Launched in August 2019, APEMAN 4K Max Dash Cam C770 has been gaining acceptance from a large number of customers. This OLED touch screen camera comes from a brand with an impeccable reputation.

APEMAN is one of the most reliable brands in the dashcam manufacturing industry.

This product is made available after rigorous quality testing. Combining advanced technology and sophisticated features, APEMAN 4K Max Dash Cam lives up to the expectations of each customer.

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The product design can be termed us exquisite and non-obtrusive. Extreme ease of use can also be associated with this dashcam.

APEMAN came up with this sophisticated device one year after the release of APEMAN Dual Dash Cam C860. Offering some unique and innovative features and benefits, both these dash cams have managed to impress customers in their own unique ways.

Let us start exploring this dashcam by assessing the design and touchscreen.

Low Profile And Non-Interfering Design, And User-Friendly Screen 

This device comes with a discreet design that demands special appreciation. It does not interfere with the look of your car. Offering a low-profile design, APEMAN 4K Max works as an invisible witness to the road ahead. It enhances the overall appeal of your car admirably.

The large OLED touch screen is extremely user-friendly. The 3-inch screen can be operated using your fingertips easily. This non-obtrusive device offers inimitable ease of use. It offers a brand new user experience for you. The display of this device bears a close resemblance to the display of the iPhone 11.

The color contrast ration of the OLED screen stands taller compared to other dash cams available on the market. You can also find the superior viewing angles of this device highly beneficial. The OLED screen makes this APEMAN 4K Max dash cam more energy efficient than other dash cams with an LCD screen.

Apeman 4K Max Has Crystal Clear Images And Superior Vision 

The APEMAN 4K Max guarantees a clear display effect due to the advanced settings and features. The natural color makes the images optimally crisp and clear.

The Single Cam (2160P 24FPS/1440P 30FPS/1080P 30FPS), equipped on this device is capable of shooting 4K Ultra HD video in single-lens mode. The Dual Cam (1920×1080 30FPS+1920×1080 30FPS) can shoot 1080 P Full HD video.

The APEMAN 4K Max dashcam offers a perfect visual experience. You can experience the best of ultra HD world with high-quality pictures and videos. Powered with Sony IMX335, the night vision of this device is admirable.

The light is perfectly balanced by the WDR technology employed on this device. It makes the images clearer. You can expect a safer driving experience at night. 

This dashcam comes with 170 ultra wide angle front and rear. It records wide range of scenes brilliantly. You can even find the back scene recording faultless. All minute details are smartly picked up by the ultra-wide angle of this camera.

Highly Dynamic And Advanced G-Sensor And Seamless Loop Recording 

The APEMAN 4K Max dashcam is equipped with a sophisticated and responsive G-sensor. This sophisticated gravity sensor can identify any type of unusual vibration with enhanced sensitivity.

The recorded footage is locked automatically and stored under Emergency File.’ This feature is extremely useful during a collision. These stored images can be kept as evidence for the insurance claim.

Another beneficial feature of this dashcam is seamless loop recording. You don’t need to worry about the memory running out of space. The seamless loop recording feature automatically overwrites the previous files to find space for new ones. The formatting frequency is reduced considerably.

Apeman 4K Max Dash Cam – Uncompromising Parking Safety 

You can find a dynamic parking mode feature on this device. The specially-designed parking monitor of this APEMAN 4K Max detects strange vibration with meticulous precision. The footage is also saved to protect your interests.

You can use the rear camera as a backup camera. To get the camera functional, it should be connected to the backup light power. 

Wi-Fi Connect and Detachable GPS

The Wi-Fi Connect feature allows you to check and download the recorded videos using your mobile phone. Using Kacam, OKCam or LuckyCam, you can share these videos on your social media.

When you connect the dash cam Wi-Fi, you need to be cautious about one thing. For not allowing the Wi-Fi to interfere with the APP connection, it is always advisable to connect to dashcam Wi-Fi within 5 meters range.

The detachable GPS module is another interesting feature that attracts many people to buy the APEMAN 4K Max. You can track location with effortless ease. The speed, direction, date, and time can also be tracked on your computer easily.

To keep the GPS function optimally operational, you have to support the Windows system and Mac system. You can seek the help of the APEMAN Team to get the GPS installation package at any time. 

Responsible After-Sale Service And Warranty Scheme 

As a responsible manufacturer, APEMAN offers responsible after-sales service to each customer. You can expect timely, reliable, and efficient customer support solutions. Customers can contact the company to get the best answers to their questions.

APEMAN responds within 24 hours to address your needs. If you experience any problem within one month of buying the APEMAN 4K Max, the company offers an unconditional free return offer. As a customer, you also qualify for a 12-month warranty. These types of offers play an important role in making this company immensely popular among a large number of customers.

The Bottom Line 

APEMAN 4K Max Dash Cam is a feature-rich, efficient, and durable device. The exquisite product design and top-of-the-line technology make this product superior and one of the most sought-after cams available today. This high-quality helps you stay protected thanks to many innovative features blended with OLED touch screen, Built-with Wi-Fi, and auto recording.

Summary Of All Functions 

  • Oled 3-inch touch screen
  • Superior High Resolution
  • Super Night Vision
  • Built-In WIFI
  • Detachable GPS
  • Parking Mode
  • Updated G-Sensor
  • 170° Ultra Wide Angle
  • Seamless Loop Recording
  • Snapshot 

Technical Support Os A APEMAN 4K Max Dash Cam C770 

In case of any problems with this dash cam please contact Apeman Store directly.