AKEEYO X2 Mirror Dashcam is a feature-rich, user-friendly product that offers a wide variety of functional benefits. Starting with a wide 12-inch IPS touch screen, this dashcam offers many innovative features to create a positive impression on all potential customers.

This dashcam lives up to the expectations of the users with a perfect blend of image quality, technical brilliance, ease of use, and functional advantages. The positive feedbacks of the existing users add immensely to the credibility of this front and rear dash camera.

The AKEEYO X2 Mirror Dashcam first made available on the market in October 2019. Since then, it has been winning the hearts of a large number of people all around the world with its stunning features and benefits.

Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear,AKEEYO Dash Camera for Cars with Sony Sensor 1080P 140° Wide Angle...
57 Reviews
Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear,AKEEYO Dash Camera for Cars with Sony Sensor 1080P 140° Wide Angle...
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  • Dash Camera for Cars:AKEEYO X2 model supports HDR and Night Vision.Both cameras has great image processability by Sony IMX307...
  • Wireless Car Video Camera:140°wide angle.Reversing Image.The display will automatically switch to the view of the rear...
  • Cars Cam Parking Monitor: 24 Hours Monitoring.The parking monitor will stay monitoring your car in 24 hours when the car...
  • Warranty for Car Dash Camera:12" IPS Screen for Continuously Recording and Emergency Lock.The loop recording will make the...

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If compared to the Karsuite M9 mirror dashcam, the AKEEYO X2 mirror dash cam offers higher ease of use and a more functional LCD display. However, the Karsuite stands taller in terms of camera definition with front 1440P and rear 1080P recording. Both of the front and rear cameras of AKEEYO come with an FHD 1080p definition only.

This AKEEYO X2 mirror dashcam review explores the features and benefits of this product with an unbiased approach. We will help you decide whether this dash cam meets your unique needs.

Sensors and image quality of the AKEEYO X2 mirror dashcam

The front, as well as the rear camera, makes use of the sensor of SONY IMX307. You can expect high image quality with this sensor. Weather conditions may affect image quality adversely. During rainy days, you need to wipe out the water on the windshield. The lens surface should be cleaned to prevent the stain or dust accumulation.

The IMX307 sensor equips the front and back cameras with excellent mage processability. With a high dynamic range feature, different exposure conditions are synthesized into an image so that the bright and dark areas are visible simultaneously. The STARVIS Night Vision feature makes this dash cam highly efficient to record at the day and night without needing any auxiliary lights. The sensor optimizes and enhances the image without causing any clarity or brightness issues.

Offering excellent driving safety at night, AKEEYO X2 mirror dashcam works at night or low lights environment efficient to record clearer footage for the front as well as rear cameras.

What about the screen quality and controls? 

Compared to other products equipped with a 10-inch screen or under, this AKEEYO dashcam model offers a broader and more comfortable viewing experience for the user. It comes with a bigger 12-inch ultra-wide IPS screen. The finger touch feature allows you to control using your fingers with effortless ease. 

Excellent reverse assistance, parking support, and recording features

Parking your vehicle becomes a breeze with the reverse assistance feature of this dashcam. The screen display switches automatically to the rear mirror view when the car starts to reverse. Without having to deal with any blind spot, you can alter the view angle to 140 degrees. The parking line easily guides you to finish the process safely.

The parking monitor feature offers the best protection for your car. As you turn off the car engine, 24-hour monitoring mode turns active automatically. If the dashcam identifies an impact or vibration from the outside, the recording process is initiated fast. You can keep the video as evidence for insurance if needed.

Loop recording is another interesting feature that you can come across on the AKEEYO X2 mirror dashcam. It keeps on recording until there is no space available on the memory. Timely removal of the previous files is done to keep the recording uninterrupted.

This dash camera also comes with a gravity sensor. This feature enables emergency recording when your car gets an impact from the outside. It is a highly beneficial feature during an accident. The video is locked instantly to prevent automatic deletion using loop recording.

Flexible and user-friendly cameras

The front camera of this product is highly flexible. You can adjust the view angle of this camera easily. It can be viewed effortlessly using your finger. This user-friendly feature makes the AKEEYO X2 mirror dashcam highly endearing to a large number of people.

You don’t need to worry about the weather conditions because of the presence of a waterproof rear camera. With the waterproof feature and IP67 level rating, the rear camera of this product works efficiently even during heavy rains. The screen of the AKEEYO X2 mirror dashcam is highly flexible. It displays the recording clearly. You can also use the screen as a normal rearview mirror when the recording is not displayed.

What does the AKEEYO X2 mirror dashcam package contain? 

The entire package contains a monitor panel containing an inbuilt front camera, mini USB port for power input, rear camera AV port input, micro SD card slot, GPS unit connection port, power button, mic, reset button, speaker, and switch arm. It also contains a rear camera, micro MSD card, cigarette lighter, rear camera power cable, rear camera base, and double-sided tape, and two rubber bands. If you want a GPS module, you need to pay some extra cash.

Install AKEEYO X2 mirror dashcam easily and effortlessly  

You don’t need only professional help to install the AKEEYO X2 mirror dashcam in your car. The monitor can be installed at the place of the rearview mirror of your car using rubber bands and the fixed frame. To fix the monitor, you have to use the switch arm hook on top of the rearview mirror. Once it is done, lower down the monitor to place it at the front of the rearview mirror.

Follow the same method to install the other side. You have to adjust the placement of the monitor before hooking it to the switch arm. The front camera angle can be adjusted according to your convenience.

To install the rearview camera, the double-sided tape must be peeled off and applied on the rear camera base. If you want to install the camera inside of the car, it should be fixed with its base and crew. For installing outside of the car, you need to fix the camera on the car frame using the screw. 

If You Encounter Any Problems

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