Ever since AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam was introduced into the market 5 months ago in October 2019, it has been winning the trust of a large number of customers. This product has managed to find a place among top dash cams in the world in 2019 and 2020.

This powerful, compact, and sophisticated device is another top-quality product released by the well-known dashcam manufacturer, AQP.

The credibility of AQP is unquestionable because it has been showing appreciable commitment, dedication, and expertise in developing, manufacturing, and supplying vehicle monitoring record information products with video as the core.

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AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam was released just one month before the Pruveeo D40 Three Dashcam. Both the products have their own unique features and benefits which help them stay as the fastest-selling dash cams available on the market.

AQP dash cam is a more refined version compared to Pruveeo D40 Three Dashcam in many ways. In this review, we will closely examine all the features and specs of this product to help you make an informed buying decision. Our method of approach is transparent and honest so that you can make the best purchase decision.

Let’s explore the design aspect of this popular dash cam.

AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam – A Compact And Neatly-Designed Camera 

This product does not come with a flashy design like some of the big dash cams with wider and larger screens. This AQL product has a compact and neat design with a 2.45-inch IPS display. The product dimension is 4.8 x 1.9 x 2.7 inches and the weight is 1.22 pounds. It can be termed as a completely unobtrusive dashcam available on the market.

It perfectly sits on the dashboard of your car or truck. The AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam doesn’t interfere with the overall ambiance of your vehicle. On the contrary, this dashcam plays an important role in enhancing the visual appeal of your car.

The installation of this AQP 4K dual dash cam doesn’t involve any complexity. You can mount this camera easily and securely to your dashboard or windshield. The double-sided 3M pad makes the installation extremely easy. 

Highly Advanced Compression Technology And High-Performing Dual Cameras 

This AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam model lowers the space of the captured videos admirably. The most refined LBR video compression technology makes the process of compression optimally effective. The existing users rate this product as a perfect one for taxis, rideshare, commuters, and families.

The front-facing camera is 170 angle full HD 2K. The inside camera is 140 angle full HD 1080P. Both these cameras offer crystal clear videos with 4K 3840X2160P @30fps video resolution. The road front and inside the cabin are captured simultaneously to make life a lot easier for the users.

The AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam offers outstanding infrared night/day vision. It comes with a highly sophisticated lens module with an F/1.8 large aperture. The dual SONY sensors IMX335 and IMX307 are highly responsive. 

You can find this dashcam equipped with WDR technology and six in-built infrared LED lights. All these features guarantee enhanced image quality and improved natural details even in low-light conditions. It captures everything in perfectly sharp in full 1080 PP resolution with an expanded field of view.

Ever-Vigilant Monitoring And Loop Recording 

The 24-hour parking monitor is a remarkable feature of this product. When an intruder breaks in or a hit-and-run occurs, this dash cam gets activated to record two footages (30 seconds) of inside and front view due to the built-in G-sensor. The recorded files are locked automatically so that you can keep them as evidence.

When the ignition turns to off mode, the dashcam switches to a parking mode automatically with the help of a hardwiring installation feature. You don’t need to worry about the recorded videos being overwritten. The built-in G-SENSOR sensor identifies any type of vehicle collision accurately.

The AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam also comes with G-sensor that keeps on recording until the memory card is full. The loop recording feature allows it to overwrite the older files to make space for the new recording.

The quality of the safety and security features of this product is commendable. This product leaves nothing to guesswork. It detects any type of motion fast and offers you the much-needed protection by activating the video recorder. This device functions effectively even at -4 to 58F that is equivalent to -20 to 55C.

This dashcam comes with an advanced Wi-Fi GPS technology. On your mobile videos, you can check and download your videos easily. These contents can also be shared on social media. The process of tracking location, date, time, speed, and direction on the computer becomes simple with the GPS module. You can perform these tasks with optimal accuracy. 

Excellent Support And Protection From The Manufacturer 

As a responsible and reliable dashcam manufacturer, AQP offers high-quality vehicle monitoring record information products for its customers. The AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam is the latest version that comes with many advanced features and benefits for the users.

As a part of AQP’s commitment to protecting the interests of the customers, this dashcam comes with a user-friendly one-year warranty. The company is dedicated to serving customers professionally. It repairs or replaces the broken or damaged AQP products within the warranty period with the utmost accountability.

What Does The Entire Package Contain?

The AQP dashcam package contains AQP M2 Dash Cam, one GPS module, two-port car chargers, one ACC line, one mini USB charging cable with a length of 10 feet, one trim removal tool, owner’s manual, two 3-M adhesive mounts, and one SD card 32G.

 The Bottom Line

This AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam is a highly functional, responsive, and smart camera with many innovative and advanced features. The installation process is extremely simple. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort on this task. With features such as LBR video compression, wide angel, 6 infrared lights, 24-hour parking monitor, loop recording, and G-sensor, this device offers optimal protection for the user. 

Summary Of All Function In AQP 4K Dual Dash Cam

  • LBR video compression technology
  • 170° angle full HD 2K front-facing camera
  • 140° angle full HD 1080P inside the camera
  • Infrared night vision
  • 24hrs parking monitor
  • Loop recording
  • G sensor
  • Equip with WiFi
  • GPS and LBR technology
  • Voice recording
  • Operates at -4 to 58 F.

Technical Support ForAQP 4K Dual Dash Cam 

In the case of any problems please contact [email protected] or click here AQP Brands