What to expect with AUTO VOX V5PRO dash cam? It is the latest product launched by AUTO-VOX. You can find many improvements on this rearview dash cam, compared to the previous models. For example, it is a full laminated and stream media screen on this device.

You don’t need to look for any hardware kit or car charger for this device. Above all, AUTO VOX V5PRO makes driving safe and enjoyable. Offering a split-screen display feature, this device makes you familiar with the exact road situation at any time.

Don’t worry about the installation. It is amazingly simple. Further, you can complete it in a few minutes. What about the screen size? Certainly, the large screen offers an excellent vision. You can find a 9.35-inch full screen on this dashcam. It provides a greater field of vision compared to traditional rearview dashcams.

AUTO-VOX V5PRO 1080P 9.35'' OEM Rear View Mirror Camera, Full Laminated Ultrathin Touch Screen...
  • 【 Dual1080P Rear View Mirror Camera】Rear view mirror backup camera with FHD 1080P offers a super clear and smooth video...
  • 【Anti-vibration OEM Look with Bracket Mount】Compared with a strap rearview mirror camera, this rearview mirror backup...
  • 【Anti-Glare and No Overexposure】Backup camera rear view mirror utilizes the full laminated screen to eliminate the glare...
  • 【Parking Monitoring with Smart Battery Protection】No car charger and hard wire kit are required, the mirror camera for...
  • 【Multi Functions for All-Round Protection】The back up camera rear view mirror provides multifunctions for additional...

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Other remarkable features of this dashcam are 24/7 parking monitoring, an enhanced rearview zone for parking safety, and GPS tracking. It eliminates blind spots perfectly. Moreover, there is a built-in supercapacitor that ensures high longevity.

How AUTO VOX V5PRO Compares To Other Dash Cams 

Compared to Auto VOX V5, AUTO VOX V5PRO comes with some improvements. The latter uses an OEM Bracket to install a monitor. On the other hand, Auto VOX V5 uses a strap for monitor installation. As mentioned above, you don’t need a car charger for VOX V5 Pro. You can connect this device to the fuse box directly. If you buy a VOX V5, you need a car charger.

Let us compare AUTO VOX V5PRO to another popular dashcam, VanTop H610. VoxV5 Pro has a competitive edge due to the full laminated and stream media screen with an anti-glare feature. However, the screen size of VanTop H610 is a bit larger than the V5PRO.

The release date of this product was on May 25, 2020. Therefore, it is a new entrant in the dash cam industry. However, AUTO-VOX is a trusted manufacturer with an excellent reputation. You don’t need to worry about the quality of dash cam due to their unsurpassed track record.

What about the weight of this product? Well, it weighs 3.2 pounds. The package dimensions are 11.61 x 4.65 x 4.53 inches. So we have explained a fair bit about AUTO VOX V5PRO. Do you want to know more before making a purchase decision? This review explores all aspects in detail without any prejudice or bias.

Laminated Screen And Clear Image

If you are looking to buy a rearview mirror dashcam with an anti-glare feature, look no farther than V5PRO. You can find a laminated screen on this device. Glare is not going to cause any issue while driving. Above all, a clear image even during intense sunlight is what you can expect with this device.

Equipped with a highly advanced Sony sensor, it assists you in restraining the high beam lights perfectly. Naturally, you can avoid embarrassing situations due to glare. Most importantly, you can expect a clear vision and optimal safety day and night.

Without any undesirable delay, the stream media technology transmits full 1080P footage. You can even find this device recording even the license plate clearly. If your vehicle collides with an external object, the footage is recorded instantly.

If you are looking for a rearview dashcam that offers a greater field of vision, you can choose AUTO VOX V5PRO. What is the screen size of this dashcam? Well, it comes with a 9.35-inch full screen. Compared to conventional rearview dashcams, the field of vision of this device is four times higher. Expect an enhanced driving experience with this product.

Split Screens, Parking Lines, And GPS Tracking

Do you want to buy a dashcam with a split-screen display? You can choose V5PRO. It supports 3 display modes effectively. In other words; this device supports rear, front, and front & rear at the same time. You can switch them in whatever way you want arbitrarily with a simple touch on the screen. What does it mean? This feature makes you familiar with the road situation at any time.

Another useful feature of the V5PRO model is the adjustable Parking Lines. Dragging it on the screen, the width and length of the parking line can be adjusted freely. Meanwhile, you can find this feature highly suitable for different road situations and car models. Parking becomes an effortless task and you can easily measure the distance while parking.

Syncing perfectly with the video clips, the GPS data makes tracking easy when played back in AUTO-VOX Player. Moreover, you can watch the clip and view your location on a map. The company has created two different players to make sure that the device is compatible with the Windows and Mac systems.

Equipped with a built-in supercapacitor, AUTO VOX V5PRO offers stunning temperature resistance. You can also expect fast charging and speedy transient response. Offering a long lifespan, this device is 100% safe. Further, you don’t need to worry about any explosion related accidents.

Good Viewing Angle And Simple Installation 

What are the diagonal view angles of the two cameras? With a 145-degree viewing angle, the front camera offers a clear vision. Meanwhile, 150 degrees view angle of the rear camera makes sure that you have sufficient view of what’s behind your vehicle. There is no need to worry about any blind spots.

For meeting different market requirements, this rearview camera is made available with 2 brackets. You can stick the camera on the rear windshield. It can also be attached to the license plate. V5PRO can easily replace your original mirror without causing any damage.

In the package, you can find 4 different adapters. This dashcam is compatible with around 90% of cars available in the market. The most suitable one can be chosen easily. If you cannot find the right one, you can contact the customer support team. 

AUTO VOX V5PRO Final Words

If you assess all aspects without any bias, you can find that this dashcam has all the potential to become a good hit this year. It comes with many innovative features and makes driving safe and enjoyable. Offering excellent ease of use, AUTO VOX V5PRO makes installation a breeze. You can find the video quality very high. In conclusion, V5PRO is worthy buying to make driving safe, enjoyable, and convenient.