to go. For reverse parking, the camera kit works exceptionally to record any hard-to-see obstacles. You see the image in full view on the large screen, so you can clearly see any obstacles that need to be avoided.

Find Out How To Choose the Top Dash Cam in 2019 – Complete Guide

We’re reviewed some of the best dash cam models available in 2019. However, we also want to give you advice on how to select your favorite model, based on your preferences on how to choose your dashcam in 2019. A dash cam is the surest way to stay protected in case of an accident or an unfair claim. It’s also the best way to capture gorgeous panoramas and to track your journey across the country.

If you’re reading this, you are probably eager to discover the top functions in dash cam in 2019 and you want to know how to choose the right model for you. While most dash cams are created to do the same thing, which is a record, some dashcams are equipped with nicer features that make your life easier. They are equipped with better cameras, ADAS, or supercapacitors, to name just a few.

Thus, you want to purchase a dashcam that has all the features you need.

What Dash Cam Features are Truly Hot in 2019

Loop Recording

Because a dash cam records continuously, it is wise to purchase a model that has the looping function active. You want to be able to capture footage without running out of space on your SD card. Thanks to the looping function, the camera can automatically record over your old video when the SD card reaches its maximum capacity.  

At this point, you might be wondering: what is someone hits me, and I forget to turn off the camera? Does my camera keep recording so I lose the proof? That’s why you need the following feature.


A high-quality camera is also equipped with a G-force sensor. This unique feature can detect sudden changes, including impacts with other vehicles. This feature also detects impacts when your car is parked. When it detects an impact or it senses that someone is trying to break in your car, the camera will record that specific moment and will save the file in a separate folder.  

The file saved will not be overwritten by the loop recording feature. 

Night Vision 

Of course, your crash or event will not be properly recorded if you had an accident while driving at night. Thus, it is also wise to check that your dashcam offers great night-time recording capabilities. This is a very important feature to look at because the low light can prevent details from showing. 

A camera with no night vision capabilities will give you headaches when it comes to seeing plate numbers or the surrounding road environment. Therefore, you need a camera equipped with HDR or WDR capabilities. The HDR technology enables the camera to suppress the strong glare from street lamps or headlights. At the same time, low light areas are brightened.

Together with WDR, HDR enables your camera to enjoy crisp, clear videos during the night. To get the best night vision possible, look for cameras equipped with IR sensors. If you need a camera for Uber or taxi that records inside a cabin, IR sensors are invaluable. The more sensors, the better.


In terms of recording, the aperture is another obvious feature you need to look at. Larger lens, with a smaller aperture such as f1.6, enables more light to get to the sensor. The end result is a brighter, clearer footage. 

ISO Sensitivity 

Coupled with aperture, the ISO sensitivity is crucial for better recordings. Higher ISO cameras are perfect for low-light conditions. Hence, if you drive a lot during the night, search for a camera with a high ISO.


A dual-channel or dual-lens dashcam system allows you to record footage from both ends of the car. A 2-channel camera system is perfect if you want to enjoy the benefits of a front-facing camera, while at the same time enjoy a camera in the rear for ease of parking.

Uber Dashcams 

These dashcams are dual-channel. However, the rear camera is not placed at the back of the car, but at the front, right near the front camera. This way, the camera can record what is happening inside your car. A great benefit of Uber dash cams is that you don’t need to install cables inside your car to connect your rear camera to the main unit.  

That alone saves you a lot of time and gives you the peace of mind that your car’s interior design is not ruined.

Screen Size  

While some buyers prefer small, unobtrusive cameras with tiny screens, others prefer camera systems with LCD touchscreens that clamp over the rearview mirror. In terms of size, the screen can be anywhere from 2.3” up to 10”. Choosing a larger screen is better if you want to see the footage more clearly. Going with a small screen is perfect if you want to see the footage at home. 

Recording Quality 

Probably the most important feature you want to look for at a dashcam is the recording quality. Insist on having minimum HD. Less than 1080p means that the images will not appear clearly, and you might lose some important details. Anything lower than 1080p and you compromise on quality. However, if you choose to go with a 2k or even better a 4k camera, you enjoy extremely sharp images.

A camera recording in 4k resolution is by far the best choice you can make, especially if the recording quality is important to you.

Angle of View 

The view angles of dashcams can vary from 100 degrees up to 170 degrees. Normally, a degree of 140 is more than enough. However, if capturing as many details as possible is a priority for you, we recommend you get a dual-channel camera that has a total of a 330-degree field of view. This way you won’t miss anything around you.

Parking Monitor 

Parking mode is a powerful feature that is not available for all cameras. This feature enables your camera to stay awake when parked for motion detection purposes. If it detects movement, the camera turns on and records the event. You can save a whole lot of money in court by having this feature active. 

Smart Phone App 

Not a lot of dash cams have this feature. However, if you want to stay in control of the device even if you are in another country, you better purchase a top dash cam in 2019 equipped with this feature. Usually, a smartphone app together with WiFi allows you to store your videos in the cloud. Thus, some dashcam manufacturers offers cloud storage to their users.

WiFi & GPS 

Again, not many top cameras in 2019 are equipped with WiFi and GPS. However, if you want to easily share your videos on social platforms or upload them on the cloud, plus get time & speed stamp on each video, you want your recording system to be WiFi & GPS ready. 

Micro SD Card Size 

Now, you want to get as much storage space as possible. While there are still some cameras that only offer a maximum of 64GB capacity, some advanced dashcams offer you 256 GB of storage. Make sure that your SD card is a minimum Class 10 if you want to make the most out of its features. 

Battery vs Supercapacitor 

A dash cam is not designed to run on a battery. It’s the opposite of smartphones. These modern devices need to run for hours, so they can only run if you connect them to a stable power source. However, all dashcams are equipped with either batteries or supercapacitors. The difference between these two is huge.  

While batteries are designed to last a very short period of time, supercapacitors can last much longer. Moreover, cheap batteries are prone to leaking and may even ruin your dashcam. Conversely, supercapacitors used in higher-end models protect the device, withstand heat & cold and prolong the lifespan of your device.
We, therefore, recommend you to buy a dashcam that runs on supercapacitors rather than batteries.

CPL Filter 

A CPL filter is an essential part of a good dashcam. It reduces sun glare and allows you to enjoy consistent footage during bright days. Coupled with flawless night vision and a good image processor, a CPL filter ensures you record gorgeous videos both during the day and night. 

Smart Features or ADAS

Ultimately, top dash cams in 2019 are equipped with ADAS, or advanced driver assistance systems. These powerful smart features protect you from accidents and enable you to be safe when on the road. Some of the top ADAS features you should look for are adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning system, adaptive light control, collision avoidance system, automatic parking, driver drowsiness detection, and lane change assistance.