The Aukey Dual Dash Cam is one of those modern dashboard cameras that have managed to break new ground on the market in 2017. This is definitely a product worth reviewing in 2018, as more and more drivers will be keen on trying it. Dash cams have been around for some while now. With thousands of models available, the dashboard camera market is now saturated.

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However, out of the vast number of dash cams that have hit the market recently, we uncovered a strong competitor: the Aukey dual dashboard camera. Even though it was released just recently, in September 2017, this beautiful dash cam can definitely surprise you by its unobtrusive design, clear image capture, ultra-wide-angle, and advanced features.

The front camera has an ultra-wide 170 angle, while the rear one offers a 152 angle. That’s a total of 322 degrees covered out of 360. This is one of the cameras with the widest coverage ever. Let’s take a closer look at what this modern dash cam brings to the table in 2018 and uncover its hidden benefits for drivers.

What’s In The Box?

This dashboard camera comes with everything you need in order to enjoy a smooth ride and make the most out of your trip. In addition to the front and rear dash cam, the box also contains a dual-port USB charger for the car, a 13 feet USB mini cable, a 20 feet USB cable, six 3M stickers, two sticker mounts, six cable clips, and of course the user manual.

As you can see, the package contains everything you need in order to secure your dashboard cameras and to make sure there are no wires hanging from the top of your car.

Aukey Dual Dash Cam Design

In terms of looks, the Aukey dual dash cam camera is fairly well-built. It looks quite similar to the well-famed Rexing V1 3rd Generation, but it is slightly smaller. You might not enjoy the slim curves and unobtrusive design, but we can assure you that it is the best way to keep the camera away from privy eyes. Yes, many other dashboard cameras look much better than this model.

However, they cannot offer the amount of protection Aukey can give you. Offering a streamlined, stealthy design, the Aukey dashboard camera covers both front and rear for enhanced protection. Thanks to the unobtrusive design, you can rest assured that no one from outside your vehicle will be able to notice you recording everything.

 Recording Quality

When it comes to recording quality, this device is simply astounding. You would be surprised to discover the clarity of the recording, both during the day and during the night. At f/1.8 aperture for the front camera and f/2.0 for the rear, the details are crisp and clear.

The Sony Exmor sensor with 2.3 Megapixel allows the device to record seamlessly in full HD, at 1080p. Accompanied by the optional in-car audio, you can enjoy a full recording experience. However, the recording experience cannot match the one offered by Vantrue R3, which can record at Super HD 2340*1296P thanks to its Ambarella A12 Chipset.

Now, you can say that many other dash cams record in 3k or 4k, at a resolution of 2560×1080 or bigger. While that is true, we want to highlight that the resolution is not everything. The sensor and aperture are some of the key elements of a great recording. You can search for videos on YouTube and see for yourself the quality of the recording this dash cam can provide.

What’s more, the 170-degree wide lens allows you to easily capture a full six-lane view. You can easily monitor all lanes, both in the front and in the back, and get all the important details that could escape your eye. It is important to know that the front camera only functions when the rear camera is connected. To get the best experience, you need both cameras to be hooked up and to work simultaneously.

Aukey Dual Dash Cam Setting It Up

As for setting up this dual dash cam, we have some bad news: it’s going to take you some time. The connectors are quite inflexible, so routing them through the cable paths and tapping them to your car might take a while. Expect to spend at least two hours mounting the whole system. Once set up, you can easily switch between the front and back camera by the press of a button.

Top Features Of Aukey Dual Dash Cam

This discrete black dash cam can help you gain the peace of mind needed that you are safe behind the wheel. It can become that priceless witness in court that can help you win the case, or become that guard who protects your car from thieves. It can also be your “eye in the back”, who ensures that you won’t hit anyone when parking in a tight spot.

When it comes to top features that Aukey dual dash cam is equipped with, we need to highlight the picture in picture mode. You can use this mode to preview live on the screen the rear recording. This enables you to keep track of everything that happens outside your car, both in the back and in the front.

Another great feature is the emergency recording. You will love the fact that Aukey detects sharp turns, sudden stops, or crashes. The moment the sensor detects any unusual movement, Aukey activates emergency recording mode. During this mode, the recording is automatically stored on the card and cannot be erased.

Loop recording is another useful feature. The device records in increments of 10 minutes. Once your SD card is full, it writers over old segments. Saved segments are not overwritten.

Now, Aukey dual dash cam is unique on the market because it is powered by an internal supercapacitor. It can withstand extreme temperatures, with highs of 75 degrees Celsius and lows of -35 Celsius. It also enjoys a longer lifetime than standard cameras equipped with regular battery technology.

Ultimately, this modern dashboard camera can be connected to the Aukey GM-32 external antenna in order to keep track of your location and offer speed data details. This way you will be able to save all of your trips and keep tabs on where you’ve traveled. 

What you’ll like:

  • The quality of the recording 
  • The wide range of recording
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Totally unobtrusive Extremely reliable

What you might not like:

  • Lack of Wifi integration and smart features
  • Installing it
  • The design


The Aukey dual dash cam is one of the most unobtrusive models you can find on the market today. In addition to offering one of the best recording quality possible, it covers 322 degrees out of 360 and is equipped with the standard features needed for a safe trip.