APEMAN C860 Series A is a sleek, modern dash cam equipped with all the standard features of modern dashboard cameras. This product has just hit the market in September 2018. APEMAN C860 is the improved version of APEMAN Dash Cam C860 Dual. This sleek device comes with both front and rear cameras.

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You get enough wiring in the package to easily reach the back window of your car, station wagon, or truck. You can use the APEMAN C860 Series A dashboard camera for any type of vehicle, from sedans to trucks, RVs, or even buses. The C860 is very well built, offering WQHD 1440P recording capabilities, 2.7” LCD with widescreen, and 150 degrees viewing angle.

It is also equipped with a G-sensor, night vision, IR sensors, WDR, and loop recording.

APEMAN C860 Series A – Design & Looks

In terms of looks, APEMAN C860 Series A has a fresh, compact design. It’s all black cameras and screens can create a very good impression on other car passengers. In other words, people who will travel in your car will certainly appreciate C860’s design. They’ll also feel safer knowing that the trip is recorded.

In terms of coolness, this dash cam beats even the most appealing cameras on the market. For example, APEMAN C860 looks much better than AUTO-VOX X2. Even if the AUTO-VOX X2 dash cam has a super large screen, its design is quite heavy and industrial. Conversely, APEMAN C860 series A has a slim, innovative design that gives it a fashionable look.

Despite its seemingly fragile looks, you should know that APEMAN C860 is a dashboard camera built using high-grade plastic and metal. It is designed to last long in time and withstand the test of time like nothing else.

Stability and Ease of Set Up

An aspect you will certainly love about this modern dash cam is the stability it provided. Thanks to the solid mounting, the camera is extremely stable even when driving on shaky roads. The suction mount, 3M hard mount, and the 3M stickers are built using the highest quality materials and technologies.

You can rest assured that both the front and rear cameras will stay in position regardless of the weather outside, wind, or the road quality. APEMAN C860 Series A also impresses drivers due to its ease of installation. You can install the whole system in a matter of minutes.

Note that this camera system does not come with a hardwire option. This means you won’t get to enjoy permanent parking monitoring. Many other cameras can be hard-wired and can work as a static monitoring system.

APEMAN C860 Series A – Super High Recordings

APEMAN C860 Series A is a modern dashboard camera that offers impressive recording capabilities. If you go with a single-channel recording, you can get up to 2560*1440P at 30 fps. For the dual channel, you get to enjoy full HD recordings at 1920*1080P. You can also enjoy a smoother recording on the front camera at 60 fps.

In this mode, it records flawlessly at 1920*1080P. The recording quality is the result of the advanced 6 glass lens filter. Each lens works to enhanced sharpness, block messy light waves, correct the color, enhance permeability, correct the light, and remove the shrink rays. The 150-degree recording angle offers you a complete 300 viewing angle. You will only miss 30 degrees on each side.

Other than that, expect to record everything ahead and behind. Enjoy crisp and clear videos where license plates are very easy to read and where you can see all the details with ease.

APEMAN C860 Series A – Great Night Recordings

Plates can be seen with ease even in low light conditions. APEMAN C860 Series A is equipped with WDR and IR sensors. Thanks to the advanced technology embedded in the lens, you can enjoy smooth night photos and videos. This device can capture smaller details that are not clearly seen at night. The 2.0 f aperture balances the brightness and adjusts exposure in a night environment.

Emergency Lock is Truly Important

A vital feature that some dashboard cameras are not equipped with is the emergency lock feature. Thanks to the built-in G sensor, expect C860 Series A from Apeman to always save the recorded video of the event. In case your car is shaken by an external factor or another car collides with your vehicle, emergency locks kicks in.

This feature protects important footage from being erased by loop recording. Thus, you will have proof in case of disputes. What’s unique about APEMAN C860 is that the sensitivity of the emergency lock feature can be adjusted. Thus, you can make sure that the feature does not trigger accidentally.

APEMAN C860 Series A – Professional Service

One of the aspects you will appreciate quite a lot about the APEMAN C860 series A is the professional after-sale service you receive. No matter what problem you are facing or what questions you might have, you can count on the professional customer service from APEMAN.

APEMAN C860 Series A – A From Advanced

APEMAN C860 series A is uniquely developed by APEMAN to be a top product. A comes from advanced, meaning that this product is fully upgraded and comes with several advanced features. Enjoy a camera with a fresh look, fully upgraded sensors, and increased reliability. This camera supports an SD card of a maximum of 128 GB. Note that it is not included in the package.

APEMAN C860 Series A – Screensaver Function 

Another feature of this dash cam you will greatly enjoy is the screensaver. This function is started by default, but you can turn it off. The screen is off while the cameras work, to help you save energy. This also prevents you from being distracted while driving. We strongly recommend you let this feature on during the night or when you are tired because any distraction might cost your life.

The Bottom Line

APEMAN C860 Series A is a sleek, modern dash cam that is equipped with all the features you need in order for you to enjoy a carefree trip. Never again miss that gorgeous scenery along the way, or not see those obstacles in front of you. Enjoy the ultra HD recordings and gorgeous night vision capabilities.

Stay in control of your trip by being backed up by top features like motion detection, loop recording, wide dynamic range, and G-sensor). Enjoy everything that APEMAN C860 Series A has to offer and be safer behind the wheel.