When it comes to modern motorcycle cameras that can stir your interest and help you become a better motorcycle rider, none is better than the latest release from AKEEYO. The AKEEYO Motorcycle Dash Camera is a device released in June 2019. It was already purchased by countless motorcycle fans and has been tried extensively by numerous reviewers in this field.

This smart device comes with so many cool features that it’s hard not to fall in love with it. This is a full-HD unit that records flawlessly with both the front and rear cameras. Despite its simple design, its features make up for the lack of originality.

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The AKEEYO Motorcycle Dash Camera features two high-end light sensors, coupled with a waterproof lens and excellent recording quality.

It is also equipped with G-sensor, loop recording, ultra-wide view, night recording, GPS, riding mode, and supercapacitor. Let’s explore some of the features you will be able to get with this motorcycle dashcam. 

Simple Yet Effective Design 

You might not get in love with the looks of this device, especially if you’ve used fancier motorcycle cameras before. However, do not let yourself fooled by appearances. Both the cameras and the main unit are waterproof and shook-proof. This means that the cameras continue to record in any type of weather and continue to do an exceptional job even during a crash or bump.

The image does not flicker, because the unit is created to withstand impact and super-high speeds. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy outstanding recordings even when driving at over 100 mph.

Of course, as far as design is concerned, you can find other dashcams for motorcycles that look much better. For instance, Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash looks fancier and might better complement your dashboard. However, if the design is not your main priority, you should not worry about it.

The Monitor & The Cameras 

While the cameras have a waterproof rating of IP67, the monitor has a rating of IP65. This means that the monitor cannot withstand immersion in water, so you should be careful not to expose it to too much water. The 3” monitor has a 960*240 Resolution, while the cameras can record in full HD at 2 million pixels. The cameras record in 1920*1080@30fps and have a 120-degree field of view. That means you’ll get a total of 240 degrees of footage.

This system is WDR ready, is equipped with a G-sensor and includes a remote that you can use to control the monitor. You can also add a micro SD card of up to 128 GB.

Recording Quality of AKEEYO Motorcycle Dash Camera 

The 2 million pixels, 6-layer glass, image stabilization, and WDR offer you some magical recordings. The cameras can record in full HD quality, so you can clearly see license plates and notice street signs. Even though you ride in high speed, the image will not appear fuzzy, but it will maintain its quality.

The image is perfectly balanced, so you can enjoy superior recordings during the hot summer months and also during dark winter days.

Keep Your Device Safe in Rainy Days 

The AKEEYO Motorcycle Dash Camera is specially built for drivers who ride their motorcycles in any weather. If you have a lot of rain in your area, you can successfully use this device without encountering any problems whatsoever. Both the cameras and the monitor are fully protected, with the mention that the monitor should not be fully immersed in water. 

Supercapacitor for Improved Stability 

What you will surely love about this modern motorcycle camera is its built-in supercapacitor. AKEEYO Motorcycle Dash Camera is one of the few dashcams for motorcycles build with a supercapacitor instead of a battery.

Because of the supercapacitor, the risk of explosion during hot summer months or freezing during low winter temperature is greatly reduced. This makes the cameras much more reliable and gives you a smooth recording experience no matter the temperature outside.

Riding Mode – AKEEYO Motorcycle Dash Camera 

Another feature you will definitely enjoy about this device is its unique riding mode. When this feature is on, and after the external GPS module has been connected, the monitor will display both time and speed, without affecting the recording.

You can turn this feature on and off at the press of a button, especially if you want to see what the cameras are recording. However, when riding mode is active, you can ride your motorcycle seamlessly at high speeds without having to keep an eye on the recording ahead or in the rear.

G-Sensor and Loop Recording

Another two useful features of this device are the G-sensor and the loop recording. Basically, this device records seamlessly until it reaches the full capacity of the SD card. Then, it overwrites the previous footage.

However, in case of an accident, the G-sensor kicks in, locking the event. Once an event is locked, it cannot be overwritten, so you can have a backup proof right on your SD card. You can then transfer the proof to your laptop or smartphone and then send it to the institutions that require the footage, be it the police or the court.

GPS Antenna – AKEEYO Motorcycle Dash Camera 

Note that you don’t have a GPS antenna inside the package when you purchase AKEEYO Motorcycle Dash Camera. You need to buy the antenna separately. However, once the GPS is enabled, you’ll be able to record the driving speed, location information, and time.

You can then play your videos on your laptop using GVP player and see the exact location of your trip and the speed stamped on the video. This makes it easy for you to share the videos on social media and to show your friends where you’ve been.

 Other Important Information

You can set the monitor to view both the recordings on the screen, see only one or use the riding mode to view none. The cable is around 2 feet long, so it easily fits all motorcycles. Inside the package, you already have a 32 GB included, so you can enjoy around 2 hours of footage in full HD quality.

AKEEYO Motorcycle Dash Camera – Technical Support 

For technical support please contact the seller Ultra Fun