AUTO VOX A1 Uber is a next-gen dashcam specially built to make it easy for Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers to drive safely and be at rest, knowing that everything that happens inside or outside the car is recorded. This modern device includes a 3-in-1 camera that rotates 270 degrees, a 9.88” large TFT monitor, super night vision, park mode, and reverse assistant.

Thanks to its features and specs, A1 Uber allows you to enjoy a zero blind area and to protect your vehicle against all potential threats, both from the outside and from the inside. Moreover, its unique camera allows you to record with ease both inside and outside in just a matter of seconds. You can basically rotate the camera by swiping up and down on the screen, or sideways.

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Moreover, this unit comes with a backup camera that records 720p, equipped with WDR. You can adjust the backup camera by pinching on the screen up and down. The front camera, which records at 1080 Full HD, can also be adjusted by tapping on the screen.

AUTO VOX A1 Uber also comes with stream media, allowing you to enjoy an enlargement of up to 5x of the vision ahead or in the back. You can practically zoom in on the screen while parking or driving to ensure you’ll hit no obstacles whatsoever.

Let’s dive further on into the features and benefits offered by this modern dashcam.

Auto Vox A1 Design

AUTO VOX A1 Uber has a great design meant to draw your passengers’ attention. Unlike the previous Uber models that were very small and unobtrusive, such as Blackvue or Vantrue N2 Pro, A1 Uber from Autovox comes with a super large full HD screen that clamps right over the rearview mirror.

Passengers will notice that it is a dashcam ready to record them, and they will probably see the image recorded by the front camera right on the display. The all-black design makes this dashcam a good looking one. Well, maybe not as good looking as Vizomaoi P28, which is a totally unique dashcam that resembles an alien ship from space.

One can say that AUTO VOX A1 Uber has a great personality and offers several unique features that enable it to outsmart its competitors.

Recording Quality

In terms of recording quality, A1 Uber does not necessarily shine. While the front camera records at full HD, the rear camera can only capture footage at 720p. Compared to other dashcams available on the market, this dashcam can be greatly improved.

For example, the TOGUARD CE46 Dual records in crystal clear 1920x1080P in dual mode. In a single-mode, it can record at a whopping 2560x1440P@30fps or 1920x1080P@60fps. This makes the AUTO VOX A1 Uber not an ideal camera if you want to enjoy flawless recordings.

Nevertheless, this dashcam is specially designed for Uber and Lyft drivers, so it records good enough to capture license plates and to see in the dark. Thus, as a driver, you’ll be able to see what is happening in the back seat and you’ll also be able to see the road ahead even in low light conditions.

Auto Vox A1 Stream Media Monitor

If the recording quality falls back, one thing is certain: the monitor is exceptional. At 9.88”, the LCD of the AUTO VOX A1 Uber dashcam looks gorgeous and is super intuitive. This monitor allows you to see what the cameras record in real-time and gain precious insights on what lies outside or inside.

You can control all the operations directly on the touchscreen. The responsiveness is great, so you can set up the device quicker and more reliable. On the monitor, you can see synchronously what happens in front and rear. The cameras are both synced, so you’ll be able to see both images in dual mode.

One of the best features of this monitor is that you can see the image 5 times larger. You can park easier and can see more clearly what happens in the back seat. The front camera rotates 270 degrees, so you can clearly record everything around.

Automatically Adjusted Brightness

A very good feature of this modern dashcam is the automatically adjusted brightness. The display brightness adjusts automatically in order to match the ambient light and the light from the outside. This makes it super easy for you to drive. Moreover, you won’t disturb passengers in the back seat.

You can also adjust the brightness manually using your finger on the screen. This feature goes hand in hand with the super night vision and the advanced WDR. Both cameras adjust their lenses to the light outside, creating perfectly balanced videos and photos. You can see crystal clear during the night and never lose track of what happens in the back seat.

Auto Vox A1 High Compatibility

Another feature you will love about this modern dash cam is its high level of compatibility. A1 Uber is perfect to use with any type of vehicle and includes two sets of bandages and clamps so that mounting is super easy. You can basically install it on any vehicle equipped with a rearview mirror, which includes all vehicles available today.

Parking Monitor & Loop Recording

Thanks to the built-in sensor, this sleek device saves the footage recorded before, during, and after a collision. Other than that, the recording loops in an interval of 1, 2, and 3 minutes. To top it all, the camera can be connected to a permanent power source when parked. This enables the unit to turn on and record anyone that touches your car or any other vehicle that scratches your vehicle.

Auto Vox A1 Conclusion

If you want a sleek dashcam perfect for Uber, Lyft, or Taxi drivers, then the AUTO VOX A1 Uber might be a very good buy. Despite its obvious drawbacks, this device is very easy to operate, super easy to install, and does a marvelous job capturing footage during the night.

Use it to boost the appeal of your vehicle and also to show your passengers that they are recorded. Make it clear to them that they are seen and they should behave themselves.