Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam: The Next in Line for Front and Rear Dash Camera

Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam | Dual Dashcam | Alexa’s voice-controlled built-in | Quick link WIFI | Gps | Bluetooth for dashcam app | and more…

Dash cameras have been more than just luxury accessories that cars have to improve their driver’s efficiency in today’s era. At the present, dash cameras have different functionalities that are extremely useful for drivers to have in their cars.

Currently, most dash cameras offer not just an extended view of the front and rear of your car. They also feature GPS tracking, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity, SOS Alert Systems, and other notable features for your car. Such features enhance the efficiency and safety of the users driving and improve the experience of driving for many cars.

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And now, Nextbase innovates the dash cams’ efficiency even further with their newest line of products: Nextbase 522GW Dash Cams. Under this line of dashcam products, Nextbase offers many groundbreaking innovations never before introduced from other similar products. All these features are packed in one expensive smart dashcam, which is this product’s main drawback.

Nextbase 522GW Features

522GW Dash Camera has multiple features that make it stand above several similar products from other brands in the market. Here are a few of its features to guide you on whether or not this product is for you.

Stunning 1440p HD Video Capture Resolution

As a dashcam, 522GW should feature a clear viewfinder display of the front and rear view of your car. As such, this dash camera provides crisp video recording quality of 1440p at 30fps. It can also be used to record 1080p at 30 or 60 fps. Because of its clear recording quality, 522GW can capture crisp images or videos even under bright sunlight.

Built-in Alexa Connectivity Feature

One of the dash cams’ main standouts is the integration of the Alexa technology. With Alexa, drivers can use voice commands to start video recording and updates them on recent traffic news. Moreover, you can also use it to view images captured by the device and view what the camera sees live.

SOS Emergency Response Mode

Nextbase upped the ante of the next generation of dash cameras with its newest SOS alert feature for road-related incidents. With the SOS Emergency Response mode, your car can now alert the nearest first responders to its location during emergencies. Even more, 522GW also includes the Autosync and Incident feature, which contacts your insurance company directly in case of accidents.

With the Autosync and Incident feature, your insurance company will then receive files within the device related to the incident. That way, the process of receiving your claim from them would be easier in times of emergency.

Intelligent Parking Mode

One other unique feature that Nextbase introduces in 522GW dash cams is the Intelligent Parking Mode. With this feature, your car will be protected from any bumps and physical contact from other cars when left parked. As soon as other vehicles bump your car when it is stationary, 522GW automatically records the incident.

Furthermore, such a mode is perfect along with the Autosync and Incident feature, especially when the accident leaves significant car damages.

Other Features

Aside from the features mentioned, 522GW also has features that are familiar to many dash cams currently in the market. Here are a few examples of familiar features which you may also see from other similar products today:


3-inch Wide Touch Screen Panel. 522GW stands out physically amongst other dash cameras with its 3-inch touch screen panel for convenient use. With its large display and convenient touch screen features, you can browse through menu selection or playbacks with relative ease. A wide display like 522GW’s may also help you in case you have trouble seeing small characters without zooming in. However, if you value a clearer view in your car’s front, having this on your car may not suit you.
• Bluetooth and Internet Connectivity. Having a dashcam with Bluetooth and internet connectivity features is very useful in the present day. In case of an accident, you can use its Bluetooth feature to send files directly to your phone. Then, you can use your phone to send such files to your insurance company for claims processing.
• Internet Connectivity is also very useful for easy files transfer and sharing of 522GW’s stored photos and footage. Once connected to Nextbase Connect app, you can back up your files directly on the internet for files safekeeping. Moreover, internet connectivity also allows the device to quickly contact nearby first responders in case of accidents and emergency encounters.
• 10Hz GPS Tracking. 522GW’s high-end Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracker allows your first responders to easily track your location during emergencies. GPS also allows the device to tell the current time and date with precise accuracy and set it automatically.
• Easy and Sturdy Setup. 522GW comes with a mount that can carry your device sturdily and uses magnetic locks for steady placement. The most convenient placement for this would be at the top of your windshield near the driver’s peripherals. Most likely, you may find it best placed near your rearview mirror to give you multiple on-the-road perspectives.

What are some of the disadvantages of Nextbase 522GW Dash Cams?

Despite its unique and groundbreaking features for a dash camera product, the Nextbase 522GW Dash Camera is not without its flaws. Here are a few cons you may encounter when considering buying 522GW as a dashcam for your vehicle:

Complicated charging port placements and designs. Unlike other similar dashcam products, 522GW’s port placements are frustrating, to say the least. Rather than being placed with the car’s USB port, 522GW’s 12-volt charger port is on its mount. What makes the port placement even more annoying is where it is placed on the mount. With its awkward placement, the charger cord is going to be a challenge to attach and detach.

Although you may not have problems moving 522GW within the car, moving the camera onto another car is very hard. Because the port is placed within the mount, 522GW can only be moved on a car with the same mount. 522GW’s MicroSD and USB ports are also not protected with seal covers, unlike other similar products.

As such, MicroSD cards mounted or USB cords connected on the device may drop if connected very loosely. Furthermore, when nothing is connected to them, these ports may accumulate dust and the likes inside them.

MicroSD storage only. As said earlier, 522GW has a MicroSD port, which means it could support mountable SD cards for files storage. However, MicroSD card support is only great as an extension of a device’s internal storage, which 522GW currently does not have. As such, options for backing up your dashcam’s files are limited to either cloud storage or backup device transfer.

If you are choosing to transfer files from the dashcam through the cloud, you must have an internet connection. If internet connectivity is not available for you, you can use your smartphone for files backup through Bluetooth transfer. However, only Android users can do so as Apple products, particularly iPhone devices, do not currently support Bluetooth file transfers.

If you are running low on storage on your 522GW, consider backing up files before traveling on the road. You can also choose to buy a new MicroSD card with a larger storage capacity instead.

How does Nextbase 522GW compare against other similar products?

As said earlier, Nextbase 522GW has breakthrough features that many new dashcams currently do not have. The Garmin Dash Cam 66W, which also has a voice control function that 522GW has, pales in comparison despite being cheaper. Its 2-inch widescreen may be considered less obstructive than 522GW, but it also makes for a limited screen viewing.

BlackVue DR900X is also another competitor of 522GW that focuses mainly on 4k high-definition video recording. As such, most other features that give 522GW an edge make DR900X a more expensive yet less desirable product option.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nextbase 522GW Dash Cameras

There are still a few queries out there that are left unanswered on our thoughts about 522GW and its features. As such, we allow this portion of this article to provide answers to some of your questions regarding the product:

Q. How many hours of video footage can be stored within an SD card that has 32GB of storage?

A – 522GW can record up to 4 hours of video footage within a 32GB SD card.

Q. How hard is it to install?

A. Following a module, Nextbase 522GW is relatively easy to install on your car.

Q. What type of SD card should you have with this dashcam?

A. By recommendation of Nextbase themselves, microSD cards manufactured by them are highly recommended. However, you can mount other brands of microSD cards as well.

Q. Up to how much microSD storage capacity does the dashcam support?

A. Although Nextbase only manufactures up to 128GB of microSD card capacity, you can also use 256GB storage in 522GW.

Q. What temperature rating can this dash camera hold?

A. 522GW dashcams are not advisable to be used at a temperature range of -20 ° to 45 ° Celsius. In terms of Fahrenheit measurements, be careful at using the product at -4° to 113°F temperatures.

Q. How does the dash camera start?

A. As soon as you start the engine of your car, the dashcam starts automatically.

Q. Does its display turn off?

A. If it becomes too distracting at night, the dashcam display can easily be turned off.

Q. Does this product have an intelligent parking mode?

A. For products that came out from Nextbase’s Series 2 Dash Camera models, they all feature intelligent parking mode.

Q. Can it connect to my smartphone device?

A. Yes, download the MyNextbase Connect app and get ahold of all files within your dash camera on your phone.

Q. Does this have a Rear Cam Module?

A. Yes, and you can choose from either Rear Window, Rear View, or Cabin View camera module.


What Nextbase’s 522GW Dash Camera model has above its other competitions been its multifunctionality. Although it doesn’t fair well against the usual dashcam functionalities others have, it’s more convenient in a lot of ways.

The features it introduced show potential in what could be staples in the next few dashcam products. Despite the price tag attached to this product, Nextbase may have introduced a strong contender in the dashcam market.

TOGUARD CE66 3.2″ Three Channel Dash Cam

TOGUARD CE66 3.2″ 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam | Infrared Night Vision | GPS Tracking | HDR technology | Sony sensor and starlight night version | durable in horrible surroundings | and more

Dash cameras have become a trendy and popular accessory for vehicles apart from the benefits they offer. Dash cams are especially helpful nowadays because they are means to providing evidence in case you get involved in accidents or have witnessed one.
​But with several models surfacing the market today, it can be challenging to choose the best dash cam for your vehicle.

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One of the hottest models today is the TOGUARD CE66 3.2″ Three Channel Dash Cam. In this review, you’ll know its features, specifications, benefits, and more so you know if this unit is worth your money.

Futures of TOGUARD CE66 3.2 ” Dash Cam

The TOGUARD 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam has many excellent features. Get to know more about them below.

Dash Camera

This model unit has a three-channel dash camera that offers 170 degrees front camera, 150 degrees inside cabin camera, and 150 degrees rear camera. It also records 1080P. With its high-quality capture, even during nighttime, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your car has a spy camera to record events around.

4K UHD Front Recording

The best thing about this model unit is that its front camera comes in UHD 4K (3840 x 2160 30fps) and an inside cabin camera with 1080P 30fps. These two front cameras capture high-definition videos that are so much better than ordinary cameras. This is especially helpful when identifying the faces of people in an event of a crime or accident.

Infrared Night Vision Feature

Ordinary cameras can’t capture details during nighttime. But this dash camera has infrared night vision that allows high-quality recording even without light. It’s equipped with the Sony STARVIS IMX335 sensor as well as the F1.8 large aperture 6-glass lens. This camera is capable of automatically increasing the exposure in dark situations to record clearly such as the passenger footage and license plates.

GPS and Screen Saver

This dash cam also comes with a GPS that enables you to track speed. This is helpful to determine locations and driving speeds for additional evidence in the events of road accidents. Moreover, it has an optional screen saver that automatically displays the date and time.

High dynamic range

The front camera of the dash cam is equipped with the latest HDR technology to make sure that there is excellent exposure and dynamic range in low-light conditions.

Frame mount optional

Both adhesive ingredients and adhesive base materials are included in the dash cam’s package. You can choose whatever you want. The three flexible rotating camera lenses provided additional security

Interval recording

The video recording is accelerated with an interval of every second, and the dash cam can keep more extended playtime while reducing the video file size. This type of function can save memory card space and record great scenes for you.

Strong weather resistance

The camera can withstand even harsh environments. For instance, it still performs well at 14 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other Features of Toguard Ce66

toguard ce66

Compared to the average dash cams, this model unit has the following added features: loop recording, parking monitor, emergency recording lock, parking assist, and time-lapse. It also comes with two kinds of mount for installation options. It also supports up to 256GB Max SD card. The SD card is not included in the box though. So, if you love long trips go for the maximum capacity so you can record and capture more memories on the road.

TOGUARD CE66 3.2” Dash Cam vs. Garmin Dash Cam 56

The compact, GPS-enabled Garmin Dash Cam 56 got your back as it releases its updated features: a field of view of 140 degrees. It has the power to capture and save essential details within a range of 1440p HD video. So, what makes this model on par with the TOGUARD CE66?

Notably compact

This pocket-sized dash cam is notably compact, making it a perfect device for capturing video moments without much hassle getting in your way. There are two power cable options that are included mainly for upward or downward routing purposes.

1440p HD video and Garmin Clarity HDR plus a filed view of 140-degrees

With the help of 1440p HD video and Garmin Clarity HDR, you will have a chance to record explicit videos of vehicle details in any shade or light. Along with it is the wide 140-degree field of view that can capture the road ahead, including cross traffic and the likes.

Round-the-clock recording

Once this camera is plugged into your vehicle’s power source, it will continually record so that you don’t have to overthink about the process of turning it on or turning it off or even the thought that you could actually miss an incident or scenario.

Automatically saves footage

The camera has the power to save footage when it detects something or an incident automatically. And with its built-in GPS, you will have solid proof of the exact time and exact location where the events occurred. Garmin Dash Cam 56 would require an average of 8 GB microSD™ card, preferably Class 10 or faster (sold separately).

Safety features

To encourage safe driving, you must get alerts if you’re driving too closely to the vehicle ahead of you. You can receive alerts if you drift off the road or into oncoming traffic. It also have Go alerts and signals; this feature notifies you when stopped traffic in front of you has started to move.

With red lights and speed cameras, this camera has got you covered with alerts for red lights and speed cameras nearby. Keep your focus on the road, your hands on the wheel, and make use of the voice commands to tell the camera to instantly save video, start and stop the audio recording, and more.

Travelapse feature

Also, share your drive with friends by the use of the Travelapse feature. It has the capacity to condense hours of driving into minutes of highlight moments, creating a fun and delightful video which you can easily share.

Extra USB ports

It also has an extra USB port that allows you to keep the dash camera powered on and also charge the camera at the same time. This way, you don’t need to turn off your camera while charging.

Parking Surveillance Mode

The dashcam has a parking surveillance mode that automatically records motion in front of and inside your vehicle when it’s parked and turned off.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled

Its Bluetooth technology and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allow you to upload the saved footage on your mobile phone using its very own app – the Garmin Drive app. This will let you view, edit, and even share the videos directly to your social media accounts.

4 Dash Cameras

The Garmin Drive app can control and play back synchronized videos from up to a maximum of four dash cameras. These cameras can be placed on the sides of the vehicles so you can capture footage from different multiple viewpoints.

Benefits of a Dashcam

Securing a dash cam for your car is helpful in the event of an accident as the recordings can serve as good evidence. The devices are appropriately placed for the purpose of capturing every detail of the road ahead.

Most of the authorities in the US are now accepting dash cam footage as solid evidence of value. Therefore, they can be used as an essential type of prevention mechanism for future accidents caused by reckless and dangerous drivers.

Road rage, drink driving, and other related dangerous behaviors while driving is prevalent. However, a dashboard camera can minimize such incidents and help the authorities punish real offenders as quickly as possible.

Reduced insurance premiums

On a lighter note, a dash cam can save some of your money as a driver. A good example is by having lower insurance premiums.

Some insurance companies are recognizing the preventive nature of some drivers by offering a discount. For example, you state and prove that you have one fitted in your car; therefore, you will get a reasonable discount.

Aviva pioneered this move by including a 100% freebie – a dashboard camera for drivers who take out its discounted black box insurance. AXA and Swiftcover likewise did the same.

Encourage safe driving

You cannot undo what a dash camera can capture in just a blink of an eye. This fact encouraged everyone to practice safe driving since they positively regard the dash cam installation as a preventive measure that promotes safe driving.

As stated earlier regarding the Aviva example, its camera uses a unique and high-end technology that provides you with a particular score after each journey or travel. You will get a high score once you have shown that you’re responsible enough for driving and taking turns. As a reward, you will get reasonable discounts; the higher the score is, the higher the discounts.


1.) Is there an app for cell phones for this camera?

No, this 4k dash cam doesn’t have any phone app.

2.) Can all three cameras be set to record all the time on a loop?

Sure, all cameras can be set to loop recording all the time.

3.) How is 24-hour parking monitoring sustained? Does the item have motion detectors?

Yes, when parked and the ignition disconnects power, the internal battery will supply power, and the motion detector will be activated. Some have theirs set on high and will automatically start recording if somebody hits the car.

4.) Does this come with a hardwire kit?

No. But what users do is buy a cigarette lighter socket with a “pigtail” (2 wires coming out), plugged the two together, and wired the pigtail. Some also wrap the plug/socket with electrical tape and hide it all behind the dash.

5.) Will I have a cord hanging off the display from the front camera down to the car charger? (Or anywhere else?)

Correct. A continuous power supply is needed to keep it charging. The built-in power is not enough for a longer time.

6.) Is it a mini USB used or a micro USB for main power?

It comes with a cigarette lighter power cord that is a mini USB. If you try to get a wiring system for this, make sure it’s a mini USB to the camera.

7.) Does this camera have an option to use the ODB2 port?

Sorry, the ODB2 port can not be used with a dash camera.

8.) Does Toguard Ce66 come with a lithium battery or a supercapacitor? I have Vantrue N4.

Yes, this three-channel dash cam has a small lithium battery.

9.) How can I slow down playback? Stuck in fast forward?

Ease kindly disable time-lapse video recording; then the video will slow down. For further queries, feel free to contact TOGUARD after-sale support at [email protected]

10.) Does Toguard Ce66 come with GPS?

Yes, it does.


Technology evolves as innovations, inventions, and new discoveries are likewise constantly developed each day. One of these is the dash cameras which are now common in almost all types of vehicles.

Dash Cams can provide an array of benefits, and most importantly, they make the roadways much safer to navigate. Dash cameras vividly record accidents, but they also promote a stronger sense of accountability and responsibility for the drivers. Reckless drivers can now be punished and put to jail once they are caught on the camera.

The simple idea that someone’s driving is being recorded will now be convincing enough to practice safe and responsible driving. This will also mean that drivers will be conscious enough to reevaluate and prevent any unsafe habits.

The TOGUARD CE66 3.2 ” Dash Cam, with its excellent features and specifications and a reasonable price, is definitely a good buy. If you’re aiming for the highest level of quality in your recordings, whether during the day or at night, then this dash camera is perfect for you.

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo | Upgraded Super Night Vision & WDR | Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS | Loop recording | Built-in Supercapacitor | and more

If you’re looking for a high-quality professional dash camera for your vehicle, you may opt to check one of the newest models today – the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo. Like its predecessor, this dash camera comes with many great features, including an ultra 4K dual-channel WiFi dash cam.

Continue reading to know if this dash cam is worth its market value.

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VIOFO A129 Pro Duo Ultra 4K Features

VIOFO is one of the newest dash cam models yet it has already been sought out by many and has earned its spot on our top lists. It has aspects and features any user would want: affordability, user-friendliness, and high-quality video recordings.

The A129 Pro Duo is similar in many ways to its predecessor, the A129 Duo, such as in its looks and some features. The one key difference is that the Pro Duo records in 4K. However, 4K dash cams are a bit expensive because of the quality it provides. So, do you get your money’s worth with its extra cost?

This model is a two-channel dash cam featuring one upfront camera and one in the back. The said front captures a 4K video vividly with the Sony’s premium Exmor R 8MP sensor; the rear of it is a 2MP Sony Starvis that captures 1080p video.

Moreover, the main camera has its own 2-inch HD LCD display camera. This unit includes a built-in GPS, dual-band Wi-Fi where you can directly connect with your smartphone, and a motion sensor.

What’s not included in the box?

If you purchase this model, there are a few things though that you won’t find in the box. The first is a microSD card. Since it doesn’t come with one, you need to go for a large-capacity card because the 4K video files take up a huge space.

​To give you an idea of how much storage you need, a 128GB card has a capacity of 3.5 hour-video footage if the front camera is set to 4K and the rear camera is set at full HD. The maximum capacity though is 256GB.

Second, if you want to use the parking mode of A129, you need to have the hardwire kit.

Third, there’s an optional polarizer for around the same price as the hardwire kit. This reduces the reflections from the windscreen and dashboard of your car, which in turn allows the camera to record clearer videos that have better contrast.

​How much does it cost? 

VIOFO’s A129 Pro Duo is currently priced here. It’s certainly a high-performing dash cam with video and optical captures that are near to perfection.

The A129 Pro Duo is identical to its predecessor, the A129. So physically, it’s difficult to tell them apart. They have identical GPS mounts. They also have the same 2in color screen and buttons and ports.

So, if you have the old model, it will probably take you one minute to install the Pro Duo. Simply use the power wire and GPS mount from the A129 and plug the rear camera directly into the side of the A129 Pro Duo, and voila, installation is successful.

vifo  A129 pro duo

When the 4K UHD upgraded from the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo, the front video showed enough and relevant details. This means that the extra storage space 4K UHD requirements might actually be worth it. The rear video is one of the exceptional 1080p there is in the market.

With this 4K UHD front dash camera and 1080p rear camera, this model is an exceptional upgrade from its old models. Throw in some integrated GPS and WiFi connectivity, this is a quite likely one of the models having the best value in the market today.

So far, it’s on a higher level compared to the Nextbase 422GW or 322GW, which offer a largely similar feature set.

Actual Design and Best Features

As to its design and features, Viofo A129 Pro Duo consists of a 140-degree FOV 1080p rear camera – the Sony EXMOR IMX291; and a 130-degree field of view in a 4K UHD camera – the Sony EXMOR IMX317 sensor. The front camera connects via a long and thick cable. Both can be adjusted on a vertical plane only. It means careful alignment will be necessary during the installation for best results.

The main dash cam also has a two-inch color display and five multifunction navigation buttons underneath, plus one to take emergency videos. The buttons are clearly labeled and the menu is also properly organized and easy to navigate and control. 

Going on the right side of the main unit, you’ll find the following: connector (USB), A/V output, and rear camera connector. While on the left side, you’ll see the microphone, the SD card slot, and a reset button.

The operating temperature range for the A120 Pro Duo is from an estimate of +14 degrees to +140 degrees Fahrenheit. A capacitor is necessary for it will power the unit for approximately five seconds after the removal of 12 volts. There is also a GPS on board, and its advantage to other dash cams is that it has an automatic function of setting the date and time. This is beneficial, especially for recorded videos used as a piece of evidence of a crime or accident.

How’s the performance?

The 4K UHD dash cam concept created doubts and confusion for many since a 2160p video requires estimated storage of 1GB for a mere three-minute video. That would mean four times more than what a 1080p video requires.

At this rate, a 32GB SD card can be used up in less than two hours. So, under constant use, your SD card will probably wear out quicker. The 400-percent increase in storage requirements is really a huge move for the unit.

Some people would only prefer 1080p, claiming that it’s better for daily use. The new A129 Pro Duo though captures more vivid pictures and videos with finer details using its 4K UHD. So, if you’re after a higher quality of captures, then it may be worth the extra expense.

Despite the flare issues, the night captures of A129 Pro Duo’s are generally good. The camera also has a wake-on-motion mode for parking, which is best for any type of surveillance. The parking mode requires hardwiring or the use of an OBD-II power source.

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam vs Rexing V1P Max 4K UHD

Rexing V1P Max 4K UHD is also a 4K dual-channel recording with excellent front and rear camera record – REAL 4K Front + rear 1080p. This feature will give you a simultaneous recording of the road in front and behind you through your pro camera and displayed via your LCD screen.

The said model may be the biggest competition of the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo today, and for a reason.

The improved night vision feature of the Rexing V1P Max model allows for the optimal performance of the dash cam, especially in situations with low lighting. Its glass lens fine-tunes the exposure via its 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lenses.

The dash cam has its GPS built-in, Wi-Fi, and a mobile app available on both Android and IOS.

The GPS can accurately record your driving location and actual driving speed. You can also view the route and tracker of your driving on Google maps via the Rexing Connect App.

The mobile app allows you to view and download the recordings of your dash cam instantly using your smartphones. With this, you can easily share your wonderful road experiences on your social media.

Videos can be recorded at up to three-minute intervals. When it reaches its storage limit which is up to 256GB, the unit overwrites the oldest and unlocked recordings automatically.

The good thing is that the Accident Auto Detection happens with its built-in gravity sensor. And when it detects a collision, the current video will be locked and saved.

A supercapacitor helps to deliver the power. It’s a premium alternative to a lithium-ion battery. Its features have enhanced temperature resistance to hot and cold climates.

It also has a parking monitor feature wherein the camera turns on automatically and records a video for 20 seconds whenever it detects vibration.

Its installation is also very easy. You can easily mount it on the windshield. Both the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual and Rexing V1P Max 4K UHD have excellent features.

How you choose between the two is based on your personal taste and preferences. But before you choose, consider the things we mentioned above so you can have a more informed buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What’s included in the box?

The following are the inclusions of the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo: 4K Front Camera, 12V Car Adapter and 13’ Power Cable, Mini USB Data Cable, Rear Camera Cable (20′ long), GPS Logger, Cable Clips, Card Reader Adapter, Adhesive Mount Stickers, trim tool, and manual.

2.) How long does it take to record at max resolution without resetting/overwriting with 256 GB?

It takes approximately 8 hours at h264.

3.) What kind of warranty is on this?

The warranty is called “Capture Your Action.” This provides a one-year warranty and unlimited support.

4.) Where is the manual for this product online?

You can find the manual on the VIOFO website.

5.) If I’m parked in my garage for more than 24hrs is there a way to unplug the camera so I won’t drain my battery?

You can simply press and hold the left button (Menu button) for about five seconds, and the camera will power down.

6.) My video is choppy and stutters. Not smooth. I can’t see the resolution. Is there a solution for this?

Not all computers can host a 4K video playback. Upload a clip to YouTube, and you’ll see normal video playback there if that’s the case.

7.) How do you activate the GPS?

Set on the camera itself. There is an option for GPS to power on/off. It should be defaulted to on.

8.) The instructions say that the camera system requires the micro-SD card to be formatted in fat32; will exFAT format work with this camera system?

No, the camera only supports the card in FAT32; please format the card before inserting it into the camera.

9.) What is the power connector to the front dash camera? Is it a micro-USB or mini-USB or something else?

From the manual: Connect the camera to a computer by using the included short mini-USB cable. So yes, mini-USB, not micro.

10.) Does each camera take its own micro sd card, or just one card for both? Also, what is the best card for this device?

Only one micro SD card can be used. The recordings for the two cameras are stored in two separate files for each block of recorded time. The Lexar 633x 512GB micro SD card works perfectly.


Looking for the perfect innovative and professional dash cam is one of the challenges to most drivers. You may opt to check new products that would definitely suffice your expectations.

The Viofo A129 Pro Duo is a perfect example of a 4K dash cam that’s worth recommending. With its detailed daytime video captures and high-quality nighttime captures, to its integrated GPS, user-friendliness, and an acceptable run time off, this dash camera is a full package.

Rexing V1P Max 4K UHD Dual Channel Dashcam Product Review

Rexing V1P MAX 4K dual dash cam | WiFi GPS | Night Vision | Supercapacitor | Mobile App to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your iOS and Android devices | and more

When choosing a personal dashcam for your needs, it is necessary you get one that is reliable. Dashcams, after all, are responsible for protecting you against all kinds of road-related trouble and more.

However, choosing the perfect dash cam for your needs is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of things you need to consider before you consider getting one. Lucky for you, the Rexing V1P Max 4K UHD Dual Channel Dashcam is here for you. The Rexing V1P Max is not the best dashcam available in the market but it certainly has its charms. For individuals who enjoy a sleek but portable design, this might be the one you are looking for.

No products found.

This dashcam may be small but it comes with features that would outperform a lot of dash cams out there. With the Rexing V1P Max, it is undeniable that you will surely be getting the best value for your money.

Interested in knowing more about the Rexing V1P Max UHD Dual Channel Dashcam? Well, if you are, let’s find out together below what more this dashcam model has in store for us.


• Display: 2.4 inches, 4:3 TFT
• Image Sensor: OS08A10
• Processor: HI3559V200
• GPS Support: Yes; Built-in
• WIFI Support: Yes
• Front Camera Video Resolution: 3840 x 2160
• Rear Camera Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
• Front Lens Angle: 170°
• Back Lens Angle: 170°
• Storage Capacity: MicroSD Card (UHS-1/Class 10 or higher; expandable up to 256 Gb)


• Real 4K + 1080P Dual-Channel Recording
• Superior Night Mode Vision
• Parking Surveillance Mode
• Gravity Sensor
• Loop Recording
• Built-in GPS Logger
• Built-in WiFi and Mobile App

Why choose the Rexing V1P Max Dual Channel Dashcam?

There are a lot of reasons as to why you should choose the Rexing V1P Dashcam for your personal needs. After all, it may not be the best but it works quite well compared to others of the same price. However, if you are still not convinced even after seeing this product’s specifications, allow us to help you out further.

The Rexing V1P Max Dashcam is a good choice because it offers unique features for a reasonable price. Given the specifications that it comes with, you will surely not regret choosing such a device.

However, choosing the perfect dash cam for your needs is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of research and knowledge before you can decide on which is the best option for you. And this is even truer especially for those who are new to the whole dash cam business.

So why exactly should you choose the Rexing V1P Max Dual Dashcam? Well, allow us to tell you why. Without further ado, here are the different features that you will surely enjoy if you choose this Dashcam.

Video Quality

First and foremost, the main function of a dashcam is to record and protect you from all roadside activities. After all, there is no way of knowing what could be right around the next corner.

This is why having a dashcam installed within your vehicles is always recommended. You can protect yourself from all kinds of harm even better. And this is what makes the Rexing V1P Max Dashcam such a great option.

One of this unit’s main selling points is the fact that it offers real 4K recording capabilities. 4K recordings are great because they allow you to capture everything clearly on video.

rexing v1p max

With this kind of resolution, you do not have to worry about blurry images and the like. You can rest easy knowing that your recording will surely capture the moment in the best video quality possible.

The only flaw with 4K videos is that they consume a lot of memory and space. So if you want to take advantage of the recording capability of the dashcam, you will need an SD card. However, worry not as this unit supports the use of an SD card of up to 256 GB worth of storage.

If you want to change the resolution to save on memory space, you may do so as well. However, for this, you will have to refer to your unit’s user manual for clearer instructions.

Parking Surveillance Mode

Aside from the great video quality, the Rexing VIP Max Dashcam also offers a parking surveillance mode feature. This is great as even if you are not around, you are assured that your vehicle is still being monitored. With this feature, you are constantly informed of the condition of your vehicle even when you are not around.

Now, the Rexing V1P Max Dual Dashcam has two sub-functions when it is in Parking Surveillance Mode. And these are impact detection and motion detection.

Impact Detection functions with the help of your dashcam’s G-Sensor. Basically, what happens is whenever there is an impact; it is automatically detected by your dashcam’s G-sensor. When this happens, your dashcam will then power up and capture a recording of what is currently happening. This will help you identify later on who bumped into your car and how everything happened.

Motion Detection, on the other hand, is a whole lot simpler compared to Impact Detection. What it does is whenever your camera sensors detect movement, it will automatically start recording. This is helpful in case of theft where there is not much impact to activate the impact detection feature.

There is just one thing you need to keep in mind in order to enjoy this dashcam’s parking mode feature. Make sure that you have an external power source prepared for your dashcams. After all, if your car is turned off, your dashcam will not be able to power up at all.

Loop Recording

The Rexing V1P Max Dual Channel Dashcam also has loop recording capabilities. This is a great feature for those who cannot afford to purchase an SD card with a bigger storage capacity. But before we go any further, for those who have no idea, what exactly is loop recording?

Loop recording is a dashcam feature that automatically removes the oldest file saved on your SD card. This happens when it detects that you are lacking in storage but still need to keep recording your day. Thanks to this feature, you do not have to manually delete the old videos on the SD card. The dashcam will be doing it for you instead.

GPS Logger and Mobile Support

Another thing that makes the Rexing V1P Max a good choice is its GPS logger and app support. With these features, you will be able to monitor your travels with utmost convenience.

With the GPS logger, you can playback your previously recorded video and use the GPS logger software. By doing so, you are able to see real-time information regarding your travel speed, current location, and many more. This will allow you to pinpoint your previous location if needed.

Aside from the GPS logger, the Rexing V1P Max also comes with mobile support. This means that you can monitor your dashcams using your mobile phones. With this, you can watch all the recordings on your dashcam with just your phone. You can even download and transfer the videos if you want to. Thanks to this, sharing footage from person to person has never been easier.

Package Inclusions

Now that this dashcam’s specifications are laid down, it is time to move on to the next agenda at hand. So, what exactly comes with the Rexing V1P Max Dual Dashcam outside the box? Well, allow us to answer that question for you. Hopefully, with this, you will be able to gauge better whether this dashcam is the one for you.

Here are the different things that you get when you purchase the Rexing V1P Max Dual Dashcam:

• Rexing V1P Max Dual Dash Camera
• Rear Camera + 20ft Cable
• Power Cable
• Adhesive Mount
• USB Cable
• User Manual

There are also a lot of upgrade kits you can purchase for your Rexing V1P Max Dual Dashcam. This is if you are interested in upgrading the basic functions of your dashcam even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the 4K recording capability available for both channels?

– No. The 4K recording capability of the Rexing V1P Max Dual Dashcam is only true for the front camera. This means that the rear camera won’t have the ability to record in 4K resolution video quality.

2. What is the best recording resolution of the rear camera?

– The rear camera is able to record in 1080P resolution.

3. Are both the front and rear cameras of the dashcam using the microSD card installed?

– Yes, both cameras save their recorded files on the same microSD card.

4. Will all the recordings stored in the SD card be saved using the same file format?

– Yes, all the saved recordings on the SD card will be using the same file format.

5. What kind of MicroSD card should you use for the Rexing V1P Max Dual Dashcam?

– For the best performance, we recommend that you use a UHS-1/Class 10 or higher microSD card for the dashcam.

6. Will there be any possible problems when downloading the supported app from the play store or app store?

– No there aren’t any issues if you wish to download the application from the play store.

7. Can you manually lock looped videos?

– Yes you can. You may do this by simply setting in the dashcam’s settings. With this, you will not have to worry about a certain video having deleted suddenly.

8. What are the dimensions of this product?

– The dashcam’s dimensions are 4.5 inches by 2.5 inches by 2 inches.

9. Where can you purchase the Rexing V1P Max Dual Channel Dashcam?

– You can get the product by either purchasing it from the brand’s website or by ordering them online.

10. Is the product available for purchase worldwide?

– Yes you may purchase the product wherever you are worldwide.

Comparing the Rexing V1P Max to the Thinkware FA200  

Another dashcam that would certainly be worth your money is the Thinkware FA200 Dashcam. This is another great option for your dashcam needs. And since it was released recently as well, it is also a popular choice when it comes to affordable dashcams.

But which among the two should you choose? Should you go for the older Thinkware FA200 Dashcam or should you go for the Rexing V1P Max? Well, let’s find out together below.

When it comes to price, the Thinkware FA200 certainly has the lead. This is because although their prices are not so spread out apart, the Thinkware FA200 is certainly a lot cheaper. And for some who are a bit tight on the budget, the Thinkware FA200 will certainly come out on top.

However, in terms of features, the Rexing V1P Max Dashcam would certainly bring home the bacon. This is because the Rexing V1P Max can record in 4K while the Thinkware can only do so in 1080P. In terms of video quality and clarity, the previous is certainly the better option. And on top of that, the Rexing V1P Max also has better video recording angles than the Thinkware model.

Aside from that, there really is not that much of a difference in terms of both dashcam’s other features. In fact, there are a lot of similarities between them.

The app supports built-in wifi and GPS, parking mode, and many more. Both are able to monitor the dashcams through a supported app, both have built-in wifi support, and many more. So whichever you may end up choosing, you will certainly not be disappointed.


If you are looking for a good dashcam for your use, then you should consider the Rexing V1P Max. With the different features that it offers, there really is not a lot more you can ask for.

In conclusion the Rexing V1P Max is very user-friendly and easy to use. No matter your age, you will surely get the knack of it in no time. This being said, there is nothing you should worry about when choosing this dashcam.

Always keep yourself protected from all sorts of roadside accidents. Make sure that you have a trusty dashcam by your side at all times. By doing so, you are assured that you will never be wrongly held liable for something that isn’t your fault. With the Rexing V1P Max, you will surely get all this and more.

Garmin Dash Cam 56 Compact Discreet Dash Camera

Garmin Dash Cam 56 | Voice control (Available for English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish) | lane departure warnings | Compact, discreet dash cam | and more

Shopping for the best dash cam to buy and still got no idea which one to get? You’ve come to the right place. You can check out all dash cam reviews here. But before you do, we are giving you a review of one of the amazing dash cameras available online: the Garmin Dash Cam 56.

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To better understand a device before buying it, you have to check the specifications and features. These are the details we give in this review. However, we provide you more as we share information that will make it easier for you to know how Garmin Dash Cam 56 gets the job done.

garmin dash cam 56


Brand: Garmin
Item Dimensions: 1.59 x 2.21 x 0.84 inches
Display Type: LCD
Screen Size: 2 inches
Video Capture Resolution: 1440P
Mounting Type: Magnetic Mount
Battery Cell Composition: Lithium-Cobalt
Batteries: Included
Control Method: Voice


• 140-Degree View
• Dash Cam Auto Sync
• Voice Control
• Scene Capture
• Travelapse
• Driver Alerts
• Parking Mode Monitoring
• Loop Recording

Garmin Dash Cam 56 and It’s Futures

To understand some of the features and how they can be of huge help to you, read on:

140-Degree View – it may be a compact and discreet type of device, but Garmin Dash Cam gives a wide 140-degree view. It also provides very clear footage at 1440P resolutions that you will appreciate video captures even in low-light situations.

Dash Cam Auto Sync – With Garmin Dash Cam 56, you can have a 360° view of your car—front, 2 sides, and back. Using the auto-sync feature makes it possible for you to wirelessly connect all 4 units of this dash cam. All work in sync that when a video is saved on one unit, all the others do the same task.

On your smartphone, use the Garmin Drive app to create a “picture-in-picture” clip of any two viewpoints simultaneously. This way, you can share these videos with insurance agencies, friends, or legal authorities easily.

Voice Control – If you want to save a still picture or video, just say “OK, Garmin” and it will do the task. You can also start and stop the Travelapse feature, as well as the audio recording. Available languages are English, Italian, French, Swedish, German, and Spanish.

Scene Capture – If something happens, you have nothing to worry about because everything is captured on your Garmin Dash Cam 56. It records and saves the clip of the accident automatically. You have proof that it’s not your fault because of the scene capture feature that boasts of its 140-degree coverage.

The video includes GPS location data and time that tells where and when the accident or incident happens exactly. Consequently, you can watch the video directly on the unit or through your phone using the Garmin Drive app you downloaded. However, you will have to buy a micro SD card (8GB, class 10 or faster) as it is not included in the package.


Travelapse – It takes you longer hours every time you try to shorten a dash cam recording of your latest travel. With Travelapse, compressing your hours of joyful travel into minutes is faster and easier. You can record and subsequently share the video with your friends and family in no time.

Driver Alerts – With Garmin Dash Cam 56 Compact Discreet Dash Camera driver alerts feature, you can feel safer. You can avoid possible accidents or traffic violations because of the “go”, lane departure, and forward-collision warnings.

These driver alerts keep you aware and help you monitor the vehicles around you easily. In some areas, you can also get alerts when the speed camera and red light camera are in sight. Just subscribe to Garmin Express. It’s free.

Parking Mode Monitoring – Even if you leave your car in the parking area and the engine is off, you have nothing to worry about in case someone or something hits your car. With the parking mode monitor, your dashcam will start recording the scene automatically soon as it detects motion.

However, you may have to buy a parking mode cable to benefit from this feature. Per the advice of the manufacturer, you should also hire a professional to do the installation.

Loop Recording – Running out of storage space will not happen with this Garmin dash cam. With loop recording, the device will delete old files automatically to give you more space for newer videos. However, your saved clips are safe because this feature will not touch them.

Some jurisdictions, according to the manufacturer, prohibit or regulate the use of Garmin Dash Cam 56. For this reason, know and understand the laws and rights to privacy that apply in the areas where you will use this.

Package Inclusions:
Dash Cam 56
Lithium-ion battery
Vehicle power cables
Low-profile magnetic mount
Dual USB power adapter

Using the Garmin 56 Drive App

You will notice that in discussing the features, the Garmin Drive app is mentioned. It helps you change the settings in your camera, as well as view, edit, and record clips and photos. Additionally, it lets you arrange a multi-camera network, as discussed in the Dash Cam Auto Sync function above.

To help you maximize the use of your Garmin Dash Cam 56, download this app and pair it with your customer. Here are the steps on how to do this:

1. Download the Garmin Drive app from the app store and install it on your smartphone.
2. Turn your dash camera on and make sure that your phone and the device are within 10-foot apart.
3. Launch the Garmin Drive app on your phone.
4. Accept the app’s license agreements if this is your first time to pair it with your phone. Otherwise, choose “Add a device”.
5. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

How is Garmin Dash Cam 56 Compared with Other Similar Devices?

Before you make a purchase, you must always practice comparison. Check other similar devices to give you an idea about the features to look for. By comparing Garmin Dash Cam 56 with others, you will know if what you will purchase is a good buy or not.

Now, comparing this with AUKEY 4K Dash Cam, both units have loop recording, mounting, and time-lapse features. However, in terms of resolutions, AUKEY is better because it’s 4K and Garmin 56 has 1440P resolutions only. AUKEY has a built-in G sensor but Garmin Dash Cam 56 can boast of its voice control that it can also save videos before, during, and after the incident.

Read more about AUKEY 4K Dash Cam here.

Compared with Kingslim D1 Pro Dual Dash Cam, Kingslim has a dual cam—front and back. However, you cannot take this Garmin model too lightly because it has the capacity to do a multi-camera network. Subsequently, connect all four units and you will get a 360° view.


As for the other features, you may find that Kingslim stands out. But, considering all the other features of Garmin, you will know that this dash cam is also a worthy investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In the event of an accident and I tell the dashcam to save the video which clip does it record?

Soon as the device ‘hears’ your command, it will automatically save the previous, the current, and the next clips. Each of these three clips will have a time length of one minute. Therefore, when converted into one video, you’ll have 3-minute saved footage. This should be enough proof during the investigation.

2. If I have two of the compact discreet dash camera, can I pair both of them at the Garmin Drive app?

Yes, you can pair the multiple numbers of dash cameras to the Garmin Drive app as it allows a multi-camera network. You can view the clips and even make picture-in-picture videos. For more information on how to pair or add another device, see the how to use the Garmin Drive app section above.

3. How can I set the recording of each file to more than one minute using the 128GB card?

No, you can’t. There’s nothing in the setting that will let you do this. Each video is saved in increments of one minute.

4. Does Garmin Dash Cam 56 have a G sensor?

Garmin Dash Cam 56 has no G sensor. Therefore, it cannot perceive possible incidents. So, do not expect it to save video footage before, during, and after the occurrence. However, if you are present in the incident, use the voice control to ask the device to save this for you. Read more about the voice control feature.

5. What will happen when the SD card runs out of storage space? Do I have to delete the saved videos manually or the device can do it on its own?

When your SD card becomes full, the Garmin dash cam will overwrite the oldest files automatically. Those previously saved videos that detected accidents are safe as they will not be overwritten. Therefore, you will have more storage space on your card. More importantly, you do not need to manually remove the video files.

6. Can this work continuously for eight hours each day?

Yes, it will record as long as it has constant power and is plugged in. One owner shared that he was able to use it for 8 to hours and still works excellently.

7. Can anyone tell me if the speed camera and red light camera warnings are working? How does it work? Is it not a free feature?

The speed camera and red light camera warning feature is working. Because the Garmin Dash Cam 56 has the Cyclops red light and speed camera database, the feature works amazing. However, a subscription of one year for Canada and the US is necessary for you to get the updated database.

8. Will the Garmin Drive app makes it easier for me to upload videos to social media sites?

Using the Garmin Drive app, you can do a video export to your smartphone. Then, you can do the usual process of uploading videos from your smartphone to your social media accounts.

9. How will the dash camera go into parking mode?

First, purchase a parking mode cable. Soon as you successfully connected it to the dash cam, the parking mode feature is enabled. When your turn off the ignition, the parking mode is activated.

10. Can the dash cam do a 360-degree turn even if it is attached to the windshield?

No, that is not possible. It can’t rotate at 360° when mounted.


As you check all dash cam reviews online, you will know that Garmin Dash Cam 56 is a worthy purchase. Because of its features, you get what you need. First, you get the feeling that you are safe and so is your vehicle.

In case something happens, you’ve got everything captured on cam. Even when you leave your car in the parking lot, the parking mode feature can help you determine what happens as it is recorded. Clearly, your safety and your car’s security work to your advantage, right?