Do you need help evaluating dashboard cameras? As you begin compiling a list of potential cameras, you may want to consider the AUTO-VOX D1. This dash cam features a full 1080p HD recording, along with many other great features. The AUTO VOX D1 Full HD dash cam is a quality solution for those wanting the ability to capture video from their dashboard. Learn more about this dash cam, with an in-depth review of the AUTO VOX D1.

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Primary Features Of The AUTO VOX D1

What sets the AUTO VOX D1 apart from other dash cams? When you are comparing multiple cameras, you should always look at their primary features. This gives you the best indication as to what to expect from the camera.

With the AUTO VOX D1, you will find the following features:

G-Sensor to detect severe collisions
Guarded parking mode for theft deterrence
145-degree wide-angle lens
Over 6 hours of recording
1080p high-definition video
Suction cup mount
G-Sensor Detects Severe Vehicle Collisions

G-Sensor Detects Severe Vehicle Collisions

If you need to use your video as evidence of what transpired leading up to the accident, you will want your video file to remain intact. The included G-sensor will detect when a violent collision occurs. In the event of a major accident, the AUTO VOX D1 locks the video file. This prevents you from accidentally recording over the video.

Guarded Parking Mode Deters Theft

With guarded parking mode, the AUTO VOX D1 will essentially become a motion sensor video recording unit. When you leave your vehicle, the DVR will automatically start recording if there is sudden movement around your vehicle. This provides extra protection and could deter theft.

The guarded parking mode can also be found on other dashboard cameras, including the BlackSys CH-100B 2 Channel dual dash cam. If you are interested in front and rear-facing cameras, then you may want to consider that camera in your options as well.

145-Degree Wide Angle Lens

The AUTO VOX D1 features a six-layer wide-angle lens. It has a viewable area of 145-degrees. You get a wide range, allowing you to record more of your surroundings. The suction cup mount lets you rotate the camera 360-degrees so that you can get a wide view from any angle.

Over 6 Hours Of Video Recording

You can record up to 6 hours of 1080p high-definition video on a single 32GB TF card. Whether you are filming in night vision mode or daylight, you can capture 6 hours of footage before automatically overwriting the oldest videos.

Advantages Of The AUTO VOX D1

With the AUTO VOX D1, the features discussed cover most of the advantages. You get high-quality HD recording with a 145-degree angle lens. Though, there are a few other advantages to consider:

Superior night vision technology
Easy to mount and set up
Loop recording for continual video capture
Superior Night Vision Technology

The AUTO VOX D1 features superior night vision technology. You can continue recording high-quality videos in any lighting condition. The night vision is supported by a six-glass multi-layer filter lens and a wide dynamic range video system. The sturdy suction cup mount secures your camera in place, which helps prevent shaking and wobbling. The result is a clear video – day or night.

Easy To Mount And Setup

The suction cup mounting system makes it easy to install and set up your camera. The AUTO VOX D1 simply sticks to place along with your windshield, dashboard, or the roof of your vehicle.

Loop Recording For Continual Video Capture

With loop recording, you never have to worry about inserting a new TF card. Once the card is full, the DVR system will automatically begin recording over the oldest video files. This increases the efficiency of the storage, without letting you record over important video.

Disadvantages Of The AUTO VOX D1 Dash Cam

Along with these great features, there are a few potential disadvantages to the list. This camera includes the following drawbacks:

The power cable is 5 feet long
The controls are difficult to see

The AUTO VOX D1 comes equipped with a power cable for plugging the DVR system into your car charger. The cable is about 5 feet in length. This is much longer than most motorists will require. The distance from the dashboard camera to your charger should only be a couple of feet.

So, you will likely have a pile of cable that you will need to tuck away or secure into place with several twist ties. Though, this is really a minor complaint, as it does not affect the performance of the camera.

The Controls Are Difficult To See

Along the rear of the camera, you will find a large LCD display that provides a crystal-clear view of the camera lens. On either side of the LCD display are the control buttons for the camera. The labels on these buttons are simply indentations, which makes it difficult to see in the dark. Luckily, there are only four buttons. So, once you familiarize yourself with the camera, this may not be a major issue.

Final Thoughts On The AUTO VOX D1 Dash Cam

Overall, the AUTO VOX D1 dash cam is an economical choice. It is easy to use, compact, and capable of recording in full 1080p high-definition. The suction cup mount lets you quickly install and set up your unit, in order to begin filming high-quality road video.

Adding a dash cam can provide extra security and protection. They help deter theft and are able to capture the scene of a crime or accident. You can also record great driving footage as you take a scenic road trip. Regardless of the reason for wanting a dash cam, make sure you consider all your options, including the AUTO VOX D1 dashcam.