The AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam, also known as the Aurora dashcam, is a sleek, modern dashcam from AUTO VOX that has just been launched in August 2019. This is the most advanced AUTO VOX dashcam to date and it comes with a multitude of cool features. Just like any other AUTO VOX camera, Aurora benefits from all the features and perks offered by the manufacturer. This camera comes with a sleek design and looks totally unique on the market.

While previous models, such as AUTO VOX A1 Uber, looked quite similar to one another, Aurora is different. This advanced camera looks just like a pocket camera, one of those little models that could fit in your pockets. You might not be attracted by its design, but you’ll definitely be attracted by its sturdiness. This camera is extremely sturdy and it is scratch & bump resistant.

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Let’s see some other aspects of this new release that might tempt you to purchase it.

AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam – Advanced Sony Sensor

This sleek dual camera makes use of the most advanced Sony Sensor, the IMX307. The image output is significantly better, and the dead spots are reduced dramatically. Both cameras can record seamlessly in 1920 x 1080p.

When recording in a single channel, you can record at 60 fps instead of 30 fps. In other words, you can enjoy a better recording quality, more depth, and richness of details and a better frame rate. Moreover, the front camera, on single-channel mode and on 60 fps, can easily capture the details of license plates even if you are driving at high speeds.

Perfect Night Vision

This AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam stands out of the crowd by offering flawless night vision. Few cameras released so far are able to produce so good recordings in low light environments. The inside camera is also equipped with 4 IR so that it can record even if the cabin is completely dark.

The IMX307 Sony Sensor records at F1.8 aperture. It brightens the dark spots and diminishes the light from other cars that drive your way. You can choose between two modes: color and dark & white. You can use this camera similar to AUTO VOX A1 Uber, to record passengers inside the vehicle.

Thanks to the 4 IR lights, the cabin camera can record anything that happens, so you are protected in case you have to deal with drunk or difficult passengers.

Ultimate Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range of WDR is perfectly used together with the Sony Sensor to balance the image brightness and to ensure you can clearly see any details. You won’t miss any license plates anymore and you’ll be able to enjoy clear images. No more dizzy or fuzzy images that are affected by light too strong from the outside.

AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam – GPS Tracking & Playback

One of the top features of the Aurora dual dashcam from AUTO VOX is the built-in GPS. You can easily add the magnetic bracket to the main unit, so you’ll be able to enjoy a strong GPS signal. Do this and all your videos will have driving speed, exact location, time, and date stamped on them.

This makes you get proof of anything you record. In case of a lawsuit, settlement or accident, the insurance company has irrefutable proof of what happened. Moreover, in case you receive an unjust speeding ticket from the highway patrol, you can easily win in court thanks to the GPS tracker.

You can also play the video on your laptop and enjoy real-time sync on Google Maps. You can download the AUTO VOX player for Windows and Mac and see your exact trip on the map. You’ll then be able to revisit special places and discover new amazing places around you.

AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam is Very Easy to Set Up

Another aspect you will appreciate about this modern dashcam is the fact that you can set it up within minutes after unpacking it. Even if you’ve never installed a dashcam before, you can install the Aurora AUTO VOX dual camera in just 2 minutes. You can find inside the package all the accessories you need to install the camera, together with a complete set of instructions.

This product is so easy to install because the rear camera is connected to the main unit, so you don’t need to wire it to your rear headlight.

Wide Coverage

This AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam offers you a super-wide 320-degree road coverage. You can cover 170 degrees of the road ahead and 150 degrees behind. This is more than enough, especially if you want to be protected. You’ll only lose 20 degrees of coverage on each side, which is insignificant.

Parking Monitoring & Emergency Lock

Another 2 features that are extremely useful for drivers is the emergency lock and parking monitoring. Your new camera will activate the moment someone tries to hit your car or break-in, once your vehicle is parked. While the camera has a built-in battery, I also recommend you hard-wiring it to enjoy a constant stream of power. This way, you can park your car for days and gain the peace of mind that your camera will have enough power to record every single incident.

The emergency lock feature ensures that all events recorded during a collision or shake while driving will be stored separately on the card. Thus, they cannot be erased and can be further use as proof.

Aspects you Might Dislike

Just like any other dashcam out there, the Aurora from AUTO VOX is not perfect. Two aspects you might dislike is the fact that the screen is tiny, offering only 2” inches of space. I do not recommend using it for playback. The other drawback is that this camera supports a maximum of 128 GB Class 10 card. There are other cameras that support 256 GB, which is double space for more recordings stored.

AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam – The Bottom Line

Despite the few drawbacks, the AUTO VOX Dual Dash Cam is a great new release that is extremely reliable. It is built to last and to help you store with ease any type of accident or incident on the road. The GPS feature is priceless, while the night vision is extremely useful. You can purchase this camera at a great price by following this link AUTO VOX Dual Dash Camera.

Technical Help Information

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