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You come to our dash cameras reviews website because you have this question on your mind: What should I look for when buying a dash cam?

Don’t worry. We are here to help.

Yes, dash cameras reviews are important so you can make a well-informed decision before you buy a dash camera online. These reveal the dash cam features that you have to look for. Subsequently, reviews educate you. The moment you decide to buy, you are confident enough to choose what would be suitable for your requirements.

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But before you make a purchase, let us first answer this question so you know the value of one of the car accessories you are thinking of buying: Is it a good idea to have a dash cam?

A Car Dash Camera Is A Wise Investment You Will Ever Make

Yes, it’s very wise for you to invest in a car dash cam. Dashcam recording is your strongest proof of what really happened during a car crash. This saves you a lot of time and money. An argument with another driver or a passerby isn’t necessary when you can instantly show who has the fault.

If someone swerved and you got cut off, if you saw a really rare car, or you saw a meteor shower, you will have it all on camera. No matter what happens to you while you’re driving in your car, you’ll have it on camera. That’s kind of reassuring.
The car dash camera is exactly what you need. It’s a device that works as the name suggests it will work: a camera that attaches to your car’s dashboard.
dash cam
These cameras have garnered a lot of attention and popularity around the world, and now police departments in the U.S. are instituting new policies of non-involvement for certain kinds of accidents.

Filing insurance claims becomes easier as well because your dash camera video serves as evidence already. Dash cameras have become essential car accessories that courts now put a high value on videos captured by these gadgets.  

What Should I Look for When Buying a Dash Cam?

Dash cams are great accessories. They offer numerous advantages. You can use them for added security or for recording your own road video.

Before you can buy the best dash camera, you have to know what makes a dash camera the best.
Here is a list of features that also would also work as a Dash Cam Buying Guide:

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Overview of the Top 12 Dash Cam Features

There are quite a few features to pay attention to. This can make it a challenge to find the best dash cam. In order to help you make an informed decision, you should compare a variety of different cameras while examining the following features:
1. Quality of the lens
2. Lens angle
3. Temperature limits
4. Battery life
5. Size of memory cards
6. GPS logging
7. Recording modes
8. Loop recording
9. Auto-lock for video files
10. Multiple file formats
11. LCD viewfinder or display
12. Single or dual camera
These 12 features should be the focus of your research when shopping for dash cams. Below, we will cover each of these in detail, so that you will learn what makes a good dash cam.

Quality of the Lens

The very first feature to consider is the quality of the lens. Most dash cams will be listed as “HD cameras”. But, there are different levels of high-definition. While several manufacturers are starting to release HD cameras with resolutions higher than 1080p, full HD is typically considered 1080p.

This is a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. A step down from 1080p is 720p – with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. When purchasing a dual camera, it is fairly common for the front camera to be 1080p while the rear camera is 720p. Pay attention to the resolution if you want a clear shot. If they do not provide the resolution or if the camera is not HD, then look for another option.

Lens Angle

Why put an effort into checking your dash cam’s lens angle? Because this feature determines how wide your dash camera gets the shot. The wider the angle it has, the wider the view it covers. For added security, the best dash cameras are at least 120-degrees wide.

Though, you can also find wider options. The Rexing S1 dash cam features a super-wide 170-degree angle lens.

Temperature Limits

While comparing cameras, try to find the temperature limits. The temperature limits refer to the minimum and maximum temperatures for safe operation. The average range is between -20 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but this can vary between dashboard cameras.

There are a couple of exceptions. The REXING S300 and KDLINKS X1 dash cams have both been tested operate at temperatures of -40 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit for at least six hours. Remember that the inside of your vehicle can easily exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit while parked in the sun on a warm day.

Battery Versus Capacitor

Some of the latest dashboard cameras are powered via a supercapacitor – as opposed to a standard lithium-ion battery. Supercapacitors charge much quicker than regular rechargeable batteries.

In fact, a typical rechargeable battery may take several hours to charge while a super capacitor may only take a few minutes. Along with charging quickly, super capacitors have a longer service life. They can last through hundreds of thousands of charges – compared to less than one thousand for a lithium-ion battery.

If possible, you should opt for a dash cam with a supercapacitor. Though, they also tend to cost more than other cameras. You will need to balance the importance of this feature when you compare cameras.

Size of Memory Cards

The majority of 2016 dash cams use MicroSD cards for storing video. Though, there are some models that still use full-sized SD cards. In addition to the type of card, the maximum storage capacity recognized by the device may vary.

dash camera
Some dash cameras are capable of accepting memory cards up to 128GB in size. Others may be limited to 32GB. Make sure you check this feature when reviewing dash cams. The more storage space you have the more video you can record.

GPS Logging

Another beneficial feature is GPS logging. With this option, your camera unit can automatically imprint your GPS location while recording video. In the event of an accident, theft, or vandalism, you will have evidence of the exact location where the issue occurred.

Recording Modes

Trust the best dash cams to work any time of the day. Regardless of the lighting conditions, they should record clearly so you can maximize their use.

So check out dash cams that have different recording modes, including the night-vision mode. ITRUE X3 dash cam boasts of its 6-layer glass lenses that allow it to deliver excellent night vision recording. In case an accident or something bad happens during the night, your dash cam won’t disappoint you.

Loop Recording

Loop recording is becoming a standard feature. With loop recording, your camera will continue recording video, even if your memory card is full.

How does this work? All of your videos are stored as small video files and contain a time stamp. Once your memory card is full, the camera will begin recording over the oldest files on your card.
Auto-Lock for Video Files Auto-lock is incredibly useful. This feature will automatically lock your latest video files so that they will not be deleted
best dash cam
The auto-lock feature, also sometimes referred to as an emergency lock button, is typically triggered as the result of motion detection or a g-sensor. The motion detector or the g-sensor will notice any sudden impacts or movement and then prevent the deletion of your video files.

Multiple File Formats

This next feature is not quite as crucial as the others. Though, it does deserve your attention. You may have the option to record in different file formats. Typically, a dash camera will record MP4 or AVI files.

Others may record RAW data, which can eat up your memory card storage. If you are interested in video editing, then you may want to pay attention to the file formats. Otherwise, this will not be a major feature.

LCD Viewfinder or Display

The majority of cameras have an LCD viewfinder. Though, they are not always included. If you want to be able to see what you are recording as you record, then a larger LCD display can be beneficial.

Single or Dual Camera 

 Which dash cam should you buy online: a dash camera that features a single camera or the one that carries a dual camera? Of course, what would work best is the dash camera that has a dual camera—one pointing forward and one helping you record from the back (placed in your rear window). In case someone hits you from behind, you know that you can trust your dash camera to give you the proof you need.

Added Tips for Buying the Best Dash Cams

Now that you know all the features that you must look for in the best dash cameras available online, your next concern would be your budget.

Of course, in as much as you want to have a dash cam that bears the latest technology, your budget may hinder you from buying it. What you do is to check all the best there is and then see if your budget can handle the cost.

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They can capture vandals or thieves in the act. Dash cams are also wonderful for recording your own personal road videos while on vacation. Browse the rest of this site to find in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest dash cams for 2020. Find out which cameras are able to meet the expectations of the features listed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consumers like you have so many questions in mind. What you should do is to be able to find answers to these questions before making a purchase. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about dash cameras:

1. Do dash cameras record all the time?

Whenever a dash camera is turned on, it works to record everything it can capture continuously. Typically, it can record up to 2 hours, using a 16GB micro SD card and set at full HD resolution.

2. Do dash cameras lower insurance?

Unfortunately, owning a car dash camera won’t make an insurance company offer you a lower premium. Fortunately, though, it can help you become successful when you file a car insurance claim later on as it will turn out to be your evidence. Saying it’s not your fault is so easy if it is backed by your dash cam.

3. How big should be the SD card to record?

The one-minute footage at 1080p would typically eat up to 100MB of storage space. So if you have a storage space of 8GB to 32GB, this should be enough for your use. However, SD Cards could be up to 512 GB. Anyway, you have the loop recording feature to rely on so you have nothing to worry about. It automatically rewrites older files.

4. Can a dash cam record overnight?

Additionally, your dash cam can work as a surveillance camera. When you are worried about your car, especially if you leave it in a parking lot overnight, you can turn it on even when the engine is off.

5. Can a dash cam drain a car battery?

Yes, a dash cam can drain your car’s battery, particularly if it does not keep track of the car battery voltage. Some users, however, discovered that their dash cameras can record longer without draining their car batteries. Therefore, this may really depend on the brand and/or model you are using.

6. Should I get a front and rear dash cam?

Getting a front and rear dash cam is the best option for you if you want to also record what’s happening behind your car. When someone hits your vehicle at the back, you can easily tell who is at fault because you have not only a front but also a rear dash cam.


Buying a dash cam online is easy.

Or so you thought.

Reading all the dash camera features that you have to understand and then eventually look for them on all the dash cams you’ll come across, that’s tough, right?

But, as a dash cameras reviews website, we can help you. Because you are shopping for the best dash cams, let us give you recommendations according to these three features alone:

Best Dash Cam With Night Vision

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual stands out among its competitors as it gets excellent dash cam reviews online because of its better night vision feature. The infrared night vision works even without lighting. You can clearly see what’s happening inside your vehicle as the interior camera is directly pointed toward the passengers’ side. Read the full review here.

Best 3 Channel Dash Cam

Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam offers camera coverage from 3 different angles at the same time: 155° front, 160° road back, and 165° inside the cabin. All images are recorded at 1440p + 1080p + 1080p. Using the dual dash cam feature, you’ll be amazed by how clear the recordings are from front and interior or front and rear. Read the full review here.

Best 4K Recording Dash Cam

Thinking about hiking or going camping? VanTop H612T 12” 4K Mirror Dash Cam could be your best buddy. Featuring an 8MP image sensor, it lets you capture memories in 4K quality (both images and video footage). With defined details, you’ll clearly remember the places you’ve been and the memories worth keeping. Read the full review here.

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